Top 5 AI-Driven Trends In 2020 You Must Not Ignore

  • Artificial intelligence was transforming the world around us by making lives easier with more personalization and ensured the credibility of the information.
  • More and more businesses are indulging in tools and technologies powered by AI because it is the only way to keep up with the fast-changing dynamics of the business market.
  • There’s still a long way to go before AI can provide substitutes for human beings, but everyone will inevitably jump on the bandwagon of AI-powered technological trends.

AI is bringing innovation at a very fast pace in all facets and is driving the world crazy in this century. While it is not news that Ai is changing lives for good, it is not going to stop being a hot topic any time soon. Artificial intelligence and its peak is here to stay for a long time from now.

The benefits and importance of artificial intelligence-powered devices, tools, and applications are not unheard of in today’s world. The field of healthcare and education only forms the tip of the iceberg.

AI is pretty much the present of humanity and is sure to shape the future of humankind in all its glory.

This article aims to introduce you to the top trends which are utilizing AI in today’s world.

Five trends in AI applications for the year 2020

Since the 2010s, human beings have been increasingly believing that machines have become intelligence, not to mention the smartness of smartphones. The machines are capable of thinking, learning, and imitating patterns.

By making use of this ability of machines to learn and imitate all industries are joining in the bandwagon of the following trends:

1. More personalization

Internet giants like Amazon and Ali Baba are popular because of the personalized experience they provide for their online visitors. All businesses, whether small, medium, or big, are now investing big fortunes in their websites to give every customer a unique and personalized experience in real-time.

A prime example can be that a clothing brand provides for you an ‘order now’ button when you visit the same dress, or clothing article for the second time on the website.

2. Increased human and AI cooperation

Human-computer interaction is another fascinating trend to look out for. The tools are already put there, but in the current year, the trend is going to increase very fast. Humans will be able to work alongside bots and AI powered tools.

These tools will enable humans to use their skills and abilities in a better way than they can without any aid. The display of such wonders can be seen in events for showcasing the applications of AI arranged in the UAE and other parts of the world.

3. Refined business processes

Business processes have already seen a complete transformation in the past decade owing to the mechanization and penetration of digital devices. Now, AI is spreading its roots beyond the reduction of manual labor in the workplace. It is enabling businesses to use software-based robots that will be capable of performing repetitive tasks in the daily routine.

From filling in forms to generating various kinds of report, these software robots will ease the business systems and processes more efficient and less tedious overall.

Humans will be able to work alongside bots and AI powered tools.

4. Accuracy and availability of data

With the advent of digital devices and the ubiquitous availability of the internet, you can acquire surplus information on any subject with just a few clicks. But the authenticity of that information remains a concern for many people around the world. It is one of the promises of AI to provide accurate and quality data free of any misrepresentations.

AI will make it easy to test the available data on powerful computers to check its legitimacy before making a decision based on that data.

5. Films, music and game creation

Like all other industries, the entertainment industry is also making the most out of the potential that AI has got to offer. From poetry to music and films, AI is capable of creating every form of art.

While the creations of artificial intelligence are not good enough for leaving human brain awe-inspired, the influence of AI on the entertainment industry is only likely to increase in the coming times.

Want to know more about trends in the use of AI?

AI is pretty much the present of humanity and is sure to shape the future of humankind in all its glory. All over the world, business people belonging to any industry are on the lookout for the promises of AI that they can capitalize on. Seminars and exhibitions are becoming a common occurrence now in the east and the west.

Taking the example of the UAE, many conferences and exhibitions are drawing the attention of industrialists from all parts of the world. There are many conferences and exhibitions in the pipeline on the subject of AI in the UAE, which you can attend if you live there.

AI is the future, but do not make the mistake of considering it the longer term.  It is knocking right at your door to make your life easy.

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