Uniting Intellect and Emotions – The Messianic Unity

  • Man is created with intellect and emotions which need to be balanced and refined.
  • Emotions cause people to have different likes and dislikes which can cause disunity between them.
  • The Messianic goal is to unite Intellect and emotions in a way acceptable by all of humanity.

People are waiting for the coming of the Messiah. Tensions continue to build up as national conflicts become more severe. Scientists reveal the dangers of global warming and insist that the earth is aging and needs to be renewed.  Everyone is seeking a way to calm their chaos.  They need the Messiah for themselves and for the whole world. The revelation of the Messiah is the best solution.

Everyone has animal instincts which need to be controlled. In child education begins the training of children to control their animal instincts which are anger, violence, and also calming their emotions.  Adults also have animal instincts which need expression but also need correction. These animal instincts sometimes become revealed too late resulting in another mass murder such as in Texas, California, in other places this year.

The author of the article wearing Phylacteries at the Wailing Wall.

Man is born or created with intellect and emotions. As a rule the intellect should rule over the emotions. The first step in education is developing the intellect. In development of the intellect there are different approaches secular and religious. The emotions are more difficult to change or perhaps impossible.  The emotions of a human being demand expression which are love rather than hate, pride rather than shame.  The highest goal for development of the emotions is humility which is not achieved overnight.

Secular education develops the intellect in preparation for life experience. The major goal in secular education today is livelihood.  Everyone would like to become wealthy but each person is limited according to his intellect and creative powers like sports heros, artists, handymen, and other skills and manual labors which can bring in money with less intellect.  People might at one point in their life want to go to a guidance counselor to know which fields of work are within his capacities to reach his highest earning potential. Intellect may be the major influence in employment but emotions still interplays with intellect when people choose their field of work. The emotions guide each person to choose the work he enjoys more. According to the intellect may be possible to make more money in one field which is less enjoyable.  People sometimes sacrifice financial potential for work they enjoy. Intellectually it may be more profitable to be an engineer, but people prefer carpentry and other types of work. Intellect and emotions are partners in the life of human beings.

Emotions cause people to have different likes and dislikes according to their feelings. People choose styles of life and colors in clothing they like.  In interaction of sexes they have their preferences.  Intellect limits emotions. People spend according to their means. They sometimes compromise to choose their sex mates.  Not everyone can marry or wants to marry a beauty like Melania Trump or Madonna. Intellect and emotions are universal to all people interplay in our lives.  The intellect is called man and the emotions is called animal.

Religion entered the world through Judaism after the revelation of God on Mount Sinai. Moses the prophet received his knowledge from the highest intellectual source connected to God. God communicated with Moses. Moses heard his voice but when he wanted to see God he was told by God that it is impossible to see him only to see his back.  Jews wear Teffilin also Phylacteries which have a knot in the back of the Head representing the knowledge of God which was limited to the back.  Moses added to Jewish life intellect from the highest level called Wisdom. The Jewish people recognized the greatness of Moses and received his instructions. Moses gave to them many signs before they had faith in his judgment which were the ten plagues, the splitting of the red sea, the revelation of God on Mount Sinai which the whole nation gazed upon the divine presence. The Torah is called the Divine Intellect of God given to the Jewish people by Moses.

The wisdom of the Torah has been cherished and remembered by the Jewish people. The Orthodox Jewish people continue to keep the commandments in the Torah. Today when the laws of the Torah can no longer be enforced like in biblical times, Jews do what they consider is best for them in life.  Many Jews feel that Jewish Orthodox life is not for them. They choose less intensive religious life offered by Conservative and Reformed Judaism. The Jewish heritage has been preserved by the Orthodox especially the religious leaders in each generation. The Jewish leaders the Torah Scholars do not attempt to change the Torah like the conservative and reformed congregations. They will not use their own intellect and emotions; they remain numb without moving like soldiers guarding the Queen’s palace.

Not all Jews are able to control their instincts to follow the laws of the Torah like Torah Scholars. They go astray from their Judaism from generation to generation. They retain their Jewish identities for many generations without being observant Jews. Secular Jews founded the Zionist State of Israel. The children of Jews who are born from a mother who is not Jewish lose their Jewish identity according to Jewish law. Secular Israelis maintain their Jewish identity as Israelis. They live a modern life as Jews in Israel their homeland.

A decision was made when the Jews were in the wilderness after Mount Sinai to become a nation living under Torah law. This nation was exclusively Jewish.  It did not allow intermarriage. Freedom in the nation was limited to that which was allowed in the Torah like it says, “There is no free man only the one that learns Torah which is the law of the Jewish nation.”  This decision to become a Jewish nation separated the Jewish people from the rest of the world. The Jews had the freedom and sovereignty during Biblical times to be a Jewish nation in the world.  They did not accept to be called a racist apartheid nation.  They conquered the land of Israel and established a religious kingship. The religious kingship was perhaps racist in the light of modern times; but in those days Israel was a powerful nation protecting its borders and national security.

A set of Phylacteries which combine emotions and intellect as part of the commandment “You should place them as a sign between your eyes and a sign upon your heart.” The Head Tefillin or Phylactery is divided in four parts where is placed four portions of Torah scripture. In the number four there is unity when they are united together as one which is in the box of the arm Tefillin which contains one parchment with all four portions of scripture. When wearing the Tefillin is declared the unity of God united to the heart and intellect.

The Biblical nation and in all times Judaism faces rebellion from within.  Even in the times shortly after King Solomon when the temple was built, the nation was split into two parts through civil rebellion. The New Israel of Samaria under the leadership of Jerbeon Ben Navat allowed leniencies in Jewish law.  The remaining sector of the Jewish Nation called Judah followed more strictly the Law of Moses. Human intellect and emotions interfered with the unity of the Jewish people at that time and in all generations afterward. The nature of a human being is to consider himself first.  The Law of Moses given to the Jewish people demanded self-sacrifice for the Jewish Biblical nation. In short, the Torah demands to live and die for your Holy Nation and its law.

The New Israel of Samaria was conquered by the Assyrians 200 years later. Since it didn’t preach a God given law from Moses, the Jews of Samaria assimilated and was lost the ten tribes of Israel. Judah the other part of Israel was conquered by the Babylonians but Judaism and the Jewish heritage continued in the diaspora until today. When people say the Torah is man-made it already gives them permission to reform and assimilate. The Torah could not be reinforced enough even in the times of the Bible to prevent rebellion; so much more so today.

The Jewish faith in the coming of the Messiah which they pray for each day is one the thirteen principles of faith of Maimonides.  The faith in the coming of the Messiah to return to the land of Israel and rebuild Jerusalem and the temple maintains Orthodox Judaism until today. The Jewish nation is an eternal nation when it maintains its faith in the coming of the Messiah waiting for him each day. Torah Scholars do not bend or waiver from their belief in the coming of the Messiah. Today it is the major issue of Jewish rebellion.  It is also the main sacrifice of their intellect and emotions of the Jewish people for their National faith and hope.

Blind faith in the Law of Moses and the coming of the messiah is required of Jews. In the times of Moses there were miracles and wonders which everyone witnessed and experienced before they accepted the Torah.  The Jews in the wilderness ate bread which fell from heaven called Manna. To expect Jews to believe in the coming of the Messiah today is a dream which not every Jews cares about. Jews care about themselves like every human being.  They also have conscience to their Jewish heritage but intellectually and emotionally they have other preferences in their lives which cause them to reform. The Orthodox cannot accept reformed Jews because the Torah does not accept them unless they repent and become Orthodox.

A Jew is taught to live in the past and bring the past into the present and future. The Messiah is in the future which is hard to accept.  They want the Messiah to be in the present. The Law of Moses as interpreted by the sages of Israel looks into the future for the Messiah to rebuild the nation. The requirement for the Messiah to come is for all Jews to become observant. Living in the past and in the distant future psychologists call a sick mind. Secular Jews especially in Israel call the Ultra-Orthodox living out of reality.  They have all the virtues of ethics and morality blind faith in God and the Torah, but their emotions are suppressed. The continuous mourning for the destruction of the temple can be depressing. Life is full of sufferings without adding to it. However mourning for the temple and Jerusalem strengthens them as Jews. The secular live in the present. Their concern is living for today with or without the Messiah.

Everyone needs the Messiah secular or religious. They need him now and not in the future. About this the Lubavitcher Rebbe screamed throughout the forty years of his leadership of Chabad, “We want the Messiah Now.”  Progressive Jewish Spirituality teaches that the Messiah has come.  There are two Messiahs the Messiah of World Unity – the Messiah of the emotions, the Messiah of divine intellect connected to the Torah of the Jewish people. The Messiah is for everyman not only for Jews combining religion and faith, intellect and emotions.

The Jewish people have battled for their survival for 2000 years after the destruction of the temple. The war is even more intense today in Israel as Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas prepare for the destruction of the State of Israel.  The physical battle for the nation of Israel and the survival of the seed of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will never end. It began after the revelation of God on Mount Sinai when Moses broke the first tablets.  Joshua came to him when he was descending from the mountain with the news, “there is the sound of war in the camp.”  The war for the survival of the nation of Israel the biblical state or any nation on earth never ends. Every nation must prepare for war through building its military.  Every nation has borders to protect. Even America the most powerful nation in the world today is building a fence in the south to prevent criminals from entering the country illegally. America and Russia are in the middle of cold war of nuclear powers since their peace treaty was broken. The only peace that is available today for every person is the peace of receiving the messiah in universal faith and religion called the Great Sabbath. The rest of life is a struggle to achieve secular goals wealth, family, health and happiness with religious goals through which is received the share in the afterlife.

The Ultra-Orthodox Jewish leadership are completely national. The Torah law only allows them to think about the coming of the Messiah in the future which protects the nation from assimilation. Israel remains an eternal nation forever through their merits. They are closed minded devoted only to Jewish law.  Already the Pandora box was opened and leaked in Progressive Jewish Spirituality when the esoteric teachings of the Zohar were revealed.  Jewish leaders continue to try to cover up the other side of the story of life which is the universal truth. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was devoted to both sides of truth but still remained Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Chassidic. Chabad is a national Jewish movement with outreach uniting world spiritually with Jewish Nationalism an impossible task. Rabbi Manis Friedman is a spokesman for Lubavitch.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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