Trump Falling Further Behind Biden in Polls

  • US President Donald Trump is trailing in the polls.
  • He is struggling to reach out to the African American community.
  • He has mishandled the coronavirus crisis.

US President Donald Trump is trailing in the polls against Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Trump’s disapproval rate is also skyrocketing, and currently stands at 49 percent. According to a new a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, only 40 percent of voters approve of the job he’s doing.

The 2020 United States Senate elections will contest 33 Class 2 seats and one special election. Democrats will need a net gain of four seats to retake the majority from the Republicans, three if they win the presidency. Three Republicans and one Democrat are retiring.

Biden leads Trump by 8 percentage points, as indicated by the polls. They show Biden with 52% support nationwide and Trump with 44%. This is not very good news for Wall Street, especially in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

Biden has formally announced that he will raise corporate taxes by 28 percent if he wins the November elections. According to Wells Fargo investment analyst Christopher Harvey, the risk of him winning has yet to fully impact the markets, but is beginning to register. According to the exec, “We just don’t think it’s fully priced into the market place at this point.”

He has also pointed out that there is a real possibility that the Democrats will keep their majority in the House and retake the majority in the Senate. A sweeping win would mean greater legislative power, making the Democrats unstoppable if they decide to enact unfavorable tax laws.

Trump is Making More Mistakes Everyday

Elections will be held on November 3, 2020 to elect representatives from all 435 congressional districts across each of the 50 U.S. states. To win a majority, Republicans would need a net gain of 21 seats from the Democrats.

While Republicans struggle to once again capture the hearts and minds of Americans, and re-elect their president, Trump himself seems to be messing up a lot of recovery opportunities. He mishandled the coronavirus crisis and undermined the impact of the epidemic, which has led to the death of over 120,000 Americans.

The emergence of the George Floyd protests also puts him in a bad light. They exposed his inability to connect with the African-American community and his lack of empathy at a time when he was expected to unite the nation.

The president was recently criticized for retweeting a clip portraying one of his supporters chanting “white power.” Although mounting criticism forced him to delete the post, the damage had already been done. The message was posted at a time when he was being accused of engaging in divisive politics and ignoring anti-racism protests.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez issued the following rebuke of the president’s actions.

“Once again, Donald Trump’s actions are simply indefensible. As our country faces a reckoning since the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and so many others, we are seeking ways to address systemic racism and injustice. But Trump is tweeting a video promoting ‘white power.’ This president tries to claim ignorance, but the consistency of his actions – on Charlottesville and most recently Lafayette Square – drown out his vacuous words. We need a president who will heal our nation’s wounds and unite the American people, not a demagogue who tries to divide us through fear and bigotry.”

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