The Value of Life; The Wall of Mercy

  • There is no reason for America to sacrifice the lives of its people to leave its borders open and allow illegal immigrants to come into the country.
  • When America will become safe again it can again begin to help the rest of the world become safe and their nations to become stable.
  • To save a life is to save the whole world.

President Trump has appealed honestly for the need for building the wall to save lives. He is trying to awake the Americans up to value the life of Americans. America the past forty years has ignored the crime problems which exist in the big cities mostly due to drug traffic. America has accepted that there are hundreds of murders in the poverty communities in the big cities including the murder of police enforcing the law. President Trump is waking up America to recognize the value of life. The building of the wall is for saving lives of Americans. There is no reason for America to sacrifice the lives of its people to leave its borders open and allow illegal immigrants to come into the country.

President Trump in his speech in El Paso, Texas located on the border of Mexico is in the middle of the crisis since across the border in Mexico there are thousands of murders each year. A wall was built on the border of El Paso and it has helped save lives. Statistics prove that he is right. The world needs help and America is becoming safe again. When America will become safe again it can again begin to help the rest of the world become safe and their nations to become stable.

The left in America has accepted for generations America with drugs and crime growing year to year. America should give President Trump a chance to prove himself, maybe he can turn around the trend. Democrats should be willing to give Trump the chance to help America. He is the first President willing to challenge the problems which exist in America and not declare America the beautiful when statistics show that it is not so beautiful.

This week in Israel there was the tragic death of a young Jewish girl by an Arab terrorist. The people of Israel feel the tragedy of the death of one Jewish girl because Jewish people recognize the value of life. In America tens of beautiful people each week are innocent victims of drug warfare and get caught in the middle of shoot-outs just because they are poor and can’t afford to live in safe areas. Jews which live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn N.Y. located close to Bedford Stuyvesant and Brownsville where there are many drug users and drug pushers have become the victims of assaults. Recently even Jews trying to live safely in Brooklyn and not to run away to live in the rural suburbs are under attack of anti-Semites interwoven in crime and drugs. Jewish communities have stabilized Brooklyn, N.Y. The value of real estate has risen because of these Jewish communities have remained a block of non-crime areas. Jews recognize the value of life and the value of peace, and recognize the horrors of crime and terrorism. Anti-Semitism is another form of terrorism.

Give Trump a chance to prove himself and make for himself a name as the best of Presidents of the U.S.A. He may not love the nation as much as Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi but they want Americans to love America like them with a selfless love despite its bad which is crime and drugs. Both the Democrats and Republicans preach Love America. Trump preaches Love America because it is great, make America great. Schumer and Pelosi preach Love America anyway for the good and the bad. A dictator demands that his people love his country even if they have no human rights. If their people will speak out against his country like President Trump, they would be put to death. Sadat in Syria held an iron fist over the majority population, and did not let them complain even if they lived in poverty. Maduro does not care that his citizens in Venezuela are starving, when he and his soldiers are living comfortably. American politicians have covered up the bad part of America. Trump is being accused by Democrats of a lack of love for America.

After the attack on the Twin Towers, America began to lose its ego. Freedom and democracy was under attack when terrorists made the first successful terrorist attack in American history. Americans need to feel proud to be Americans, and with crime and unemployment rising America is losing pride. Trump is trying to pick up the pride of Americans in all his policies as well as his policy against abortion. The motto MAGA is good for America. He may not succeed; but give him a chance. He wants to make America aware of the value of life. His daughter is Jewish which has helped him to be aware of the value of life. Jews are known for recognizing the value of life.

Recognizing the value of life is the job of every person. The Bible teaches that man was created in the image of God. To save a life is to save the whole world. Each person whether he is black, white, Asian, and Mid-Eastern has the value of the whole world. To save one life is the greatest of all good deeds. First comes to save yourself from death and destruction through education and religion. America has to think first of the lives of Americans. Second it must consider the importance of nations in the world which support freedom and democracy. Jesus taught Love your enemy; but his law also gives permission to defend oneself and to think of his family and nation first. Love your enemy in war and peace. American should love America for the good and the bad; but don’t be satisfied with America with crime and unemployment. Try to make it a better place.

Learn from the Jewish people to recognize the value of life. Don’t be jealous of Jews. They consider the value of life and have the incentive to make their lives better. Every American with education and religion can be as successful as the Jewish people. The Jewish people are devoted to helping the world to be a better place; not only for Jews but for all of mankind. Americans should be happy to live together with Jews and a president who cares for them. The opponents to Trump love America more than its people. They demand of their supporters to love America with selfless love like dictators and are trying to make the nation Socialist. Is America a failure? Is America the beginning of a New World United with God and Peace? Israel salutes America and its motto In God we Trust. Israel prays for America to be a great nation. Israel needs American support. In the light of the Bible and Jewish law if the wall will save even one life it is worth billions of dollars. Jewish law stresses an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The Wall is prevention of many atrocities which cause the loss of life.

The leaders of World faith do not discuss politics. They teach the difference between right and wrong. They teach the value of life and the great deed of saving one life.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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