Trump is not the Messiah – He made a good try

  • Trump failed in his Messianic Mission.
  • Corona Pandemic interrupted the work of Trump.
  • Democrats that falsely opposed him with fake news are left with Corona Pandemic.

President Trump began his term as President with the highest Messianic ideals. He hoped that the strength of America could unite whole with freedom and democracy. He fought against liberal socialism which polluted the essence of freedom and democracy to permit abortions without limit, sex relationships not procreative, and anarchy in the name of freedom. With the strength of a powerful America he was able to bring together opposite sides of national religions Islam and Judaism.

Moses tried to bring freedom to the world. Trump tried to bring freedom to the world.

The strength of President Trump was in his firm connection to the Bible and Christianity. He carried with him the bible to be an example for all Americans to look toward the present and see with the Messiah revealed today. His goal was to connect the children of the New Age with the Old Age without surrendering freedom. He desired to build a strong America and protect America from illegal immigrants exploiting freedom and democracy living in America without any loyalty to their country.

He battled for human rights and equality with nations like China and South Korea. He battled to bring food and shelter to every human being on the planet. When America was strong his goals were practical but when America was weakened by the China Wuhan Corona virus all his goals were impossible to achieve. In the end America deserted him and chose a new candidate Joe Biden for the next four years.

His supporters who loved America and followed President Trump with his MAGA devotion found it hard to accept defeat and stormed the Senate before completing counting electoral votes.  Now even President Trump has been forced to accept the truth. He lost the battle; no Messianic light only darkness of Corona Pandemic.

Many people called President Trump the Messiah or the representative of the Messiah in the New Age. The mental hospitals are full of men and women that made the mistake to think of themselves as the Messiah. Trump was powerful enough to attempt to complete the work of the Messiah. He didn’t have a nervous breakdown but many of his followers may have lost their heads who stormed the Senate. American Democrats felt that even from the beginning President Trump was forcing changes that they were against. They resented his Messianic goals. They were satisfied with the way America had been run after 9-11.

Trump immediately cancelled the nuclear deal with Iran. He made Jerusalem the capital of Israel. He supported Israel settlements in the West Bank. He supported Israel annexation of the Golan. Even in Israel, religious Zionists orthodox Rabbis were skeptical about how far Trump could go in his approach to peace in the Middle East. They were afraid that to make the Deal of the Century they would have to give up Israel holy land which is against the Jewish religion. The Rabbis in Israel didn’t give Trump complete support. Some of these Rabbis praised Trump for moving the America Consulate to Jerusalem, at the same time they prayed at the Western Wall for China in the beginning of the Pandemic. China is an enemy to the goals of President Trump. Orthodox Jews and Islamics refused to accept the Messianic goals of Trump. Even more so, atheists, liberal socialists saw him as enemy.

Interfaith prayer during the Corona Pandemic. Corona Pandemic could not stop the religious leaders of the world to gather together in prayer.

God sent to the world Corona Virus because Israel and the world did not accept completely the Messianic ideals of President Trump. America rebelled against his Messianic ideals and the Democrats tried to impeach him on grounds which were completely false. False Media tried to bury him and his Messianic ideals. The four year term is another disappointment for people who are anxiously waiting for the coming of the Messiah. The anti-Christ in America, Israel and abroad rejoice but the judgment day is short to come as new viruses develop in Britain and South Africa.

Trump wanted to bring the Messianic era through living a good and happy life in America and the world. He wanted to promote World Unity and Peace to support human rights for all people of all nations. The Orthodox religions were against freedom and human rights. They wanted the world to return to theocracy and not democracy. China is certainly against freedom and democracy and salute the new President Joe Biden.  Trump accepted the challenge but was defeated by the enemy. He wanted to give a good life to everyone materially and spiritually but today there is no good life living in the Corona Pandemic.

Trump had a vision which followed the philosophy of Baha”i faith and Progressive Jewish Spirituality where freedom would be united with religion. When there is Corona Pandemic there is no freedom. Left over from Corona Pandemic is religion without freedom; belief in the afterlife without knowing God through experiencing World Unity and Peace. Jesus Christ also attempted to achieve the goals of President Trump but failed. Moses also attempted to achieve these goals by giving freedom to the Jewish people Exodus, but failed when the nation became a theocracy without giving its people free choice.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe who died 25 years ago but is considered to be forever alive attempted to bring the world the Messianic era. Even the Orthodox Jewish people rejected him and said not the time.  The Universal Faith is advertised on the Internet which unites all the religions of the world with freedom through the resurrection of Moses.  It still has not been censored on the internet.  Moses lives, Mohammed lives, Jesus lives and they are dancing together the singing under the holy temple. The Messiah is here for those that want him. Trump with the help of God will make a comeback in 2024 to add the power and wealth of America to achieve these spiritual Messianic goals.

Long Live our President Donald Trump.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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