This Is Not the First Time China Caused a Global Pandemic – What Are the Parallels to 1977?

  • This not the first time a "hybrid " virus originated from China.
  • China used the same tactics in 1977 as it is using currently to spread misinformation.
  • The same way Chinese scientists are silenced, they were also silenced last century.

Coronavirus continues to be the main topic of discussions around the world. Currently, there are over 3.3 million infected and over 234,000 deaths around the globe. US intelligence agencies are investigating  the origin of the Coronavirus and are not ruling out that the coronavirus leaked from the lab in Wuhan. A French Nobel prize winner and virologist already made an educated statement proving the COVID-19 is a man made virus and that Chinese scientists were working on the AIDS vaccine (since the virus does have some of the HIV particles) and the virus was released.

Protective Eye Gear used during the 1977 world pandemic.

However, this is not the first time the origin of a virus is not confirmed and has a Chinese foot print. Last century, to be precise in the Fall of the 1977, a flu pandemic caused global concern. Originally, the virus was blamed on the USSR. At the time there was a full speed Cold War between the US and Russia. The strain had unique characteristics and only effected mostly young men.

During the strange flu the Soviet Union recorded young people dying in large numbers. Almost all of the victims were under the age of 25. The disease first appeared in the far east of Russia boarding China, but soon it passed through the entire Union and went on to rage across Europe. The disease was dubbed “Russian flu” all over the world. The official name given to the virus was A/USSR/90/77.

The reason it effected specifically young people was because they had no immunity from H1N1, but older Soviets lived through other viruses during World War II and had immunity.

The Chart of How the Virus gets its official name.

The speculation and conspiracy theories at the time claimed the Soviets released the virus to weaken the West and its defense. The virus was spreading rapidly and even the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado had to suspend all training, since more than a few thousand cadets were infected in 1978.

The United States Air Force Academy is a military academy for officer cadets of the United States Air Force and United States Space Force immediately north of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This virus was first recorded in China in the spring of 1977, but China did not disclose such information and the virus also spread to Japan. At the time Soviet researchers found that the flu has a mixed structure. At the first stage, it was “created” by two viruses, and by the fall, another one was added to them. The operative words are created and hybrid, in the same way coronavirus has HIV particles now and how it doesn’t mind warm or cold hosts.

The surface of the flu virus particles contain characteristic proteins-hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA). According to the forms of these proteins, flu strains are divided into serotypes. Today, there are 18 known HA subtypes, three of which carry strains that affect people — H1, H2 and H3. Eleven subtypes of NA are also known, including the N1 and N2 variants that are epidemically dangerous to humans. The most dangerous can be called a combination of H1N1. This is the stereotype that caused the “Spanish” flu pandemic in 1918 and “swine” in 2009 as well as about a dozen smaller-scale outbreaks.

Flu Virus Image.

The parallels between A/USSR/90/77  and COVID-19 is that China in the 1970s was also testing “live vaccines.”  In the 1970s, it was “live” vaccines containing attenuated virus particles and now the Wuhan Lab was testing an AIDS vaccine.

According to analysis of the last century, all flu viruses originated in Asia and most specifically in China. However the A/USSR/90/77 and now COVID-19 are both hybrids from China. History repeats itself and the first time China got away with suppression of the information and origin. They even got empowered by US conglomerates with more manufacturing and were allowed to undercut workers around the world with poor quality and knock off products.

China also continues to be involved in espionage and theft of IP. If the West does nothing this time, and allows China to get away with it, another round of mass deaths will occur around the world and a new wave will occur again.

Before China was blaming the Soviets and the virus was even named after the USSR. Now China is actively blaming the US for bringing the virus to China. Different century, yet similar methods. The only difference is the earlier testing was done at the Beijing National Institute of vaccines and inoculations (NVSI). Interestingly, Chinese scientist confirmed such testing and the leak of the virus and it was quickly silenced by China and China denied it. Now, Chinese scientists who posted the original gene sequence of COVID-19 disappeared and have been silenced too.

It is clear that if the US and the West do nothing to China politically and economically, China will continue their negligence and be responsible for crimes against humanity.

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