The Source of Anti-Semitism

  • Anti-Semitism is the root of all evil. By correcting Anti-Semitism the whole world will be corrected.
  • Anti-Semitism and other types of hatred between good people are avoidable through understanding their source.
  • Freedom is being removed from faith which is causing anti-Semitism and hatred toward other religions.

Anti-Semitism and other types of hatred between good people are avoidable through understanding their source. Rabbi Scheur Zalman of Liadi also called the Alter Rebbe who lived in the Russian Empire about two hundred and fifty years ago established a new approach in Judaism called Chabad related to the Lubavitcher Chassidic movement. Chabad is short for wisdom, understanding and knowledge. He encouraged Jews to open up their minds not only to accept Judaism with simple faith but also to understand the deep insights in the Torah and Jewish life. There is similar to this a type of yoga called Juana Yoga a spiritual approach toward discovery of unity of God through knowledge which is said to be the most difficult of the four paths of Yoga . In this way Jews and all people can come together intellectually to face the many problems in life. What is the source of anti-Semitism? What is the source of religious conflicts? What is the Jewish purpose and the purpose of all people in the times of the Messiah? Over the past seven hundred years came into Judaism literature dating back more than a thousand years bringing a new age of enlightenment to the Jewish people and the world.

The rule over the day of 24 hours is shared by the two great luminaries The Sun and the Moon. The night was given to the moon to be its light. In the day the Sun shines, the moon is not is visible. These two great luminaries represent the two aspects of spirituality which are faith and religion. Faith is the Sun of the spirit of God and the religion is the moon. There is conflicts between these two sides but they can be united.

Religion offers people a reward in the afterlife for listening and observing the precepts of its religion. The reward is almost completely in the afterlife although a portion of reward is given in this world. About this is mentioned regarding Judaism in the Mishna the Oral interpretation of the Torah, “These are the things that a man eats the fruits of his labor in this world and there remains a portion for the world to come “honoring your father and mother, loving kindness including charity, going early to prayers morning and evening, receiving guests, visiting the sick, helping children to marry, burying the dead, praying fervently, making peace between man and man and in the home, and study of scriptures.” The aspect of the sun is the aspect of faith which includes in it freedom.

The sun gives light to the moon but the moon is a separate entity from the sun. Faith gives light to religion; but religion is separate from faith; it rules over the night. Judaism was established at Mount Sinai where was the revelation of faith in God under the guidance of Moses the prophet. Afterwards Moses gave to the Jewish people their religion which was the foundation of the Nation of Israel. Unlike faith which is connected to Exodus and freedom, the religion which was given to the Jewish people was very strict to prohibit transgressing on the Law of God given to Moses with severe penalties for transgressors, including capital punishment for desecration of the Sabbath, 40 lashes for some less severe sins, excision from God and Israel for sins like eating on Yom Kippur the high holy fast day. The Jewish people represent the revelation of God on Mount Sinai and the giving of the Ten Commandments and the five books of Moses. In Judaism there is a Torah divine law. The law includes in it 613 commandments. By Transgression on even a minor commandment, the person is considered to be a sinner. Forgiveness for sin comes through bringing a sacrifice when possible or through fasting on Yom Kippur the High Holiday.

Jews the children of the saints Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob the forefathers are not perfect. In the heart of man is the desire for freedom. The Laws of the Nation of Israel are considered sacred and it is forbidden to change add or subtract from them. The Light of the moon ruled over the land of Israel in the times of the holy temple. The law of Israel allowed only Judaism to be practiced in the land. The borders of Israel were closed to the outside like in any other nation but it was also closed to the influence of religious rebels and false prophets with new ideas. Rabbis who change the law or false prophets are punishable by death. Judaism worships God without any form or image and it is even prohibited to limit God by any of the names of God in the Torah. God has many names the most significant name his name of four letters in the Torah (see the picture of Torah scroll above) which is not pronounced and contains all the holy secrets of creation. Within this holy name is the secret of what is written in Genesis “Man is created in the image of God.”

The faith of Judaism was restricted by the Law of Israel to worship God in his essence without attaching to him any name, form or image. From Judaism sprouted forth Christianity attaching to God in the form of the holy man. About this it says in Christian scripture, The word was with God and the word became flesh. Judaism separates God from his name or his word because they are separate and united. Christianity unites them. God in his essence is above name form or image. Name form and image are a part of God. To worship God only in his essence is one approach toward religion and faith practiced by Jews and Islam. To worship God connecting God through his name is another approach toward worship. These are two sides of spirituality.

In Judaism the side of Christianity is forbidden. Christianity is at war with Judaism to accept Jesus. The teachers of Judaism following the law are forbidden to approach prayer and practice in the way of Christianity even if may give them more spiritual pleasure. Both of these approaches are in the written text of the Torah. Judaism and the Jewish people selected to follow the more strict approach as the law of their nation. To preserve the lineage of Jews to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is necessary to follow strict laws of incest. The whole lineage depends on watching over Jewish children from marriage and assimilation with the other nations. Jews were commanded to distance themselves from the other nations. The Nation of Israel for the sake of its survival they were given their law by Moses a nation under God with justice and mercy but justice and the law preceded mercy. Christianity accepted the more lenient approach in the law where mercy precedes justice. However Christian religious leaders needed also to protect their children from the influences of the outside world through requiring from Christians to follow the laws and commandments of the New Testament without giving them free choice.

In both Judaism and Christianity those that transgress on the statutes of the law of God are called sinners. People find difficulty accepting rebuke and do not like to feel that they are sinners. People are not created perfect and want freedom. Religion cannot give to people freedom; only God can give to people freedom. In religion people are under the leadership of their spiritual leaders who are also their judges. At Mount Sinai was revealed God in the way of perfect faith. Religion can only reveal one aspect of the perfection of God which is either the essence which includes in it unity of God but is a separate religion like in Judaism. Religion comes from faith, the moon reflects the light of the sun. From Judaism which is called essence of religion became revealed the two aspects of God which are opposites Christianity and Islam. Judaism is the revelation of the essence of God in religion which does not recognize any other religions and their prophets. Judaism claims to be the only religion since it was before Christianity and Islam when the whole world was pagan faith not monotheistic. Christianity recognizes Judaism which preceded it but does not accept Judaism without Jesus. Orthodox Christianity claims that the Old Testament has been replaced by the New Testament. Judaism did not accept Jesus and his resurrection and continues to follow the law which worships God in his essence without connecting to name or image of God. Islam a national religion came after Christianity to deny that the way of worship of Christianity was the only way and follows more the approach toward worship of Judaism more suitable for a National Religion. Can these three faiths accept each other? If so, then there wouldn’t be hatred between them. Each religion believes they are the right way. Through understanding the sources of these three religions there can be peace between them even if each religion has a different law.

Freedom is a problem for all three faiths and their religious leaders. Religions are against change. People that have wandered away from Orthodox observance are called sinners in Orthodox circles. The law is strict in all religions against transgression of their law. Only the religious leaders have the power to give the way for forgiveness for sin. People rebel against being controlled by human beings and look toward God directly for forgiveness and salvation. In this way there are three separate religions in the world, three nations of God who differ and there is sometimes hatred between them because there is competition and rivalry. There is also hatred toward their religion from the followers of these religions who cannot accept rebuke to be called sinners. Judaism the first religion has more enemies than the other two religions which came after them. They have hatred from Islamic extremists and Christian rivals and missionaries. They also have hatred from Jews who have gone astray from their heritage and are called sinners. These Jews later become reformed, conservative, liberals, agnostics and atheists. There is antisemitism from within and from without. Christianity is also faced with opposition from within. People brought up as Christians have rebelled against the law. The American church has liberalized to accept gay marriage. Protestant Christians separated from Catholics under the leadership of Martin Luther. People today viciously attack the Catholic Church for sex abuse. The student of Covington Catholic School wearing MEGA hats were attacked as racists by black American Israelites. Anti-semitism is condemned in the world but difficult to control. There is a rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and America. Atheism is on the rise. People who claim to represent freedom are attacking religion as being racist. Atheists as a group, gays as a group are becoming a religion of anti-God. These are new religions with atheist philosophies.

The source of anti-Semitism amongst Jews is that Judaism does not give Jews free choice. According to the law every born Jew is obligated to be circumcised by his parents. Through circumcising the child enters the covenant of the Jewish people. Jews that are born to families which have become modern have difficulty accepting all the precepts which the Ultra-Orthodox accept. Judaism does not make two laws, for the ultra and for the modern. There is only one law. Therefore the modern in religious circles are classified second class. In some Jewish religious communities they are accepted in other communities they are considered to be a dangerous influence to their children. If a Jew respects other religions and their clergy he has transgressed on the precept in Jewish law that Judaism is the only true religion. Christian missionaries have always tried to convert Jews to their religion which makes Christianity an enemy to Judaism. They first try to convince Jews that Jesus is the Messiah . The next step is Baptism. Jews trying to escape from one religion are pulled into another religion again surrendering their freedom. Islam in the same way is trying to make the world Muslim offering them freedom and then putting them on the front lines fighting for ISIS.

People have become estranged from religion even to become atheists. Amongst them are anti-Semites but they are also attacking all religions which believe in God for being racist. They represent freedom which is against religion. Religion is more or less against freedom but accepts that living in a country which has freedom of religion is better than living in a country which is anti-religion like China or another communist nation. In Israel there is a large segment of the population against the orthodox Jewish bloc. In America the liberals today are fighting for abortion, birth control, gay rights, complete separation of church and state in the schools, against religious ideals attaching racism to religion.

Freedom is being removed from faith which is causing anti-semitism and hatred toward other religions. Religions are contributing to anti-Semitism anti-religious feelings which people have developed through being called sinners. By adding to religion freedom which it had and lost, will solve many of the conflicts which people have in a free society. Moses initiated religion in the world at Mount Sinai. Before came Judaism and the other religions, there was first revealed Exodus which means freedom. The first attempt to bring back freedom to religion was by Jesus who also failed. The resurrection of Moses together with the second resurrection of Jesus with Mohammed returns to religion the crown of freedom which was lost. (see

In the stories of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov a Chassidic master the first story called the Lost Princess, talks about a young girl who was rebuked by her father which caused her to leave his house. She wandered on a journey away from her father’s house falling deeper into darkness and disbelief. Finally she is rescued and she returns to her father’s home. She represents freedom which was lost. Religion became dry observance without joy. Sin and fear of punishment became emphasized before joy and love of God. The source of anti-Semitism is the lack of tolerance of people to accept Judaism and other religions without freedom. Tolerance comes through Juana Yoga and Chabad Chassidism using the intellect to rule over the emotions of hate. The answer for all religions including Judaism is to believe in the resurrection which has already begun. In resurrection there is mercy. The light of the sun shines again. A new moon is without light. The new moon becomes a full moon through resurrection the renewal of faith.

Resurrection is the source of faith. Through resurrection the light of faith will again shine in this world. The religions of the world and even humanitarians will receive from this light like the moon receives from the light of sun until there will be a full moon the complete unity of faith and religion, secular and religious.

Religions are against change. The religions do not have to change, the people have to change. People want change; they want freedom. What are religions without people supporting them? The religions will automatically open up to freedom. Freedom is not against religion. Religion has to accept freedom. The moon ruled in the world; religion ruled in the world. Today freedom rules. Freedom needs toleration of religion and other forms of racism which are in their essence nationalism. Toleration is part of understanding the roots of racism. Racism in the light of freedom has its limits. ISIS will not give up even after the last battle in Syria as was expressed on CNN talking to children and refugees of ISIS. Judaism will not relinquish its love for Jews before all other people to the point of self-sacrifice. Christians cannot accept religion without Jesus. Freedom is a new religion in the world which idealistically has no boundaries. America believes in freedom but it needs also to protect Americans by building a wall or by fighting ISIS. No person is perfect. No nation is able to claim to be perfectly a free nation. Toleration is needed on all sides. The essence of freedom and justice belongs to God alone. Only God is one.

Anti-Semitism is the root of all evil. By correcting Anti-Semitism the whole world will be corrected. Let’s give it a try.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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