Trump’s 2020 Campaign Update: The $30 Million Man

  • Trump has proven to be one of the most effective campaigners the country has seen in a long while.
  • Trump's 2020 campaign will most likely look similar to his 2018 campaign.
  • It's unclear what issue Trump will focus on for his 2020 campaign.

Trump has proved to be one of the most effective campaigners the country has seen in a while. Trump’s aggressive and slightly unorthodox campaign strategy netted him the election in 2016, and as candidates begin collecting donations and holding rallies for their 2020 run against him, Trump’s proving he is as effective as ever.

The Trump campaign has raised more money than any other candidate (over $30 million), dominated the news cycle, and energized hundreds of thousands of voters at rallies.

Most likely Trump’s 2020 campaign will look similar to his 2016 campaign in regards to his affinity for attacking and defaming his opponents.  We’ve seen a fair amount of this from him already. He’s given nicknames to his opponents, referring to the Democratic frontrunners as “Sleepy Joe,” “Crazy Bernie,” and “Pocahontas.” He’s gone after Biden on twitter calling him a “low I.Q. individual,” and he attacked the Democrat party during his rally in Wisconsin, saying that “They should change their name to The Radical Left Democrat Party!”

So far his campaign has been everything that would be expected from Donald Trump: nicknames, insults, and rallies. However, the unknown about Trump’s 2020 run is what issue(s) he will focus on. This is actually a really tough question to answer. Going into the midterms his major push was for immigration, and many pundits believed that this was going to be his focus going into 2020.

However, recently, especially at his rallies, he has been focusing on the growing economy and job creation. Although during his Wisconsin rally he renewed his promise to build the wall, he also mentioned gun rights, abortion, and healthcare.

The only issue that is almost certain to be a focus of the Trump campaign is the Democratic nominee’s policies. Recently Trump has pointed to the party’s focus on increasing abortion options, decreasing gun rights, and their socialist policies. Almost since his election, Trump has been working to discredit the Democrats and portray them as a radical, corrupt, and dangerous institution.

With at least 20 Democrats fighting it our for the nomination, their attacks one each other will provide a lot of ammunition for Trump and his campaign manager Brad Parscale to use during the general election.

It will certainly be interesting to see which of these issues Trump decides to champion during his campaign, but we can be sure that his campaign will include a great many rallies, tweets, and insults.

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