The Not So Verified Amazon Reviews

  • The Amazon verified reviews have a nuance to make them possibly one sided.
  • The requests for the product reviews have a serious flaw.
  • If the reviews are negative, many do not get published.

Amazon became simply to large to efficiently control the sales process on the micro level. Amazon offers free delivery to Prime Members and encourages reviews once the items have been received. The consumer can leave a review by going to the original list of the orders and choose the option of the review.

The request for the review of the product, after the product arrived damaged and was not in the condition to be used.

However, if the reviews are negative, many do not get published. Therefore, after leaving the review, it goes through the Amazon team’s pre-moderation.

Hence, how much can you trust the “verified purchase” review, when not all reviews are actually published?

Perhaps it is simpler to use alternative, smaller platforms with genuine feedback in order to make an informed decision. The online shopping platforms continue to grow.

The Amazon marketplace is the largest marketplace in the world. Amazon continues to acquire a large number of companies and it is close to reaching monopoly status.

In Canada, travelers are forced into quarantine upon arrival and have to pay for a hotel stay from their own budget. The designated security guards posted on each of the floors do not allow the people to leave their rooms. Therefore, online shopping and delivery demand has increased in Canada, since the new directive came into effect.

Moreover, if the customer does not leave a review after receiving an order, Amazon follows up with an email within 60 days requesting a review. The system is clearly not monitored.

As in my case, I have received many requests for reviews on the products I never used. A majority of these products were actually refunded, due to being damaged .

Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an American internet entrepreneur, industrialist, media proprietor, and investor. He is the founder and CEO of the multi-national technology company Amazon.

I have tried leaving one of the reviews with negative feedback, while briefly warning others about my experience. Nevertheless, as expected, that review was not published.

I tried a different route and recorded a video that was uploaded on YouTube regarding the counterfeit phone case I have received, as it was unusable within less than two weeks of receiving the order. The review screen allowed the video to be uploaded, but the review was not published by Amazon.

When I made an inquiry to Amazon why reviews are not being published, the response I received from management was that they have a proprietary algorithm. Hence, if it was disclosed to me, I could possibly circumvent the system in the future.

Clearly, the issue is not the circumvention, but to minimize negative reviews on the platform.

In addition, the question remains, how can the consumer trust the verified purchase reviews if the customer is unable to leave the reviews, even if the item was damaged, never used, or returned unopened? This would mean the accuracy of the reviews are flawed.

Recently, the founder and the CEO, Jeff Bezos, stepped down from his role to concentrate on their space project.

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to be a factor in the shopping habits of consumers. Currently, there are over 105 million infected and over 2.3 million deaths around the globe.

Overall, Amazon marketplace is not reliable for the quality of products that are sold. Beware of the origin of products and the location of manufacturing.

Christina Kitova

I spent most of my professional life in finance, insurance risk management litigation.

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