The Universal Faith a Refuge for Everyman

  • In times of distress like today, you can connect to God through the Universal faith.
  • In the Universal faith is revealed the Mercy of God.
  • God is the king of the universe, the place of his justice and mercy.

In times like today when the world is struck by the Pandemic Corona each person is instructed to stay home.  Many people are unemployed.  Each day the numbers of infections rises and deaths increase. It is a hard time emotionally and there is always the fear of infection. Perhaps your whole life you never felt the need to connect to God; to take refuge in God. You may never attended church, or synagogue.  Your connection to religion was lost when there was no danger or daily suffering. For those that need today the help of God both emotionally and to pray to God for an answer to today’s dilemma, God has provided for everyone from all faiths and from all backgrounds the Universal Faith.

The Magen David also called the Star of David or the Shield of David shows the secret of the unity of heaven and earth. These are two triangles represent earth facing upward and heaven facing downward. The sides of the triangles are the three angels Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael in an eternal unity. Copy the flag with the Magen David and hang it in your home for a blessing and protection from Corona.

Synagogues, churches and mosques have been closed temporarily. The Universal faith does not require to enter a place of prayer.  To enter a place a prayer may be required to remove your shoes, to place a skull cap on your head, or to bow before a statue of the Messiah at the door step. To enter the Universal faith only requires a sincere heart and an open mind. The place of the Universal Faith is the whole world.  Enter the temple of the Universal faith in a park, a quiet place in your home, walking in the street, or lying on your bed.  Open up your heart to ask God for help, open up your mouth with sincere words of confession and requests for help from God. Discover yourself; discover God.

The Universal Faith has not come to replace the three religions Judaism, Christianity or Islam. It has always existed but never was revealed.  The times today are more difficult.  Destruction is closer than ever but it is never too late to begin to make your perfect connection with God. The place to begin is the Universal faith. The universal faith is the beginning of faith; it is also the end of all faith.

The universal faith was the faith of Adam in the Garden of Eden before he was sent away from the Garden with his wife Eve the mother of all man. Adam and Eve entered the world we live in today where there is good and evil.  When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge they were told that they would become like God. The snake told them Genesis 2:5, on that day that you eat from it, then your eyes will be opened, and you shall be as Gods, knowing Good and Evil.

In the world outside the Garden of Eden there is good and evil; love and hate. People in this world have the right to unite their families to make nations and to write laws to govern their countries to punish according to their laws. There are prisons in this world. There are courts of justice who have the power to convict criminals to judge to live or die, to sentence in prison or to set free. God gave to the children of Adam and Eve this power. From this power which was granted to man has come the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

This is a copy of a letter written by Rabbi Nachman to his student Yisrael Odessa 200 years after his death. It gives additional faith in resurrection which people need today. Copy this letter and hang it in your home for spiritual and emotional strengthening. It may also neutralize the powers of the angel of death. Rabbi Nachman signs his name in this letter Na,Nac,Nachma, Nachman. There are people that chant and sing his name as a remedy for healing all sadness.

Moses the prophet gave to the Jewish people the five books of Moses, and the laws and commandments the Law of Moses. The later religions derived from the Law of Moses the laws and ethics of their religions given to them by their prophets. There is the seven commandments of the children of Noah which was known before was given the Law of Moses on Mount Sinai. One of these commandments is for nations to establish courts of justice prosecute criminals, thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, thou shall not commit adultery. On Mount Sinai was emphasized the faith in one God the creator of the universe.

Each nation in this world has a land and a constitution. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have their constitution and their law. Every person in this world is a citizen of one of the nations of the world. Not everyone has a connection to a religion.  The Universal Faith is a connection to God for everyman.  Now everyman has a connection to God through the universal faith through the resurrection of the three great prophets Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. The connection with these prophets is also the connection to the angels, Michael, Gabriel and Rafael.  The angels the ministers of God have always been united with God in heaven.  They are combined together under the Chair of Glory of the Lord. A fourth angel Oriel unites these three angels. By the angels there is no evil.  By the resurrection of the prophets is no evil. On the earth below where lives man there is good and evil.

The Universal faith is your refuge but it is not to replace the other faiths of the One God in the world. In the Universal faith is more revealed the aspect of the mercy of God than other faiths. God is merciful but there is justice. The Law of God is his justice. In the Messiah and the angels is his mercy. It says in Isaiah, In the heaven is his glory and his chair on the earth he rests his feet. Our world rests at the feet of the Lord, and through acts of kindness God will reward man in the afterlife and in the resurrection.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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