Top 5 Basketball Team Practices to Try During Summer

  • Summer time is the perfect time to practice outdoor sports.
  • Having a summer break from school gives chance for scholl aged kids to practice sports.
  • Having a skilled and experienced coach gives the best team results.

Interest in getting into shape and building endurance is something that athletes think about all year. Although the off-season may be a week or free of practice, athletes stay in shape, build stamina and endurance, and perfect their game all year. For basketball players, that means comprehensive training and practice in the summer.

Aside from throwing the basketball downfield, dribbling is the way to move the ball.

Several exercises are excellent for training during the off-season. So are summer leagues and pick-up basketball games. However, for basketball teams to evolve and improve, there are five things that they should try during the summer.

1. Practice hand-eye-coordination

Improving hand-eye coordination will enhance what you can do on the basketball court. It forces players to catch, pass, and shoot while being guarded. It is something that you can improve by practicing. Some drills and activities help build hand-eye coordination.

Ball drops with a tennis ball improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Drop a tennis ball to the ground, let it bounce once, and catch it before it bounces a second time.

Juggling three or four tennis balls is another great activity. If four balls are overwhelming, start with two and add on.

Smaller-sized balls are a great way to improve hand-eye coordination. It forces you to keep up with the ball.

2. Offer conditioning camps

Since schools have timelines and regulations for athletic programs, many opt for short mini conditioning camps in the summer. Coaches devoted to the development of players dedicate time and often resources to make these programs successful. That includes providing a quality custom basketball jersey or shooting shirt for players. These camps are great tools for skill, leadership, and endurance, and players leave better players.

3. Practice passing techniques

Passing is a fundamental part of basketball and the most neglected skill. A huge part of passing is being able to do it without telegraphing your move to the opposing team. Passing is when most turnovers in the game happen; therefore, learning to stay focused and deceptive is essential.

Passing may sound simple, but it isn’t easy to pass the ball while running, and your teammate is also moving. Without a lot of practice between teammates, the result is either putting the ball in front of or behind where your teammate is.

Good passing is essential because:

  • Passing is what makes basketball a team sport. Without passing, it would be an individual sport.
  • Passing leads to points. A player with the ball passing it to an open player is the easiest way to win a game.
  • Passing makes the offensive side of basketball more accessible by moving the ball around and making the defense have to move.

Great passing is more time to engage with a playing ball, and it will keep you on the floor, even if you’re not the best scorer.

Basketball players should take the time to study film.

4. Practice Dribbling

Aside from throwing the basketball downfield, dribbling is the way to move the ball. Dribbling involves your hands with fingers spread and using your palm to apply enough pressure to the basketball that it hits the floor and bounces back up to your hand. It sounds simple but dribbling while moving takes rhythm and skill. It is essential to the offense and defensive ends of the floor.

There are many reasons players practice dribbling the fundamental skill since many penalties and violations are attached to dribbling. A discontinued dribble is when a player is dribbling, stops, and then starts dribbling again. Another is when a player stops his dribbling action, even if only for a second, by turning his wrist. That is cupping, and both violations result in the ball going to the other team.

5. Watch tapes

Basketball players should take the time to study film. That can include films of themselves from the season, films of opposing teams, or films that teach skills or fundamentals. Looking at film makes it easier for coaches to show them what works without overloading them during practice sessions.

Even a basketball team that had a perfect season can evolve, grow, and get better. That includes team practices over the summer. The top 5 things a basketball team can try over the summer are practicing hand-eye coordination, practicing dribbling, practicing passing, offering conditioning camp, and watching tapes. These tips will improve a team.

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