The Universal Faith – Corona – Divine Ministry

  • The Universal faith is the antidote for the sadness and depression of Corona virus pandemic
  • The Universal faith has ministers who have the title of Messiah
  • Moses through his resurrection is called the last redeemer in the initiation of the Universal faith

A nation like Israel after elections battles for its government ministry positions.  The government represents the majority of its people. There are two sides to the Israel government the right side and the opposition side. The Knesset has 120 mandates. The government is required to represent a majority with at least 61 mandates. The government will be sworn in on Thursday and will represent the people of Israel until the next elections or until it is dissolved.

Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach began the Chassidic Music movement in the 1960s. Rabbi Yitchok Ginzberg today is famous for his brilliance spreading the secrets of the Torah to the world.

Amidst the Corona crisis which is called by Madonna the American entertainer and Guru “the great equalizer” it has become more important to strengthen the faith of mankind in God their creator. Witnessing the death of 290,000 people from Corona and the world baffled by a small microorganism Covid-19, everyone has been put to a test of their faith in God. Synagogues, churches and mosques have been closed. The plague has killed both the secular and religious equally. It has taken the lives of religious leaders of all faiths. Thank God that children and young adults have been spared.

God has established religion in the world. Judaism is the first Monotheistic religion receiving its Law of God on Mount Sinai the Ten Commandments. The Jewish people established the Biblical nation of Israel according to the Law of Moses in their land.  Judaism continues even after the destruction of its two temples and the exile of its people throughout the world with the hope of returning to their homeland to rebuild the holy temple to live under their King the Messiah.

Christianity developed in the time of the Biblical Nation of Israel expressing a need for change.  Jewish religious leaders refused to change or waver to the right or left. The first Christians were rebels and succeeded to organize a new religion based on the Bible. A large part of the world accepted Jesus as the Messiah and the New Testament.

Mohammed organized the tribes of the children of Ishmael in a movement of independence to be called Islam. Islam became a nation under God in the Koran with a new law of God called Sharia. Mohammed accepted Moses and Jesus as prophets but claimed to be the last prophet.

Each of the three religions according to their law is the only true religion. Each religion has it’s devote followers.  Each religion is organized like a separate nation with leaders, ministers, scholars, and judges. The public is required to follow the decrees of their leaders or to be excommunicated from the congregation. Capital punishment was once applicable to traitors of their faith.

Christianity is called the Universal Church in contrast to Judaism which is the faith of the children of the forefathers of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Jewish mothers Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Sarah. The Bible the Five Books of Moses tells the story of the development of Judaism including Exodus from Egypt and before entering into the land. The history of the Biblical nation of Israel is recorded in Chronicles. Christianity also has a history of changes including the development of Protestant Christianity by Martin Luther. Today the Vatican stands as the most authentic representative of Catholic Christian faith with the Pope their leader.

Madonna the Messiah of song in the universal faith.

After the death of Mohammed Islam broke off into two sects Shiite and Sunni. The two sects were united in the Ottoman Empire. Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Many nations in the world are Islamic nations both secular democratic Islamic and Orthodox.

According to the Oral law given by Moses to the Jewish people, Judaism can never change. There has been changes in Judaism throughout history. The nation became separated in two parts Judah and Samaria after the death of King Solomon. The Law of Moses does not change but there is always a battle from within the religion for control of the Jewish people. The leaders continue to battle for control of the Jewish people the remainder of the Biblical nation of Israel. The secular modern State of Israel is considered to be a great threat to Judaism as a religion even though it defends the rights of Jews to live in their land.

The Orthodox religions of the world do not accept change. They follow strictly their scriptures. The scholars the scribes of the three religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam control and protect their faith from reform. Each person with a connection to their religion through birth has the opportunity to reap the rewards offered to them by their mentors in this world and in the next world. Orthodox religion is usually in opposition to the Universal faith.

Religion has three channels available today. Many people living in Israel in an Orthodox Jewish community are happy with Orthodox Judaism but at the same time cannot accept everything which is taught. These Jews are called Traditional observers but not Ultra-Orthodox.  Judaism does not accept change and claims to be the only true connection to God. Modern traditional Jews through life experience respect holy men of other faiths. Automatically through having respect for the holy men of other religions they connect to God through the Universal faith as well as Judaism.

The Universal faith called Baha”i was established in Acre Israel during the Ottoman Empire primarily for Moslems.  In the last eight hundred years was revealed literature in Judaism with a more open mind to other faiths. In The Zohar : The book of Splendor is mentioned that God has been revealed through various lights called faces of God; of which Judaism is the most perfect because they represent the Bible. Judaism comes from the prophet Moses included in the Bible the five books of Moses is practical law and esoteric mysticism. The practical law is learned and practiced by the masses. Esoteric mysticism is for those that want deeper connection to God with love and mercy. The deepest connection to God comes through resurrection. Progressive Jewish spirituality believes in the resurrection of Moses.

The Torah Scroll was given to the Jewish people by Moses. In the Bible are later writings of the prophets.  Amongst the prophets are included Isaiah, Jerimiah, and Ezekiel and later prophets. The prophets initiated the Universal faith. Isaiah, Jerimiah and Ezekiel talk about a new law hinting at the law of the Universal faith. The law of the Universal faith is for the sake of World faith. Jewish law is for Jewish National religious unity. World Faith has developed in stages.  Today amidst the Corona virus was organized interfaith prayer combining various religious leaders in Israel of different faiths.

Christianity was originally called the Universal faith breaking off from the National faith of Judaism. It still has these claims but since it is attached to Orthodox Catholicism it is no longer exclusively universal. Islam claims to be the Universal faith without the Messiah but as a religion open to all people not based upon creed. Judaism claims to be the universal religion because it accepts converts and has a place for gentiles following the seven commandment of the children of Noah. However Judaism has a hierarchy based upon lineage which is not by Christianity and Islam.

Adam the supernal man in the Garden of Eden is the King of the Universal faith. Orthodox Judaism does not connect to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the sin.  Judaism connects to the twelve tribes of Israel the children of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Islam connects to Adam as the natural man the father of mankind and not to Adam as a Godhead, a man without sin. Also Judaism connects with Adam only after his sin and not as a Godhead free of sin. The Zohar singles out Adam as special creation and his sacrifice to God of a unicorn a special sacrifice . Adam in the Garden of Eden is singled out in the Zohar to be a Godhead the supernal man which is not accepted in Orthodox Judaism and Islam. Orthodox Judaism and Islam do not accept the resurrection of Jesus.  The universal faith accepts the resurrection of the three prophets the founder of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Through the Universal faith believing in the resurrection of the prophets of three religions Judaism, Christianity and Judaism the primary connection to God is through love. The primary connection to God through Orthodox religion is through fear of God and fear of sin. The Universal faith reveals the perfection which is in Judaism connecting with God through his holy name which is Shalom. The name of God Shalom is the deepest secret of the Torah. However even in the Universal faith is recognized the importance of fear of God and fear of sin, called the beginning of wisdom.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe was revealed in the previous generation as the Messiah of the Law of Moses. The world now has two Messiahs the Messiah of the Universal Faith, and the Messiah of Religion.

The Universal faith connects with God in the present. Religion connects to God in the future and past. The Messiah is living in the present in the Universal faith. The Universal faith is divided into divine ministries, each minister is the Messiah according to his achievement.

Guru Janardan Parmahansa teaching Ajapa Yoga initiated the Universal Faith when travelling in America in the 1960 -70s. During Woodstock festival he was travelling in Chicago. The Messiah of the Universal faith became Jesus at the time of the second temple in Jerusalem through his resurrection. The New Trinity of the Universal faith includes Moses, Mohammed, and Jesus. The Messiah of Judaism is the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov their souls are eternal. Rabbi Nachman writes in his book Likutei Maharan, “All the righteous saints of Israel are worthy to be called Messiah.”

The Messiah of Song is today Madonna. The Messiah of Chassidic Song is Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach. The minister of wisdom today is Pope Francis. King Solomon the wisest of all men is forever the minister of wisdom.  His father King David is forever King of Israel. The Messiah of Chabad intellect is the Kabbalist Rabbi Yitchok Ginzberg. The Messiah for the American Way is President Donald Trump. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is the Messiah of the secular Modern Zionist State.

The Messiah of Health the minister of health of the Universal faith will be the one that makes the vaccine for Corona. Jonas Salk became the Messiah of Health through his polio vaccine. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King are the Messiahs of the non-violence movements. The ministers of the Universal faith are princes; they are all angels. They can be secular and religious and are crowned according their achievements.

The Universal faith reveals attributes of God which are called in the Kabballa the ten Sephirot. Orthodox religion reveals the One God in his essence the creator of the universe who is omnipotent and above intellect called the Lord the One God in the singular. The one God and his attributes which are revealed through the Universal faith is connected to the name of God in the plural Elokim.  Elokim is called the creator, as written in Genesis 1:1, In the beginning Elokim – God created the heavens and the earth.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe who lives forever told the world that they are in the days of the Messiah. The Rebbe proclaimed and sang “We want the Messiah Now.”

Through the Universal faith the Messiah is today part of World faith.  He includes in him all the three religions. Every person has a spark of the Messiah to ignite in his heart which is the spark of love of God and joy. We are still waiting every day for a new revelation of the Messiah to come each day to add to the world a new spiritual light.

The Universal faith is the antidote for the depression and sadness which is caused by Corona virus. It fulfills the words of Isaiah 55:12, “For you shall go out with joy, and be led forth in peace.”

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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