The Power of the Black and Brown Banking System – A Comprehensive List – Blackout 2020

  • It is necessary to have a black agenda focusing on the F.I.T. principles:  Finance, International, and Technology.
  • One United Bank is promoting a July 7, 2020 #Blackout and the #bankblack movement and it appears to be going strong.

One trillion dollars is the estimated spending power of the Black American dollar, but the collective assets of all Black owned banks are only about 4.7 Billion as of about 24 months ago.

Our money is being spent on cars, clothes and rent according to the “Black Excellence Excel list”, which references and as its sources. One United Bank is promoting a July 7, 2020 #Blackout and the #bankblack movement and it appears to be going strong.

Dr. E Lance Mc Carthy Ted Talk X.

Here is a list of Black, Native American, and Latin Banks across America: Black American Owned Banks





















Native American Banks






Latin American Banks


You cannot truly have the discussion on the Black American economic experience without Dr. Lance. He has been involved in numerous groundbreaking financial deals with top investors, production companies, economists, strategists, scholars, millionaires, and students from around the world. According to Dr. E Lance McCarthy, Ted Talk Economist and Harvard lecturer, who was hosted at the White House twice as an “Economic Advisor”, says “You cannot save economic problems with social solutions”.

It is necessary to have a black agenda focusing on the F.I.T. principles:  Finance, International, and Technology. Dr. Lance goes on to explain that “Global 1000” (an organization that Dr. Lance supports) will help fund black tech entrepreneurs and that will in-turn create opportunities and where there are opportunities and hope people strive and raise the bar in their community and economy. You can support them here. Dr. Lance first stepped on the world stage with his Ted Talk X in 2015 featured here:

Like the July 7, 2020 event of #blackout and other causes launching around the nation and the world, if you would like to donate to some black owned businesses in supporting and helping to build the infrastructure of black businesses here are a few that you can support: If you want to donate and support to Black American & Native American businesses here are some websites, campaign links, and Instagram handles you can check out and donate to:


Notably,  is the largest Black American owned bank and the first internet bank in the black community, who is now promoting a very stylish “Bank Black” card and movement. According to Dr. Lance’s Ted Talk and from his book “From the Hood to Wall Street”,  “Just as we have lost jobs during Covid-19, they will be replaced in the coding tech setting and the skills will be transferred nationally and globally”.

There are boot camps from 4-12 weeks offering their students $50K and above upon completion. Some camps are free by some corporations looking for the next talent and some have a low cost. Adds ,Dr. Lance, “Pitch the player is roadshow that heads to major cities across the US seeking the next urban cyber superstar and they are a lot like Shark Tank in their premise, and at the end of the competition the contestants win capital, contracts, and contacts.

You can reach Dr. Lance for speaking engagements, consultant services and urban financial opportunities on Instagram @lance.dr or by email at: For the everyday person trying to navigate through this time and help support the Black American community that they love and support, the interest has been speaking to you whether you have been listening or now.

July 7, 2020 is the day for you to show up with your capital and spending power, ready to support and show up. So yes, your signs and protests and phone calls and posts have helped and show the proper love. The almighty dollar on that day towards a black, brown, and native American business, foundation, and cause is what will propel things forward.

Let us be honest, we are a country currently under many strains, many growing pains, a lot of self-righteousness, a lot of uneducated allegiances. Maybe if we look at who in or lives is Black, Brown and Latino, we can see that we loved and supported them all along and that our dollars and efforts shall continue to follow them in support for what is right and that is the right to breathe, build and commence in commerce in this country.

Sources: Black Excellence Excel list Dr. E. Lance McCarthy

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