The Wall of Mercy; Trump Wall

  • It would be wonderful for America to open its borders to unlimited immigration but the idea is silly.
  • Building the Wall will give America the opportunity to choose its immigrants more carefully, save on the expenses of border patrols and U.S. Immigration authority.
  • The National Emergency is the Drug problem and not the wall. The Wall may be able to stop the Drug traffic.

Bible Leviticus 19:14, The Bible teaches before a blind person do not place a stumbling block.  This passage can be learned literally or can be applied as a teaching in many other issues in everyday life.

Trump has called building a wall humanitarian.  He is mostly concerned about the safety of Americans.  He may also be right in the light of the Bible passage “Before the blind person do not place a stumbling block.”  America offers to immigrants a much better life than they can live in many places in the world.  For this reason it is very difficult for foreigners to get a green card.  It would be wonderful for America to open its borders to unlimited immigration but the idea is silly.  In Yemen alone there are 18 million human beings that are starving not including other places in the world.  No charitable organization in the world including UNESCO has enough funds to support these humanitarian causes.  Therefore these needy suffering souls look to the possibility of immigration to another country in Europe or in America.  Humanitarian means to have open borders for legal immigration.  Increasing quotas of immigrants and choosing the right people to immigrate who show true sincerity is the first and most important way to help the needy.  Trump is looking for immigration from people that are not desperate, professionals, well educated people before bringing in good people from other lands that did not have the chance to even start their lives.  This type of criterion may save America money but does not solve the humanitarian problem.  Therefore the bible teaches “Open your hands to the poor, and borrow to him the money that he needs.”

On the other hand by not building the wall in the light of the poverty and sufferings which is in the world today, America is placing a stumbling block in front of blind people who are desperate that will sacrifice their lives and take the chance to enter America illegally.  Not only they can be thrown out by immigration after they enter the country, they can be killed, robbed and raped by criminals on the way to America the Land of Opportunity.  America has to prevent caravans of people who approach the borders by building the wall which by not building the wall is a stumbling block before the blind. 

The problems of illegal immigration in America is not new.  My father who passed away in 1970 worked for U.S. immigration and his job was locating illegal immigrants.  It was a very difficult job which required him to carry a gun. My grandparents and other Jewish people entered America in the 1920s without any education worked as peddlers and helped to build up America into the richest country in the world. It seems like those places in the world which have Jewish populations flourish. God made the Jewish people to be a blessings for the whole world. The Jews left Syria in the 1980s and Syria today has fallen apart, also Egypt, Libya, Yemen.  Jews have a homeland today but sometimes find themselves more welcome living in other countries in the world.  The most Jews in America live in New York City the financial capital of the world.  The second most Jews live in California the Golden State.  The Jewish people and the State of Israel is a blessings to the world.

Building the wall is not the major humanitarian problem in America, it is finding the right immigrants who have the potential to help America.  America does not only need professionals, they need workers.  There are many good, God fearing people coming to America from Jamaica, the Caribbean’s and other places in South America.  Building the Wall will give America the opportunity to choose its immigrants more carefully, save on the expenses of border patrols and U.S. Immigration authority.  The President wants the wall.  It is only politics which is preventing him from building the wall.  Not building the wall is only a stumbling block in front of desperate people who cannot wait to come in legally. 

Another stumbling block in America is control of illegal drugs.  The problem of drug traffic in America has existed since I was a teenager living in N.Y. in the 1960s, and has not yet been solved.  We lived in a lower middle class neighborhood in Brooklyn.  My next door neighbor was a junky.  America has to stop the entrance into America of heroin and cocaine. President Trump claims that heroin and cocaine are coming in from the Mexican Border. Will building the wall help to reduce drastically heroin, and cocaine from entering the country?  If so, he has the right to call a National Emergency.  Even myself and several of my friends who were called good Jewish boys living in low middle class housing were exposed to these illegal drugs.  Some of my friends died from overdoses.  Before a blind person do not place a stumbling block.  These drugs are stumbling blocks in the path of America Youth. 

Charles Schumer was our Congressman in Brooklyn in 1970s and I met him when I was looking for a job. His district was a mostly upper class neighborhood.  If he was from a poverty area he would have been more aware of the drug problem. The National Emergency is the Drug problem and not the wall.  The Wall may be able to stop the Drug traffic.  Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer have to give an answer to President Trump: Will building the wall effect and limit drastically drug traffic?  From where are the drugs heroin and cocaine entering America?  America and Canada have already begun to legalize marijuana.  If they will not stop the Drug Traffic they will also have to legalize heroin and cocaine. 

In my experience my friends first experimented with marijuana and hashish before trying heroin.   China is producing synthetic Heroin.  Drugs affect the minds and morality of the American population. Legalizing marijuana and hashish will lower the mentality of the American population and there will be more junkies if they can find heroin.  People needs drugs.  Who in the world except for Muslims do not drink and enjoy alcoholic beverages which are also dangerous if abused?  Trump wants to put his foot down and he is right.  America can legalize marijuana in some states, but it will increase the desire for other drugs and thrills.  Now is the time to stop heroin and cocaine traffic which is the major cause of crime in the poverty areas.  Each month in Chicago are killed many people including policemen because of drug gangs. 

Before blind people do not place a stumbling block.  These are innocent blind children in the poverty areas that are using heroin and cocaine. This is the National Emergency,


David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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