The Supernal Answer to Corona Plague – The Messiah

  • Moses in the Bible revealed the coming of the Messiah in our times.
  • There is only good which comes down from heaven to earth even if we don’t understand it.
  • We are at the end of the week Friday afternoon before the Great Sabbath.

Corona literally means crown virus. The fear of coronavirus is opening many people to faith in God; others are losing their faith. The Bible teaches that the crown of faith was lost when the sin of the Golden Calf disease entered the world again. The Messiah will come to restore the crown of faith to end coronavirus and all disease.

The Old Testament is also called the five books of Moses. In it is Jewish law which is the foundation of the nation of Israel which has survived for thousands of years and in 1948 after the holocaust was established the State of Israel. The State of Israel is not the same as the Biblical State of Israel but the product of the remnants of the Biblical State of Israel in which was built the holy temple in Jerusalem in which remains the Wailing Wall.

Tradition teaches Moses is truth and his law is truth. Jews continue to practice various traditions which were taught by Moses to the Jewish people. Two of these traditions are the observance of the Sabbath and to wear each day Phylacteries also called Tefillin. On the seventh day of each week Jews are advised by the Torah to rest on the seventh day, because in six days God created the heavens and the earth, and the seventh day he rested.” In the commandment of keeping the Sabbath is a great wisdom. In the merit of Jews keeping the Sabbath as part of their religion, the world has adopted to give people at least one day off each week.  The Calendar of the world is divided in months and weeks. A week is seven days beginning with Sunday and ending on Saturday. Jews rest on Saturday as part of their religion. Resting one day each week is engraved into civilization the wisdom of Moses and his Torah.

On the Israel flag is the Magen David literally translated as the shield of David. This symbol can be also a shield for you and your family like it was for King David. It has great mystical meaning. Copy this picture and hang it in your home for protection from all evil and the angel of death

People use the Sabbath in different ways. Orthodox Jews use the Sabbath as a holy day recognizing God as the creator of the universe. Judaism has specific laws about what is permitted to do on the Sabbath and what is prohibited. It includes in it four prayers on the Sabbath including an additional prayer called Musaf to sanctify the seventh day that it should be considered by Jews as holy. Sabbath for the Jew is also a festival with eating three elaborate meals. After resting on Sabbath, on Sunday or another day the Jews return to work. In Job one of the books of the Bible it says, man was created to work. Jews sanctify the seventh day for rest according to their religion. The world enjoys a day of rest each week in their own custom. Sabbath is the contribution on Moses and his law to the world.

Sabbath is called a sign of truth.  Phylacteries is also called a sign of truth a practice given to Jews to do each day. The world is familiar with the Sabbath but not so much about Phylacteries a hidden secret practiced by Jews only. Phylacteries are two black boxes one worn on the arm during prayer and the other on the head.  Each box has straps to bind them on the arm and to place them on the head. The commandment to wear Phylacteries is worded in Deuteronomy, “The Lord is your God the Lord is one. You should place these words of the unity of God on your arm as a sign, and on to be frontlets between your eyes.” They are not placed according to the literal translation between the eyes but upon the front part of the head centrally above the forehead.

According to the Law of Moses there is a big difference between the way the arm Tefillin is built and the head Tefillin. Both have in them the same portions of the Torah but in the arm Tefillin these portions are written in one single parchment in one box which is without any engravings.  In the head Tefillin these four portions of the Torah are placed each one in a box containing four compartments in a particular order. Also on the box of the head tefillin is engraved the letter ש in two ways with three lines as it is written in Hebrew script and with four lines a unique script. The way the Tefillin as taught by Moses the prophet of truth contains deep secrets and prophecy. This prophecy is connected to the holy name of four letters which is written in these parchments.

The Tefillin of the arm is the secret of religion; the Tefillin of the head is the secret of faith. The difference between religion and faith is that religion is a specific light of the One God; and faith combines many lights how the unity of God is revealed through religion. Therefore the arm Tefillin are a box without any engravings completely smooth with one parchment. Religion is received with simple faith by the Jews without any questions. Jewish law is received with blind faith by the children of Israel. Other religions which followed Judaism Christianity and Islam also have a law and scripture which their constituents follow with blind faith. With blind faith is accepted the words which are written in the parchment within these boxes, “The Lord is your God the Lord is One.”

Rabbi Wexelman wearing Tefillin at the Western Wall.

The head Tefillin is more complicated. There is the Hebrew letter ש engraved on the box with three lines as in Hebrew alphabet and with four lines in a unique fashion. Moses the prophet saw into the future and was guided by God to reveal in the Tefillin the divine providence of God. Today when the world is sufferings Corona virus it is no contradiction to the belief in divine providence. Divine providence is the hand of God in his creation. Corona is discipline sent to mankind to correct their ways and to humble people who have forgotten the first words of the Bible “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  True belief in God is to thank God for the good and bad and to know that only good comes down from heaven.

The hand Tefillin has no division or engraving on the box or within the parchments within it. Also religion especially Judaism teaches its scripture with the requirement of blind faith without questions.  However there is a place for introspection in religion which is the secret of the head tefillin which is divided in four boxes within and two letter ש on the box with three and four lines. Moses the prophet saw that Judaism the first religion will in the future share World faith with Christianity and Islam to in the end of time be three lines of faith in the world represented by the Shin ש three lines on the box. God is one but is also infinite. No one religion can claim to be the only way. Each religion is unique and important. The family of man according to Biblical history is divided into three families which are Jacob, Esau, and Ishmael. All the families of man are united by Adam the first man but no one family can claim to inherit Adam who was created alone in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2:18, God said, It is not good for man to be alone and he created for man his soul-mate. Together Adam and Eve his soul mate began to create the first family which later became the population of the world.

Tefillin worn by Jews contain the deepest secrets of faith.

In the Shin ש of three lines on the head Tefillin, is revealed the prophecy that in the future will resurrect Moses with Jesus and Mohammed the prophets of the three major religions of the world. The Shin ש of four lines is the connection of the prophets after resurrection with the Universal light of faith of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Religion is represented by the hand Tefillin where there are no engraving and all the four portions of the Torah are written on one large parchment enclosed in the black box. Religion remains important as long as there is family life even after is revealed the secret of the Head Tefillin because the action of Tefillin begins first with putting on the Hand Tefillin and tying it onto your arms with the black strap connecting the small knot with the box.  Every part of the commandment of Tefillin is fulled with deep meaning and prophesy. The act of putting on the Tefillin is for Jews only and does not require to understand all the deep meanings of the commandment only to believe in simply faith in God, Moses and the Bible.

The universal teaching of Tefillin is to have faith that everything is in the hands of God. Everything that God created has a purpose. The purpose of creation is to reveal the name of God which is Shalom or peace. There are two purposes which conflict because they are created with two directions like the two directions of the breath inhalation and exhalation, attraction and repulsion. These two forces are included in the name of God the unity of male and female, love and fear of God. Love of God is revealed through resurrection like today has been revealed the resurrection of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, the fear of God is revealed through religion. On these two opposite sides are the two Messiahs of World Unity and Peace which the Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke about during his life and declared that we are in the times of the revelation of the Messiah. Corona is one of the pains of this revelation like the pains which a woman feels before childbirth. Everything is Good. There is nothing to fear; only to love and rejoice. There is a way for everyone to attach to God Moses and truth and a share in the afterlife. In the faith and belief in the resurrection of the prophets is revealed the power of healing of Rafael the angel who stands between the two angels Michael and Gabriel. Connect with the prophets; connect with the angels.

Corona literally means crown. The complete revelation of Tefillin reveals the crown of faith as explained above. Perhaps this is the supernal answer to Corona virus even more important than the vaccine which will soon be developed and distributed.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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