The Spanish Language Should Be Exploding on the Low Cost Freelance Gig Markets, But It’s Not. Why?

The freelance gig market is where you offer for sale your expertise in a specialized service. For example, you might be an expert in: building websites; launching a social media presence; buying Google and/or Facebook advertising; providing coding; editing and writing; creating educational or online books; or translations. The world is unlimited.

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Even though this market is growing at very fast rates, and it very highly paid (about $70,000 a year on average in the US), it appears that there is very little market growth in both the Spanish and Portuguese languages.  This is even more troubling because many South American countries, that have dominant Spanish and Portuguese languages, have hard pressed economies and need more higher paying global jobs.

Take Spanish speaking Argentina for instance. Even though it has many universities with high scholastic standards, a large number of the talented graduates can not attain good employment. The Argentine economy has been in an 18 month recession and it is still expected to contract for the next couple of quarters.  Why don’t young Argentinians look to offer their services over the internet? These are skills that they could learn quickly even in the evenings, after working at a trade job or as a waiter/waitress.   A freelance gig future might be even easier to start during the down times when raising a family.

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The future for online freelance gig markets is exploding and rapidly changing traditional jobs where low cost services such as Freelance Global Gigs FGG Low Cost Marketplace will translate your gig offer into Spanish, Portuguese and over 100 different global languages– making language barriers no longer a factor.

With FGG Low Cost Marketplace You can, in very little time and at no cost, put up your own little global storefront, and the Communal News and technology updates worldwide with over 200,000 links to your freelance gig. New gigs placed on FGG can attain significant traffic rather quickly.

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We believe the number one reason that Spanish speaking countries have not embraced the Gig Economy is due to the language barrier, as most gig and job services are based in English. Many in South America are well versed and knowledgeable about the need for increasing local entrepreneurship. However, that knowledge somehow has been very slow to translate into the higher paying, fast growing, human cloud gig economy.

With today’s capabilities, companies such as this newspaper (Communal News) and our sister Marketplace at FGG Low Cost Marketplace are bringing down language translation barriers just like the Berlin Wall.  This will allow many young entrepreneurs a real chance to compete in the global market where the pay and skill level are not set by artificial barriers such as a border or language.  We believe, in time, this will allow Spanish speaking people to find a new and better path.

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