Two Types of Consciousness in the Battle with Coronavirus

  • President Trump is a champion in the battle against Corona.
  • Religious Jews are suffering most in America from Corona, a test of their faith.
  • Corona is a test of faith for all of mankind not to become atheists.

The world has become civilized over its past history of almost six thousand years.  Civilization of the world combines in it two levels of consciousness which are doing the right thing in two ways. These two levels of consciousness have been realized in modern medicine as conventional medicine and psychology. Psychology has become accepted also in conventional medicine. Psychology deals with the healing of the mind maintaining mental stability even to remain happy during traumatic events in life such as the Pandemic Corona. Conventional medicine looks at the body to examine the functions of the body to maintain the health of the body.

On the Israel flag is the symbol called the Magen David which literally means the shield of David. Copy the flag with the Magen David from here and hang it in your home for a shield and protection from coronavirus.

Religion which originated on Mount Sinai when the Jewish people received the Torah also accepted these two levels of consciousness as important. Judaism the first religion founded upon the Law of Moses considers of first importance maintenance of natural life health which is most important to the human being.  Therefore in Jewish law saving a life comes first. Only at times of forced desecration of the Torah like being commanded by a wicked general to kill, to commit adultery, or to worship an idol of the demon does the Torah teach to sacrifice your life and accept death. Accepting death may also be on a small principle denying even a small part of faith in action or words which a person may refuse to say something or do something against his conscience but this action is done from his own free will and not as a commandment. For instance to command a Jew or Muslim to eat pig.  According to Jewish law he can eat pig rather than die; but many Muslims or Jews will rather die than eat pig.

A truly religious man with perfect faith does not worry about death.  Sceptics consider religion a type of psychology.  Karl Marx the founder of communism and other atheists call religion the drug like alcohol of mankind to hide from reality. This drug has already been ingrained in the minds and hearts of man but have been reinforced through the prophets of truth Mohammed, Jesus, Moses and their followers.  There is a battle to heal Corona virus.  America is already spending a trillion dollars in Corona warfare. For sure it is necessary because to deny the consciousness of save a life is also desecration of the Word of God. This consciousness every humanitarian believes in. It is also part of the Bible which the Jewish people brought into the world.

The second level of consciousness which science calls parapsychology and Jews call religion approaches life considering the importance of peace of mind and love as even more important than conventional medicine and anthropology. One consciousness is concerned with natural survival.  The other consciousness is concerned with spiritual and emotional survival. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov a grandson of the Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism taught that Joy is also natural medicine. In Joy there is the energy of healing. In difficult times like today, it is more difficult to maintain joy than when times are good. Even conventional medicine recognizes that depression damages the immune system. It can even make it more susceptible to be infected by Corona and for sure slow down the recovery.  Not all people die from Corona.  By becoming depressed the healing process will take more time. Many people may even breakdown emotionally from the pressures of Corona.

Religion exists on two levels of consciousness accepting fear of death to watch over health and the other considering the afterlife more important than life when is erased fear of death all together. To erase fear of death altogether is considered a high level of faith. Not all people are able to reach this level. Not all people are encouraged to seek to seek this level of faith. The Jewish world especially in New York have been hit by Corona the hardest. There is a community in upstate New York of 35,000 people where lives Satmar Chassidic sect that more than half of the community have come down with the infection. Amongst them men woman and children the majority are not on the level of perfect faith which erases the fear of death.  They want to live and see their children healthy and happy. Judaism is primarily on the level of religion of action doing the will of God but not suppressing the evil of death.  Religious Jews exist on many levels from the simple faith in God, the Torah, and the Messiah to complete faith which erases fear of death.

To live only on the level of perfect faith which erases the fear of death makes a person a spiritual extremist. The Torah teaches greater is the life of repentance and good deeds in this world more than the world to come the afterlife. Erasing the importance of physical life completely is not Judaism. However in Judaism especially in esoteric Judaism is a place for reaching complete and perfect faith on both levels, to be righteous in your actions in this world and to understand the various spiritual levels of existence above this world.

The hyssop plant was used by Jews on Passover night mixed with the blood of the Paschal lamb sacrifice to protect their houses from the angel of death. A spoonful of Zatta which is dried hyssop with olive oil neutralizes the powers of the angel of death. Also Christians believe in this remedy.

The Trillion dollars which Congress is willing to spend in the war against Corona will go mostly toward helping people to cope and heal Corona in material life. Selling faith in God is a sin. Spiritual healers today have been convicted for selling faith in God. They accumulated millions of dollars from donations of people who needed to be saved from death. People paid fortunes for their prayers. Many saw miracles. Others died and complained to the police that they were hustled.  There is a Rabbi in Israel who is being accused of fraud for this reason.

At one point in my life I was faced with a great test.  It was a difficult time for me and it could have been my end. At that point I realized that my solution and the solution of many others in this world who will be faced with the tests like Corona is to believe in the resurrection of the three great prophets of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. It worked for me and it will work for others. The belief in the resurrection of Moses is connected to later Jewish esoteric texts principally the Zohar. Uniting all three religions together is in the faith connected to Baha”i called the Universal faith.

There are many people that need resurrection faith. Resurrection faith was part of the revelation of God on Mount Sinai. It was part of the faith in God and Moses his servant mentioned at the time of the splitting of the Red Sea. It is connected to the generation of the wilderness those Jews that lived 40 years in the wilderness and did not enter into Israel. They lived and died with Moses their teacher. Resurrection was never connected to Moses in Judaism until the last eight hundred years when was discovered a mystical Jewish esoteric text called the Zohar in which Moses is alive and teaches to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai the secret teaching of Torah. The consciousness of the generation of the wilderness is connected to the resurrection of Moses. At that time in Exodus 30: 12 is mentioned a plague like Corona which wiped out many of the elders of Israel and the belief in the resurrection of Moses was forgotten.

Resurrection consciousness includes in it revealed miracles like the eating of Manna bread from heaven and drinking from a mystical well in the wilderness recorded in the Book of  Numbers. In the wilderness where the Jews wandered for forty years there were these and other revealed wonders life above nature. Besides the wonders which were in the wilderness, there were many miracles, the ten plagues which Moses used to free the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt, the story of the splitting of the Red Sea and the battle against Amalek. The higher consciousness of religion is resurrection consciousness. Resurrection consciousness is also connected to Christianity. Jesus resurrected three days after his death according to the Christian Bible.

The children of the generation of the wilderness entered Israel.  Their fathers remained in the wilderness after the plague which wiped out many of them during the forty years.  In the five books of Moses is recorded the history of the period from Exodus from Egypt until the time before the Jews entered into the land of Israel under the leadership of Joshua. Resurrection consciousness was forgotten even forbidden.  In resurrection consciousness death is completely erased from the mind.  Resurrection consciousness is one level of spirituality which people need to overcome their fear and trauma.

The second level of consciousness is simple faith in religion to live and sacrifice your life for goodness connecting to the Ten Commandments. Judaism connects to the Law of Moses which after two thousand years has not changed. Other religions came in the world after Judaism, Christianity and Islam each with its own law suitable for them.  Today there is also Baha”i faith a fourth religion which is spreading out in the world.

This is a copy of a letter written by Rabbi Nachman to his student Yisrael Odessa 200 years after his death. It gives additional faith in resurrection which people need today. Copy this letter and hang it in your home for spiritual and emotional strengthening. It may also neutralize the powers of the angel of death. Rabbi Nachman signs his name in this letter Na,Nac,Nachma, Nachman. There are people that chant and sing his name as a remedy for healing all sadness.

Both consciousness of religion are connected to the Sabbath. God commands in the Torah, in six days you should work and in the seventh day called Sabbath to rest.  Life connects to work and to rest which is pleasure. The deepest rest or spiritual pleasure is in resurrection.  Resurrection is complete rest for the body after it dies and rests in the earth; it comes back to life in a state of complete bliss. A second level of rest consciousness also called Sabbath consciousness is in work. When I had a private meeting with the Lubavitcher Rebbe after my wedding in 1976, he quoted to me the passage in Job, “A man is created to work and struggle.”  Judaism emphasizes work consciousness but it is not the whole of life. The most spiritual part of life is Sabbath conciousness but work is also spiritual when actively working to build the kingship of God on earth.

The trillion dollars which America is willing to spend to win over Corona is the work of building the kingship of God on earth. My gift to America and the whole world doesn’t cost one penny which is to believe in the resurrection of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.  The belief in the resurrection of Moses Jesus and Mohammed comes after the revelation of God on Mount Sinai recorded in the Bible. It also comes after the elevation of the prophet Elijah into heaven without death or resurrection recorded in the Book of Kings. Elijah has until today not stopped to work for God.  He continues to work for God visiting Jewish families at the time of circumcism.  The book of Malachi records that Elijah will return at the end of time to bring to unite the father and the sons. He will return to bring peace to the world.

Elijah never died. The soul of man inherited from Adam the father of mankind never dies.  The energy of the soul of Adam is in every human being more or less. The soul leaves the body after death of man.  It returns to the Garden of Eden to unite with the Adam the source of all souls. The body returns to the earth after death; and resurrects at the end of time to unite with its soul in the afterlife.  Some mystics believe also in transmission of souls called reincarnation which is another topic. There is eternal life for the body through resurrection and the soul of Adam and the souls of his children are eternal. There is no denial of death but there is life after death and a reward in the afterlife for faith and good deeds.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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