Trump Continues to Fight Bureaucracy

  • God can end the Corona Pandemic in one instance.
  • People are impatient and can’t wait any more.
  • Some people will live and others will die; life and death is in the hands of God.

Bureaucracy has laid a temporary blow to the aspirations of President Trump in his battle to MAGA make America great again. Bureaucracy is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as ” a system for controlling or managing a country, company or organization that is operated by a large number of officials employed to follow rules properly.  Another definition of bureaucracy is the administrative system governing any large institution public or private.

President had an idea to fulfill MAGA which was in many ways new and idealistic a one man genius, aggressive egotistic believing in himself which met up with opposition called bureaucracy. He won the election and had support of the Republican Party mostly in the Senate which was not enough of a majority in a bureaucracy but facing opposition he did succeed to make many important and needed changes.

The bureaucracy would not give him full control of America as their President.  Bureaucracy gives power to the opposition if they choose to oppose their leader which they may or not choose to employ their power. The democrats chose to employ their power were not successful to impeach him. They tried ever way in their power to oppose President Trump.

Corona came from China just at the time when President Trump was beginning to succeed in MAGA.  China is a major opponent to MAGA. By coincidence or not Corona succeeded to weaken the Trump campaign.  The unfortunate death of George Floyd just when America was beginning to see light of returning to normalcy was another setback for Trump MAGA.

Israeli protest against the government and bureaucracy and want to end Corona Pandemic which is causing stress on the economy.

The policeman who killed George Floyd may not have killed him in hate for blacks.  They knew each other when they were both working as bouncers at a disco and the policeman obviously had a personal grudge with George Floyd which cause him to take Floyd out of the car handcuffed and step on his neck. The Democratic liberals and fake news called the crime of policeman Kevin Chauvin racial which incited Americans coming out of quarantine to rally “Black lives matter” pointing to President Trump as the scapegoat of Corona even as President Trump is responsible for Corona Pandemic. These demonstration became violent and led to Americans destroying National monuments the opposite of the American spirit of MAGA.

When Corona spread out in the world uncontrolled, the world was led by China to use their approach quarantine, social distancing and wearing masks. Many Chinese people lost their lives in the first few weeks until the spread of the virus was controlled by quarantine. China did not give any other advice other than quarantine.  Serious cases were taken to the hospital and placed on respirators. The whole world followed the guidance of China without any other solution and locked down. WHO the most bureaucratic medical organization followed the advice of China.

The FDA another bureaucratic medical organization could not make any suggestions for treating Corona since it was a new virus. The FDA must first have clear evidence of a medical solution before giving authorization. Clear evidence in a bureaucratic society takes months to develop. China not limited by bureaucracy could possibly have made decisions more quickly about partial medical solutions in their country like Remdesvir, Hydrochloroquine and other medicines but they wanted to work with WHO bureaucracy and not alone.

The big money will only come through drugs and vaccines approved by WHO. Using other partial solutions with already approved drugs may lessen the demand for big money Corona virus medicine and vaccines. Bill Gates and other businessmen already invested in WHO and FDA approved medicines for Corona which will be produced in the future as long as there is a need. Medicines already produced if approved to use in the early stages may reduce the demand for the vaccine.

A grand Rabbi in Israel the age of 94 became infected by Corona in the beginning of the outbreak. He recovered without the need of hospitalization. Many people say that his supporters bought in China a cure for Corona with the agreement not to publicize it. Yaacov Lipschitz the former Minister of Health was infected with Corona. After two weeks he returned to his work already healed. He never made public anything about how he suffered or which treatments he received. The normal process of healing takes up to a month. There was talk that Dr. Fauci was infected but he is still at his position of chief of staff of President Trump healthy like before. Are these secrets which the public doesn’t know about.

Dr. Selenko who made public his success is using Hydro-chloroquine in his community of 40,000 people more than half of which were infected including many senior citizens was criticized by the bureaucracy FDA, WHO, China, since there was no research to use the drug for malaria for Corona. Dr. Selenko succeeded to save many lives.  Dr. Selenko a Chabad Lubavitch Chassid worked in a Chassidic community in a private clinic where there is less bureaucracy than in a secular public community clinic.

The solution of using HydroChloroquine in the early stages still has never been tested. It was only tested unsuccessfully when used in moderate to serious cases already after hospitalization. Testing HydroChloroquine in the early stages if it was found to work would already reduce the need for a vaccine by increasing the immunity to Corona. For a vaccine to be made there has to be a demand. It requires a large active outbreak of the disease.

Now that Corona virus is already several months with the world and big money has been invested in a vaccine, it is too late to think of gaining approval for the treatment of Dr. Selenko. Instead the medical industry has decided to use Remdesvir an antiviral drug produced for Ebola which is not available in a pill form. Remdesvir is given intravenous which does not make it available to use like HydroChloroquine which comes in a bottle of 100 pills.

HydroChloroquine should be administered by a physician like Dr. Selenko which also needs FDA approval.  The directions which come with the bottle of 100 pills of Hydrochlorquine describe the side effects of the medicine, and limitations to people who shouldn’t use the medicine.  The instructions describe the use of Hydrochloroquine as preventative for Malaria.  If there is a threat of catching malaria the prescription is to take two pills on week, and then two pills at the exact time the next week.  HydroChloroquine is not a vaccine but a medicine. It works for Lupus why not for Corona. There is not yet any certainty that it works at all.

The Star of David on the Israel flag is used in spiritual healing and meditation.

President Trump himself took Hydro-Chloroquine to show the public that he believes in it.  The bureaucracy of the FDA and WHO will not let the world go backwards to give authorization to use medicines in the early stages of the disease. Even Dr. Fauci the leader of his staff has not been willing to comment on the use of Hydrochloroquine in the early stages. Bureaucracy is preventing the use of Hydrochloroquine in Israel which is leading the world in development of the vaccine.

The Israel economy has been weakened and the people are becoming impatient. Saturday night 10,000 Israelis demonstrated in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv asking Netanyahu to solve the economic disaster. Only by authorizing its use can be known if it really helps like Dr. Selenko insists. Until hospitalization there are no other treatments anyway.

The world made a mistake and looked toward China as an example of how to solve the Corona problem. China cannot be trusted. They are only interested in their own national gains money and power. Democracy is a threat to China and Corona is buried in bureaucracy which gives China more time to avoid America who is the enemy of Communism. Secretary of State Pompeo is fighting against the bureaucracy and against China it the battle for human rights the American ideal.

President Trump mentioned in one of his speeches that maybe light can be used in treatment of Corona. He was again attacked by bureaucracy. In 1998 David Wexelman the author of this article produced mirrored glasses which produced infinite light which could penetrate the mind and body for healing. The glasses cost only $10 to produce. I tried it out on many people with emotional stress conditions who were helped. Bureaucracy stopped these glasses and other patents called Visual Stimulation devices he made from reaching the world.

The Bible costs only $10 to buy in a book store. It contains a spiritual light which is incomparable.  The benefits of reading the Bible are incomparable and just having one in your home may make the difference between life and death. Healing Corona with light means healing Corona with the light of the Messiah. Drug companies producing anti-depressants capitalize on Corona Pandemic.

There are several natural remedies for Corona and general health and immunity strengthening.  Eating healthy is one suggestion before getting Corona. Frankincense is a biblical secret for strengthening the immunity system. Frankincense was one of the eleven ingredients in the incense used in the Holy Temple. Frankincense can be purchased in health food stores or as a spice which looks like a white rock. You suck on it and it has a bitter taste. It was the only one of the eleven spices without a good taste. It is a spiritual remedy for all diseases.

Majorana Syriaaca a plant growing in the Middle East also called Zatta was used in Biblical times for healing.  It was mixed with the blood of the Paschal Lamb and smeared on the doorposts for protection from the angel of death in the plague of the smiting of the first born before Exodus from Egypt. It is also revered by Christians as a general remedy. Prayer is the greatest general remedy for healing.

Americans and Israelis are impatient waiting for a vaccine. Don’t wait for the bureaucracy to help you. God can bring the end to the Corona Pandemic in one instance through a miracle.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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