Tips on Designing Your Dream Kitchen

  • Browse through Pinterest boards and save the pins that draw your attention.
  • Before you start planning big, make sure you know how large a space you have at your disposal.
  • If you want additional seating space, or you need to place another large appliance somewhere, a U-shaped layout will be your go-to option.

Are you in the process of remodeling your old kitchen? Maybe you’re building an entirely new home for you and your family, and a kitchen will be an essential room in the house. Either way, designing a dream kitchen won’t be easy. Aside from money and time, you’ll need to do a lot of research, invest plenty of creativity, effort and do some work in order to have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some suggestions that will help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

High-quality appliances are one of the crucial elements of every kitchen.

Look for inspiration everywhere

While some people imagine their dream kitchen the second they realise they’ll be designing a new one, others are very indecisive, and can’t even come up with a single idea, let alone the entire kitchen design. If you’re one of the latter people, there’s no need to worry. Nowadays, with a plethora of websites and online interior design ideas, you can find a full spectrum of fabulous kitchen designs. From Pinterest to interior design websites and magazines, all you need to do is start browsing everywhere. You’ll definitely find at least one design you like and can implement into your future kitchen. Browse through Pinterest boards and save the pins that draw your attention. Once you’re done, filter out the least attractive ones, and narrow the options down to only two or three. After a day or two, your mind will clear out, and you’ll have a perfect picture of the way you want your kitchen to look.

Consider your space first

After you’ve found what you like, it’s time to consider the space where your kitchen will be. Depending on the size and the shape of the room, you probably won’t be able to achieve just any kitchen design you’ve liked online. Therefore, make sure you have all the measurements, assess where your electrical outlets and plumbing are so that you know exactly where each furniture and appliance piece can go. Only then will you know if the layout and design you fell in love with will work in your home. Too small a kitchen won’t be able to have an island and a breakfast bar, but only one of the two, or maybe neither. So, before you start planning big, make sure you know how large a space you have at your disposal.

Choose a layout

In the sea of fabulous kitchen layouts, you may be able to opt for just one or several different layouts. Do you want ample space for cabinetry? If you have three distinct walls that can hold all the cabinets and cooking appliances, then a U-shaped layout is perfect for you because it will offer you a perfectly functional cooking area. A G-shaped layout also includes three walls for all the cabinetry and appliances, but unlike U-shaped, it features a partial fourth wall i.e. a peninsula that holds other parts of appliances or cabinets.

If you want additional seating space, or you need to place another large appliance somewhere, a U-shaped layout will be your go-to option. For those having a small kitchen, an L-shaped layout will offer all the functionality and efficacy. Much like an L-shaped layout, a galley kitchen layout will fit seamlessly into smaller kitchens. Having your cabinets on two opposite walls creates enough room for you to move and spend time cooking. Do you have enough space to fit in cabinetry, appliances and an island? In the way that you can freely walk around the island and open and close the appliances across the island? If so, then you should definitely consider an island layout where you’ll centre your kitchen island within stepping distance of the stove, sink, and fridge.

You want an island, but you don’t have enough space? A peninsula layout allows you to modify your kitchen in a way that will offer additional seating, storage space, and countertop surface area, but without making you sacrifice space you don’t have.

Go for a specific colour scheme

Colours have a huge impact on the entire vibe of the room. That’s why you should choose your kitchen colour scheme wisely. It will set an entire mood of the room and affect how much time you’ll be willing to spend in the kitchen. The brighter, the better is always the best policy. So, if you want to make your kitchen inviting, go for bright and airy hues. Crème, beige, lime green, yellow or any pastel tone would be a great choice for the walls. Match your appliances with the colours of the walls and create the ultimate wow effect. Going light on light can create a clean and visually larger space. If you’d prefer to balance out the light hues, you can choose darker floors and cabinets. Metallic and silver appliances will fit in perfectly with an overall colour scheme.

Pick out appliances

High-quality appliances are one of the crucial elements of every kitchen. If you’ve had too many oven repairs in the past due to low-quality products, you know how big an inconvenience can be when you realise you won’t be able to cook dinner until the repairment fixes the problem. Therefore, choose your future oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave and every other kitchen appliance wisely. Think if you really need a six-burner hob or if you can go for the one with only four burners. If you’re investing in a dishwasher, consider whether you’re left or right-handed, to decide on which side of the sink to place it. Go for appliances with a long warranty and only the highest reviews. Do the research online and make sure you don’t shop on a spur of the moment, but invest in quality products even if it means paying a little extra. Make sure you also go for a design that will fit into the entire kitchen ambience.

Opt for durable materials

Aside from looking good, your kitchen should also last for years. The last thing you need is a cracked countertop or a faulty sink three months after you’ve built your kitchen. Granite, quartz, soapstone and marble will be some of the best choices for your solid surfaces, making them withstand loads of wear and tear from all the chopping, wiping and scrubbing. On top of that, they will offer a visually pleasing effect too. Granite, for instance, features a neutral colour palette so it will fit into any colour scheme flawlessly. You can choose from a variety of patterns and go for detailed or perhaps muted. When it comes to floors, be sure you choose durable materials too. Floor tiles are the easiest to maintain and are the most spill-resistant of all the other solutions. Avoid wood for the kitchen as it can be more costly but less user-friendly for the kitchen. Just think about a dishwasher malfunction, for instance. If the water starts flooding out, you’ll be much better off with porcelain or ceramic tiles rather than hardwood or laminate.

Planning for ample storage is the move a true pro will never overlook.

Keep the storage solutions in mind

Planning for ample storage is the move a true pro will never overlook. So, when you start working on your kitchen design, make sure you don’t forget about storage solutions. You can find a myriad of smart storage solutions for kitchens online and decide which one will work best for you. Walk-in pantries or pantries with pull-out shelves are perfect space savers. Lazy Susans are perfect for your corner cabinets allowing you to use the space to the maximum. Plus, they’re elderly-friendly too. Need to add storage to your cabinets? Use two-story shelves to conveniently create a second layer of usable storage space. If you don’t know what to do with a small narrow space between cabinets, a skinny spice rack will offer enough room for all the spice bottles and products alike that keep getting misplaced in the vast space of your cabinetry.

Install quality lighting

Light fixtures can make or break any design. That’s why you need to choose wisely when you go looking for chandeliers, lamps or wall lights. From exposed wire pendant lights to glass-covered lighting, and industrial exposed bulb, the options are rather vast for your kitchen lighting. If you’re not getting enough natural light through the windows, then be sure to place a big chandelier in the kitchen. Built-in lights that you’ll position on the bottom of the cabinets to shine over your countertops would be a smart option for everyone who needs lots of lighting during food prepping. Regardless of the fixtures you choose, make sure that you hire an electrician to install the lighting and check all the wiring if you’re not an expert.

Final thoughts

Designing a dream kitchen can be a time-consuming project. However, once you’re done, the satisfaction will be much greater than the sacrifice you’ve made to finish everything the way you wanted. So, when you decide it’s time to build a new kitchen, be sure you follow our comprehensive guide. Make sure your space is big enough for the layout you’ve imagined, choose your colour scheme wisely, don’t rush into buying the first appliance you like, and always choose durable materials for the kitchen. Plan for storage space smartly, and be sure you pick the light fixtures that will offer both enough illumination and a visually pleasing effect.

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