UN Security Council meeting; Kashmir is Not India’s Internal Matter

  • Pakistan's Prime Minister, Imran Khan, telephoned U.S. President Donald Trump, and informed him of Pakistan's position.
  • Pakistan's UN Ambassador to the United Nations, Milliha Lodhi, thanked the Security Council members for their response.
  • In response to India's ambassador to the United Nations, S. Akbaruddin said Article 370 was and will remain India's internal matter

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister has called for a consultation meeting on Saturday at the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad to look into the Kashmir situation, after the UN Security Council Advisory Meeting on the India-administered Kashmir crisis.

According to the Foreign Minister, representatives of different national bodies are expected to attend the meeting. Earlier, speaking to journalists in Islamabad after the Security Council meeting on Friday, the Foreign Minister said that “today the world has acknowledged that this is not India’s internal matter, it is an internationally recognized dispute, and it needs a solution.”

He said that all efforts to stop this meeting about India have failed and the world has rejected India’s position.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan meets U.S. President Donald Trump in July.

The Foreign Minister also said that there was a telephone call between Prime Minister Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump, during which Imran Khan informed the US President about Pakistan’s position.

He said that before the UN Security Council meeting, the Prime Minister also informed the US President about the situation in India-administered Kashmir.

Earlier, after the closure of the closed-door meeting, Reuters news agency reported that China’s UN ambassador said that “the situation in Kashmir is very tense and dangerous,” and “security council members must agree that Pakistan and India should refrain from unilateral action in Kashmir.”

Pakistan’s UN Ambassador to the United Nations, Milliha Lodhi, thanked the Security Council members for their response. He said that today’s meeting contradicts India’s claim that Kashmir is India’s internal matter.

He said, “Today the voice of Kashmir in the Security Council continues to resonate. This is the first time in the last fifty years that Jammu and Kashmir alone has been brought under discussion to the Security Council. This negates India’s position that it is an internal matter.’ He said that the debate that led to the UN resolution was still alive today.

India Position

In response to India’s ambassador to the United Nations, S. Akbaruddin said Article 370 was and will remain India’s internal matter. He said that India is committed to the existing agreements on Kashmir. He said that the issue should be resolved mutually between Pakistan and India.

For the first time in decades, the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan is on the agenda meeting of the Security Council. It should be noted that Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, wrote a letter to the President of the Security Council on Tuesday, urging him to look at the Indian government’s aggressive measures in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Pakistan has already written two letters to the UN Security Council on the same topic. According to Radio Pakistan, the issue was discussed for the first time since 1998 in the Security Council.

India has imposed a near-total lockdown in Kashmir, including a total communications blackout, since withdrawing Article 370 of the Constitution.

Security Council Meeting Procedure

Former diplomat Shamshad Ahmad Khan says the council’s members will meet in a closed room, and will advise on how to proceed in this matter.

First, the outcome will be discussed, and then there will be a discussion. Secretly, the members together will advise on what to conclude. That is why it is called the Monopoly of the Five Great Powers. ‘

Even after this meeting, a statement from the President of the Council will be available, in which both countries should negotiate with the restraint of the situation, and find a solution in the light of the Security Council resolutions on Kashmir.

“If there is an open discussion, a resolution will be discussed and all countries of the United Nations are also eligible to participate.

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