Top 7 Features to Have in the Best POS System for Auto Repair Business

  • Auto repair shop software is very important for streamlining the time-consuming administrative side of your auto repair business.
  • You can easily boost your team's productivity when they're given time for what they love to do.
  • You don't have to jumble through multiple files, just use one system, and you can easily identify where you can boost revenue.

Belonging to the auto repair business, you must be dealing with hundreds of repair parts every day! Did you know? It takes around 30,000 parts to build a simple car. That’s a pretty big number if you have to remember all of them—what a strain to your nerves.

We understand that there are other very crucial operations of running an auto repair business. You have to always be on time for customers, get their repair jobs done on time, manage everyday inventory, and keep an eye on the regular shifts. From saving customer records to creating repair estimates, counting inventory, and completing repair orders, you have to deal with a lot of stress every day.

Know what’s going on in your repair shop even when you are away.

We can feel the pain, and here we are with the best advice for you. In an auto repair business, there’s a big opportunity to get thousands of customers every single month. Why not focus on growing your business to million dollars a month and leaving the rest on some system that can manage all the operational tasks for you!

One easiest yet quickest way is to have auto repair shop software. It is one smart move for streamlining the time-consuming administrative side of your repair business.

Okay, before jumping into finding the best-selling auto repair POS software, let us tell you that the auto repair market costs around $880 billion! What a huge opportunity of growing your repair store to multiple franchises. If you are not using any system to automate your operations, you’re missing out on potential revenue.

That’s where a need for efficient auto repair invoicing software arises. With the right POS system, you can easily focus on expanding your customer base and leaving the rest on it. You can create custom estimates, quotes, and invoices and easily count available inventory items in a few clicks.

In simple words, the best POS system for your repair shop gives you total peace of mind! It is designed to assist in:

  • Spending less time on manual data entry
  • Simplifying parts orders, invoices, and collecting payments
  • Improving repair orders scheduling
  • Removing paperwork and digitizing workflows
  • Empowering your employees with job management tools
  • Communicating with customers during the repair process
  • Attracting new business

So, how to find the best auto repair billing software?

With reliable automotive workshop management software, you can earn more, relax more, and grow more. Let’s now talk about what an ideal auto repair invoicing software should do to be the number one choice.

#1. Save Time and Cost

An automotive repair shop management software for your auto repair business will let you do the donkey work by itself. It won’t get you burdened by little data-entry tasks and manual information handling. It results in saving a ton of hours that you used to spend in arranging piles of records.

#2. Increase Productivity

You can easily boost your team’s productivity when they’re given time for what they love to do. A repair technician is always more interested in doing car repairs rather than creating a receipt for customers.

Streamlined work orders, automated scheduling, updated records, and improved customer communication is what an auto repair shop software does, and you’ll generate new business.

It is now time to ask your technicians to get away from the clipboards and go back to the cars.

#3. One Platform Information View

Know what’s going on in your repair shop even when you are away. A repair shop management system sends a notification for every work order created. You’ll get an overview of everything via a single screen, called a dashboard.

Overlook repair jobs’ progress, view repair parts’ count, work timers, and customer information in one complete view, whether you have one location or 10.

#4. Access Real-Time Reports

An auto repair workshop software is powerful enough to generate real-time reports of operations and transactions. These reports can be your sales reports, repairs completed, labor expenses or profit earned. Having the accurate number on hand will allow you to track the auto repair shop’s performance.

The system will keep on updating you for the jobs whose due date is near.

You don’t have to jumble through multiple files, just use one system, and you can easily identify where you can boost revenue.

#5. Set-Up Automated Notifications

With the best software for auto repair shops, you can avoid disappointments and conflicts at many points. That’s how.

The system will keep on updating you for the jobs whose due date is near. Your repair technicians will get a daily reminder of what’s on priority and what’s not. Neither do you have to lose a customer, nor you have to face angry customers.

With the best automotive shop management software, you can cut down on the number of disappointing no-shows for scheduled service appointments.

Here’s a pro-tip: A quick and on-time email/SMS to a customer could be the difference between reliable revenue and wasted labor hours. And remember that customers always love to feel special!

#6. Control Your Inventory

There’s no doubt that a repair shop’s garage is full of parts, and every part is important.

So, keep them counted in your automotive repair shop management system and stay out of trouble. Set up low-stock levels for the parts running out of stock, easily order them via supplier integration, and pay for it, all through your auto repair automotive repair shop invoice software.

#7. Stay Connected

In the industry where new cars are manufacturing every day, and customers are coming to ramp up their new vehicles for a trendy and classy look, what you have to do is, step out of the box for customer experience.

A repair shop management system keeps you competitive.

Send out email blasts on new promotions, inform your customers about price drops, or ping them whenever a free service is available. Staying connected with your clients is the best way to be in their heads.


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