The Prophecy of President Trump Fulfilled – Healing with Light

  • President Trump prophesized to use light for healing Corona.
  • Death, disease and darkness is caused by the evil forces which darken the world.
  • The Light of faith and the good eye called infinite light washes away evil and disease the end of Corona.

If the whole world will wear the Infinite Light glasses they will create with them infinite light which will wash away the darkness of Corona and reveal the Messiah. Two people wearing the infinite light glasses create infinite light together; so much more so a million or a billion people.

President Trump fighting bureaucracy authorized the use of Hydrochloroquine and mentioned about the possibility of using light to heal corona.

President Trump made a statement that Corona Virus could be healed through light. His opponents again called him a false prophet. Jesus said that he was the Messiah. His opponents called him a false prophet. The Torah, the Law of Moses warns against false prophets that they are dangerous to the bureaucracy. The bureaucracy is afraid of the Messiah and spiritual healing. It prefers a conventional natural healing solution for Corona virus through a vaccine.

More than 23 companies are working on a vaccine and medicine for healing Corona.   There is a patent war going on between research laboratories for patent rights for their vaccine. Bureaucracies have laws which must be followed each step to produce a vaccine certified by the FDA and WHO each company receives its percentage of the profits according to patent law. Companies will bid for rights of distribution of the vaccine.

Waiting for the vaccine the virus continues to spread and more people die. People may even die in the beginning when the vaccine is delivered and tried out until all its problems are solved.  Red Tape is necessary but a burden to those who are anxiously waiting for a medical solution for Corona approved by the FDA and WHO. In the meantime President Trump has called for a healing using infinite light.

Bureaucracy also called the establishment is also in religion. There is also red tape in religion. Moses gave the Torah to the Jewish people on a condition like it says in the Ethics of the Fathers, Moses gave the Torah to Joshua, Joshua handed it over to the elders, the elders to the prophets, the prophets to the men of the great assembly with the instruction, to be careful in judgements, to make many students, and build a fence around the Torah. The fence around the Torah is the red tape to prevent the Torah from being changed and polluted by outside sources.

Medical Science has also to be careful before it gives its stamp of approval on a drug or vaccine. The need for the vaccine and medicine for Corona is a great emergency but haste makes waste. The use of Hydrochloroquine became very controversial as a possible drug to help people heal in the early stages of the disease. Hydrochloroquine approval was removed by the FDA. The President of Brazil Bolsanaro contacted Covid-19 and news articles say that he is using Hydrochloroquine and Vitamins to help him heal. President Trump took Hydrochloroquine to show people that it wasn’t dangerous and may be helpful. Leaders of nations use it without FDA approval. They have their own private doctors.

President Trump mentioned about using light for healing Corona which the world called him a quack. He said maybe it is possible. I am not a doctor. He asked his medical staff to think about using these techniques.

The words of President Trump may be words of prophecy. He did not know that already research had been made in Israel on healing with infinite light through mirrored glasses and a patent called Visual Stimulation Devices. The research was never completed but the patents are available and the creator of these patents is still alive in Israel willing to work with President Trump and his staff. These innovations are already free to be used by the world. The patents and copyrights of these mechanisms have expired.

There is no longer red tape bureaucracy. Bureaucracy was not interested in the ideas patented by David Wexelman. These mechanisms were used primarily for helping emotional crisis and trauma. They are also applicable to be used for the war against Corona virus. Two people wearing these mirrored glasses create infinite light. So much more so a million people wearing these glasses will create infinite – infinite light a double, triple a million lights of salvation.

Healing with light is connected with the ancient science of healing connected to the good eye. The good eye is the eye of mercy which heals disease caused by the evil forces called the evil eye.

Rabbi Wexelman is not interested in a money reward for his work and research. He lives on SSI and other types of help after closing his clinic in Jerusalem. He is willing to help develop the use of light in the healing of the emotional and physical destructions of Corona. Where masks are used for protection against the spread of virus, the infinite light glasses worn on top of these masks adds to mask protection a positive light energy which grows until infinity to do what President Trump mentioned in his speech to purify the mind and the body.

To look to FDA or WHO to give approval of light therapy may take 100 years. Light therapy can be used without their approval on the word of President Trump and his clergymen. The more people who will wear these glasses the more infinite light will be created until darkness of Corona will be washed out forever. Through light will be revealed the prophecy of Moses on the first day of creation Genesis 1, where God removed the darkness forever when he declared, Let there be light, And there was light on the first day.”

Healing with light is connected to the healing of the Messiah. Healing Corona with light is not a dream. King David said in Psalm 27, “The Lord is my light and my salvation.”  God is called light. The Messiah is called light. God is more than light, he is also salvation.  A good President or leader believes in the salvation of God. Don’t depend on the FDA and WHO alone; depend on God for your salvation. Even after will come the vaccine for Corona will be left over the emotional trauma of Corona which for sure Infinite Light Healing is the best remedy.

There is news of a new virus in Kazakhstan which causes Pneumonia.  The fear of a new virus makes Infinite Light Healing even more important to the world.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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