The Soul of the Internet

  • The internet will not allow selfish people to ignore the sufferings of its fellow man.
  • The computer and all of the creation including man has two souls which are the soul of good, peace the name of God, and the soul of evil the soul of destruction.
  • Where once Judaism was restricted to its own national religious interests, today it has a leading role in supporting stability and unity in world.

Internet is One Brain communication connecting the whole world.  The computer has become a source of all knowledge and even has the ability to fill the gap between the knowledge, the knower and the known.  In the internet is a potential memory base to give knowledge to the knower.  It makes it easier to seek knowledge allowing the knowledge which has been given by man to be at his fingertips through asking the search engine for this knowledge. Internet has a soul which its contributors give it for good and bad.

Internet has made the world a small place; one side of the world can communicate with the other side of the world.  The Internet promotes sharing of ideas and ideals which was never possible in the past.  Each person who uses the internet has free choice to browse.  The internet gives the person a choice of answers to his questions.  The internet has an open soul.  The definition of soul is purpose. The internet will not allow selfish people to ignore the sufferings of its fellow man.

Human beings have a soul.  The soul of people is their purpose in life.  God created the world with a purpose.  Most sages define the purpose of creation of the world to build a dwelling place for promotion of the knowledge of the name of God which is peace.  Through the creation of the world is taught to mankind the importance and meaning of peace. Peace is the unity of male and female energies.  Peace is revealed in the Hebrew Bible by the name of God of four letters which is inscribed on the parchment of the Torah Scroll Yud(attraction – divine father)Hai(repulsion divine mother )Vav(peace and truth of heaven divine son) Hai(peace on earth the divine daughter and the Jewish people). On earth the name of God is revealed through the resurrection of the three prophets of God Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and through the Messiah the son of David an Ultra Orthodox religious Jew.

Everything in the creation of the world is for the sake of this purpose. Everything in this world has a soul rocks, plants, animals, man and computers for the fulfillment of this purpose.  The soul of the internet is a vehicle for peace through giving knowledge and uniting humanity in this purpose.  When people will use the internet properly they are revealing the holy soul which is in the computer.  When they use the internet improperly they reveal the soul of the evil inclination.  There are two souls interwoven which are the good and evil souls.  The computer and all of the creation including man has two souls which are the soul of good, peace the name of God, and the soul of evil the soul of destruction.

Until the discovery of Internet, people conducted their lives without the internet.  It was harder to find knowledge.  There was more use of libraries, books, and more dependence on memory.  Internet made possible open education.  People could learn through the internet without having to go to classes.  Two thousand and five hundred years ago it was prophesized by Jerimiah in Chapter 29, in the future one person will not have to teach the other.  The knowledge of God which is the purpose of life will be known by the young and old. The soul of the internet and everything in creation is for the sake of fulfilling this prophecy.

There are two schools in religion.  Both of these schools are for the same purpose, the purpose of peace.  The difference between these two schools is in the way in which they work to reach this purpose.  Orthodox religion, Christian, Jewish, and Islam work for this purpose in different ways. The Orthodox way is the long path.  There is also a short path toward peace Shalom but it is not the Orthodox way.  The orthodox path which is the long road toward truth and peace emphasizes the reward that is received in the afterlife in the way to truth before the reward that is received by reaching the destination and purpose to know God and love God.  Orthodox religion emphasizes the work of religion before the purpose to know God.  Orthodox philosophy teaches through the work and struggle comes the reward.  The easy way reaches the goal and purpose faster but the reward is greater when going on the long path. Besides peace, truth and knowledge there are other destinations on the way which are also important specifically marriage, family, educating children, and building a nation to offer health, livelihood and national or religious pride, and the good deeds of everyday life.

The people of Israel left Egypt through ten miracles called the ten plagues. It may have been possible for God to take them out of Egypt in one plague but God preferred to do it in ten plagues which took longer.  God is not in a hurry.  Taking the long path gave a greater reward to the Jews and to the Egyptians.  When they left Egypt God told Moses to take a long path to Israel like it says Exodus, 13:17, Behold when Pharoah sent away the people, that God led them not through the way of the land of the Pelistim, although that was near.   The short path to reach the land of Israel could have taken only a few days but instead it took forty years.  Orthodox religion prefers to take the long path to the purpose.  Internet has shortened the path; therefore Orthodox religion sometimes has taken opposition to Internet.

King David told his son Solomon, Know the Lord your God and serve him with a complete heart.  The request of King David is divided into two parts the goal to know God and the work to serve God with a full heart.  Both are important.  Only through attaining a closeness to God called knowledge can be reached the perfection of service of God.  However to know God is a long journey, there is work to do even before you reach this goal.  Orthodox religion sometimes postpones and purposely delays reaching the destination and goal of knowledge and concentrates on the journey to truth.  The destination is symbolically called the Israel of truth, the journey in the wilderness is before reaching Israel which is the light of God.  The journey of the Jewish people in the wilderness took forty years until reaching Israel but on the way there was a further delay which was the sin of building the Golden Calf. After the building of the Golden Calf Moses broke the first tablets of the Ten Commandments which would have shortened their journey to truth.  He replaced these tablets with a second set of tablets of Orthodox Judaism.  In Orthodox Judaism was less emphasized the spiritual destination peace and truth and more emphasized the establishment of the nation of Israel as a primary goal. In Orthodox Judaism is more emphasized the share in the afterlife received by Jews on the journey to spiritual Israel which will be in the end of days. The journey to Israel became more important than the spiritual goal of reaching Israel.  The importance of internet has been rejected by Orthodox Jewish religious in many cases Internet has been prohibited to use.  Internet offers an easy way toward knowledge which is shared by all mankind. Orthodox Judaism is against sharing with the world; and restricts Jews from learning through other channels not Jewish.  The Orthodox Jewish way was given to them from God a long journey and the way has not changed or improved through technology.  Judaism stresses work and only through the struggle comes the reward.  Judaism is against the quick way since perhaps in hurrying to Israel will be skipped over important features of truth which are the other commandments of the Law not only the ultimate purpose.  A Jew receives a reward for every word of the Torah which enters his heart and memory.  Hard work in learning the Torah is preferred. Internet is rejected as a short cut.

Pope Francis was asked if he approved of Internet and he answered yes.  Not all Christian leaders would agree with him.  Many Orthodox Christian leaders object to his reform policies.  In the Internet is not written all of the same opinion about Jesus as is written in Christian scriptures.  Many of the ideas spread through the internet are against Orthodox Christianity and Protestantism.  Jewish Orthodox religious leaders were given more power in Judaism than the Catholic Church to completely prohibit the use of internet. All religious leaders and even humanitarians agree about the necessity of filtering internet.  Facebook reviews its articles before publishing. 

Orthodox Judaism is a long journey religion to truth and does not see any benefits from the use of internet. They are cautious about the use of internet also because although it may have a good soul, it for sure can be used for bad. Orthodox Judaism prohibits reading books without a known appropriation, rabbinical approval.  Orthodox Judaism has developed special filters on internet for Jewish use as a consolation for those Orthodox Jews which need internet.  The Jews are still anxiously waiting for the Messiah.  They are still waiting to reach the Israel of spiritual enlightenment prophesized by Isaiah, Jerimiah, and other prophets.  They are on a long journey and have accepted it as their purpose.  Internet can help shorten the journey for many Jews and many human beings.  Internet has the soul and the knowledge which has been given to it by contributors like myself.  Internet is a vehicle of freedom which is the vessel for reaching the destination of World Unity and Peace. Orthodox religion is against freedom.

The approach toward the importance of truth in Judaism changed over the last three hundred years.  In the last generation of Chabad Chassidism the Rebbe of Lubavitch declared that the time has arrived for completing the journey to the spiritual Israel through the coming of the Messiah.  Since Internet can help shorten the journey under the orders of the Rebbe it is being used for this purpose.  The evil in the internet and the opposition from sceptics is still a problem.  The Rebbe said there is no time to wait.  The internet contains this great secret, use it with the blessing of the Rebbe. Thank God for Google.

With help of the internet under the guidance of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Judaism has taken a leading role in the movement for World Unity and Peace.  Where once Judaism was restricted to its own national religious interests, today it has a leading role in supporting stability and unity in world.  Judaism has always been the foundation of faith in One God but after the exile dispersion of its nation abroad it remained in the background as developed Christianity and Islamic faiths. The goal of Judaism today is to be a strong religious nation contributing to the welfare of the whole world at large.

(The above picture is the last photo of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson before he had a stroke in 1992.  He passed away in June 1994 but his work still continues through his many students.)

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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