Unique Digital Artwork By Mohd Daood Aslam, The Man Behind Zila Art

  • Born on 10th of may in 2003, Mohd Daood Aslam was brought up in the the small city of Rudauli, Uttar Pradesh.
  • At the moment, Mohd Daood Aslam is pursuing his college degree, and working hard to create good art too.

This world is growing in leaps and bounds and people are really moving on from the physical world to the digital world. This development has been brought upon by almost every aspect that we have in our life including art forms. Obviously, sketches paintings and watercolour or oil portraits are very much appreciated to this date but digital artwork is something unique and out of the box which is attracting a lot of attention from the people who make art.

Meet Mohd Daood Aslam, The very talented young man behind Zila art. Artists should gain a lot more attention than is given to them because they are the ones who make something out of nothing, pulling out a scenario from dead imagination and making it come to life with their own hands. Truly splendid.

Born on the 10th of May in 2003, MohdDaood Aslam was brought up in the small city of Rudauli, Uttar Pradesh. He was actually pretty good with his academics and general life too but into list a taste towards drawing sketches, making portraits, and such creative things. His great realisation dawned upon him when he drew his nephew for the first time and posted it on social media. This received a lot of positive feedbacks and people started coming up to him to make more sketches like that. It was really important because this uplifted his confidence and made him realise how good of an artist he actually is. Self-confidence marked his way to development and a better living.

Mohd Daood Aslam said, “I drew my nephews portrait and the next thing I knew, people were showering appreciation all over it. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like my drawing, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have posted it otherwise. But the amount of positive feedback again was way beyond my expectations. I soon started to look upon innovative things I could do along with this and that is when I came across digital sketches. I thought to myself that I could completely do this and be pretty good at making digital art apart from making normal pencil ones. Now it makes me think, I was on the right track.”

At the moment, Mohd Daood Aslam is pursuing his college degree, and working hard to create good art too. It can be widely said that some great celebrities like Aditi Budhathoki, Nazim Ahmed, Sahil Khan and many other such have recognised his good work. Calculating, he has had more than 80 total people interested in his artwork. In the future, he is going to expand more and work harder to make the best of his qualities and skills. After all, nothing comes easy in life we have to work towards it.

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