Universal Faith, National Faith, Self-Realization, God Realization

  • To Adam in the Garden of Eden was revealed the Universal light of God.
  • Eve his wife introduced to Adam the National light of God when they made a family.
  • The Lubavitcher Rebbe informed the world that it is ready for the revelation of the Messiah.

Is the purpose of religion to bring to the world a good and healthy life with the foundation of faith in One God, or is it to elevate humanity to look beyond this world into the world of eternal life? Both parts of religion are equally important. In the light of the crisis of Coronavirus physical life and its pleasures are becoming almost impossible for the national religious and secular. Faith in God and the afterlife is now of first importance which has been suppressed by many religious and secular philosophies.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe revealed to the world about the importance of the revelation of the Messiah before anything else.

The bible begins, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The sufferings in life are not in vain.  As we get older we get wiser. Wisdom is added with years life experience. Wisdom makes a person an individual.  The Torah teaches to give honor to the elderly.

People try to avoid acquiring wisdom and very often prefer to remain simple.  The main question they want to avoid is What is the purpose of life and creation?  Is there a God who is the creator of the universe? When Moses discovered God at the burning bush he asked God “what is your name.”  Does God have a name? How am I a man related to God?  Is there a way to answer these questions?

It is difficult to avoid some connection with religion.  Many people have a religion Christianity, Judaism, Islam or Hindu – Bhuddism. There are also many agnostics and atheists in the world. China and North Korea seventy percent of the population are atheists.  In America and the Western World the number of atheists and agnostics is growing. Trying to avoid religion is impossible. ISIS will not allow people to ignore religion.  They are at war with atheism.  Orthodox Jewry in Israel will not allow Jews in Israel to ignore religion.  Israel a small nation in the world and its conflict with its neighbors a two state solution cannot be ignored since it has become a world power. When death comes closer through disease or through war the question arises in the mind of man, Is their God? Is their an afterlife? This question becomes more real and more difficult to avoid. A clergyman comes to visit a man on his deathbed in the hospital.  He never went to church or synagogue. Now he wants to talk with the clergyman in his last moments.

God created the world but did not make life simple. It is complicated for the rich and the poor. People seek freedom through acquiring wealth but wealth comes with worries. The poor need to eat, to pay their bills.  They need to support their children until their children become adults. In family there is no freedom. It is also difficult to be alone. Using birth control is not as pleasant as natural contact.  Abortion is murder. People have a conscience but try to avoid facing themselves.

Jews have a conflict in life that they are born into a minority.  Christianity is the largest religion in the world. Muslims have a conflict with Christians over the truth of their doctrines. Christians believe Jesus the Messiah is God. Muslims reject that a man can be called God. Judaism also rejects the Messiah who is called God and worshipped in the church. Connecting to religion means stepping into conflict. A Jew is born into his religion which has conflicts with his neighbors whether they be Christian or Muslim. Jews in America are trying to escape this conflict. Jews in Israel call themselves Israeli to avoid religious conflicts.  Muslims according to the Koran are forbidden to avoid these issues and are part of an army to defend Mohammed and the Koran. Jews were also an army when they marched out of the land of Egypt to become a nation. Christians are part of the Salvation Army. In all these ways there is a spiritual war in the world. China has tried to avoid the spiritual war through making a Communist nation.  They expelled the Tibetan monks from Tibet.  Coronavirus is revealing the truth. Politics has tried to replace religion. Freedom and liberty in the Western World has become a political reason to suppress religion.

Martin Buber approached the problems of life through existentialism.  He was born Jewish and in his works revealed a new philosophy that accepted religion with a solution how to avoid conflicts between them. Martin Buber is called an enemy to Orthodox Judaism. Religion requires blind observance without philosophy. The Zohar came to Judaism with esoteric teachings which Orthodox Judaism rejected when these teachings contradicted Jewish law. In the church today there is a conflict between Pope Benedict and Pope Francis over celibacy and liberalism. In the Muslim world Shiites and Sunni Muslims conflict in their interpretation of the Koran.

The Pope has been ill with a cold. The world prays for his healing.

What is the source of these conflicts? In life there are two conflicting philosophies which are Universal and National. There is Universal religion and National religion. National can also become political without religion in Communism, and Fascism. Universal becomes political through democracy. Democracy can also reject religion or become religion.

Adam is pictured in the Bible as the first man.  Adam the first man in the universe was automatically the universal light of God. However he was created with Eve who brought Adam down into a national light of God when they made a family. The universal light still existed even after the sin of the tree of knowledge but it became of secondary importance. People born after Adam are born into nationalism. Everyone is part of some nation. Jews are part of Zion the Biblical nation of the Bible. Muslim are today born into Islam.  Christianity is also a nation. The pope is the leader of Christianity. The two energies of universal and national are interwoven in life. The desire for freedom comes from the universal energy.

People are born from a father and mother and automatically become part of a family. Each person is both an individual and part of the whole.  Individuality connects with universal. Universal connects with freedom. National energy limits freedom.

There are two goals in spiritual life which are Self-realization and God realization. Self-realization connects with individuality and with freedom. All people are connected with Adam the first man who experienced the bliss of the Garden of Eden before he was expelled from the Garden and entered National life.

Bhuddist monks connect with the universal energy which is called the self. Judaism, Islam are family religions connecting to God as part of a family. Christianity is connected to the Messiah of freedom who was revealed at the time of the biblical nation of Israel. Catholic priests and nuns connect to Jesus and to Adam before the sin.  Judaism and Islam deny that the universal self or that the Messiah of the universal self is God. On Mount Sinai it was revealed to the Jewish people God who is above nature hidden from man.  Judaism and Islam worship God who is unknown above nature. Bhuddists connect to God within nature as he is in the perfection of man seeking self-realization.  God realization is knowing that God is above nature, a hidden secret. Self-realization is finding God in natural life and happiness, the essence of man.


For Adam the first man was only the Universal God revealed through the bliss of the Garden of Eden.  His wife Eve revealed to him that God is also revealed through religion and family, a national God. To limit God to universal is a mistake. To limit God to national is a mistake. God is above nature but is also revealed in nature and in the goodness of life which is peace. These are two aspects of God which are revealed in his creation.

Chassidism came after was revealed the Zohar with esoteric Jewish teachings.  In esoteric Jewish teachings there are two realms of spirituality universal and national.  In Jewish law there is only one realm of spirituality which is national. Also in Islam Sharia there is only national. Christianity teaches that the Messiah of freedom is God.  This is also a limitation rejected in Jewish law and Sharia.  The prophets of the Bible pointed to the need of a new law, a new covenant which will include both sides of spirituality. This new law will be added to the two sides of spirituality universal and national religion to include both sides but not to reject each side of truth.  In the end there are three laws, national, universal and the third law of truth revealed to the seekers of truth.

The crisis of Coronavirus limits the happiness of physical life.  It forces people to think more deeply into the inner teachings of the Bible to be able to receive these sufferings with love and faith and to reveal the two Messiahs of truth, universal and national. God is one and unlimited to include all of his creation united in an eternal package called the Bible or Torah, the secret of his divine name.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory described the relation between universal and national religion related to the Torah portion of the week read before the holiday of Purim. In the Torah portion the name of Moses is omitted. It came after the sin of the Golden Calf when Moses prayed to God for forgiveness of the world and asked God “Erase me from your book.”  His name was omitted from this Torah portion. In the Torah portion is discussed the lighting of the Temple Candelabra by Aharon the high priest with pure olive oil. Pure olive oil is the product of olives before they are pressed and prepared. Olives are compared to the universal light of God; olive oil is the national light called the Law of Moses.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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