The Real Culprits in the Trump Saga

  • President Trump should be held accountable and is responsible for the current Constitutional crisis.
  • Some people, and rightly so, are tired of the Washington establishment and see Trump as shaking up the norms.
  • The Democrats have shown that they are willing to hold this President accountable.

I’ve tried really long and hard to figure it out. How did we get here? How did, we as a nation, arrive at this point of divisiveness, corruption, ineptitude, and toxicity at our highest and most prestigious office in the land—the office of The President of the United States?

Three years into Trump’s presidency, we have seen plenty to be concerned about. We have seen lies, hypocrisy, ineptness, coercion, bullying, obstruction, slander, racism, divisiveness, and abuses of power among others. Most disturbingly, we have seen signs of mental illness. We have also seen the very fabric of our democracy and the Constitution under attack from the executive branch. We have seen attacks on the free press. We have seen Congress threatened and controlled. We have seen abuses of the use of executive orders. We have even seen threats of riots. We have seen enough drama to make us sick as a nation. I’ve found myself going to to find cures for nausea and stress headaches. I’ve often said that I understand people who are mentally ill, evil, lost, corrupt etc., but I’ve never understood the people that surround these individuals for allowing their behavior. Make no mistake, President Trump should be held accountable and is responsible for the current Constitutional crisis. But he alone should not shoulder the entire blame. It takes a system of enabling to allow one individual to bring so much chaos. So just who is responsible for our current crisis?

Many people would say voters have a huge responsibility in the crisis. I certainly understand why people do not like President Trump. But, surprisingly, I understand why people like him. That is what makes America and our democracy great. People can have different values, opinions and views on how they see the world. They take those views to the ballot box and elect our officials. That is a beautiful thing and one of the cornerstones of our democracy. President Trump was elected. Now, one could argue the legitimately of the election, but let’s just assume that the Russian interference had no bearing on the actual results of the election. For argument’s sake, let’s just say he was elected fairly and that the American people have spoken.

The White House.

So I can still understand, while not agreeing with them, why people support Trump. They are looking at him and his behavior out of their own filters and prisms. Some people, and rightly so, are tired of the Washington establishment and see Trump as shaking up the norms. Some people are very anti immigration and are OK with Trump’s policies and rhetoric surrounding this issue. Some conservatives feel he is pushing the conservative agenda and they are willing to give him a pass on other facets of his administration of which they may not feel comfortable. And a lot of the public just does not have the information necessary to make informed choices or have fallen victim to the propaganda.

So if the American peoples’ stance can be understood, to a degree, this leads us to look at Congress for safeguarding our democracy and the Constitution. The protection of the Constitution is not the public’s role. The public’s role is to elect the officials to do this. It has been clear that the President has broken the rules of the Constitution. Among other things, he explicitly solicited and extorted help from a foreign power to interfere in our 2020 election. This conduct is forbidden as defined clearly in the Constitution. So the issue now becomes…whether you like Trump or not, whether you agree with him on his policies or not, whether you are a Republican or Democrat…about protecting the Constitution of the United States of America. It is not about overturning an election. It is about what has happened since the election. And the duty to protect the Constitution falls squarely on Congress.

The Democrats have shown that they are willing to hold this President accountable. One can argue they have something to gain and they probably do. But if Trump were to be removed from office, to be clear, they would not gain power over the executive branch. Mike Pence would become President. So little would change with regards to policy. Again, the authors of the Constitution designed this succession plan for very sound reasons, one of which is to lessen the chances of a “coup” and to have a seamless transition for the Presidency.

So far, except for a sparse couple, the Republican members of congress have not held this President accountable for upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. This is the responsible group for the current crisis.  As mentioned earlier, people will often assume a role of power and later prove that they are not capable of the responsibilities of that office. But the people around the individual have a duty to enforce the standards and expectations of the role.  If not done, this is a dereliction of duty.  And the Republican members of Congress have been derelict in their duty and have enabled this not fit for office President. They are responsible for the crisis we are in as a nation.

The US Constitution.

So why are the Republican members of Congress not holding this President accountable? Do they not see what is really going on? Do they have the same values, or lack thereof, as Trump? Or are they just trying to save their own jobs? It probably differs for each Congressman, but I believe the reason is the latter. They are trying to save their own jobs. They know that if they go against Trump, he will degrade and slander them as only he can do, and his supporters will not vote for them. Republican members of Congress also do not want to lose big money donors, which leads to votes. So it is all about votes in order to save their own jobs. This is the reason they are not loyal to the Constitution of the United States—the document which makes this the greatest nation on earth. They are more loyal to themselves than the good of the country. This is sad and angering at the same time.

As humans, we all understand we have to do certain things to keep our jobs and we all have done things we did not like nor agree with in order to put food on the table. I’m sure most of us have compromised our values and integrity at some point in our lives to maintain our employment. But I would also argue that people have also drawn the line at some point, have stood up to their employers and have, at a minimum, changed jobs. Or we have fought the establishment and tried to influence it from the inside until we were asked to leave…and these were when the stakes were comparatively low. With the current situation in Washington, we are talking about upholding the cornerstones of which our great nation was founded and has flourished for hundreds of years. We are talking about countless brilliant minds and honorable men and women that have proceeded us to maintain this great nation. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of young men and women who so bravely gave up their lives on numerous battlefields fighting for our great nation and protecting the Constitution.

The price previous generations have paid for our privileges is overpowering and nearly incomprehensible. And now, we have Republican members of Congress not willing to take the risk of losing their jobs and to protecting the values and laws that have made this country great. This is mind boggling, disgusting and reprehensible. To make matters worse, any of these members can have successful careers outside of public office. It’s not like they will be hungry, homeless, and not be able to take care of their families. That is not the case. So it is more of a case of power and ego. Power and ego. Power and ego of these politicians trump the honor of the blood of men and women who have died for this country—the young men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice—who had no power and no ego. It is past time to do the right thing. It is past time for the appropriate people to hold this President, who has sacrificed nothing, accountable and to protect the Constitution and the people of this great country.

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Greg Hood

Greg Hood is a freelance writer, a social work professional and a proud father currently residing in Charlotte, NC.

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