Universal Prayer and Song

  • America needs a strong leader like President Trump to fight against Corona.
  • Freedom has failed in the battle against crime and corona.
  • Through Gospel Song America can become great again.

Prayer is universal. Song is prayer. Through Gospel Song America can become great again. Sing with Madonna for the salvation of America. President Trump is a good man, a good leader. Let America lead the world again to fulfill the words of Zefania,3:9, For then I will change over the peoples to a purer language, so that they shall all call upon the name of God to serve him and unite the world with God,” the universal prayer, the universal song.

Israel is with America in its battle against Corona. The Magen David also called the Star of David or the Shield of David shows the secret of the unity of heaven and earth. These are two triangles represent earth facing upward and heaven facing downward. The sides of the triangles are the three angels Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael in an eternal unity. Copy the flag with the Magen David and hang it in your home for a blessing and protection from Corona.

Corona has made the life of mankind miserable. A small microorganism has humbled the arrogance of man. When mankind was at its height of pride reaching out into outer space and building technology connecting the whole world to be on one wavelength called internet, the whole network of world unity through technology has been broken through Corona. Technology has failed. Technology has not replaced religion and faith.

Religion also was an attempt to unite the world. The Torah called the Old Testament was given at Mount Sinai and the Jewish people called the Soldiers of God went out on a campaign to unite the world with God. The hope of the Jewish people was to build an eternal nation in the Land of Israel through which the whole world would be united with God through its holy temple in Jerusalem. After traveling forty years in the wilderness under the leadership of Moses, Joshua his student crossed the Jordan River into Israel to begin to build their nation. They carried with them the Torah and the Ten Commandments written on stone contained in the Ark of the Covenant. After over four hundred years, the land was conquered and the Kingship of God was established in Israel and Jerusalem. King Solomon the son of David built the holy temple which stood for over four hundred years. He tried to unite the world with the Nation of Israel and his kingship but failed. The temple was destroyed by the Babylonians. The people were exiled from their land.

Other attempts were made after the destruction of the holy temple by Christianity and Islam to unite the world under one roof. Their attempts also failed.  Judaism has not given up. Islam and Christendom still claim to be the Unity.  The world has rebelled against religion. Secular life has become the new vehicle of World Unity. America the leader of the world of secular life an example of democracy and freedom, the leader of the world economy has been humbled by a microorganism called Corona and is in the process of healing and recovery. After World War II the whole world almost became one secular unit through the establishment of the United Nations.  The arrogance of man has been humbled by Corona virus. Freedom the fourth campaign for World Unity after Judaism, Christianity and Islam waits to find a new solution to achieve the Goal of World Unity and Peace.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Freedom each had its glory but the eternal solution of World Unity and Peace has still not been achieved. Each one of these four ideologies has not given up.  They still have their representatives which believe in their approach toward truth. Freedom today is also called secular humanitarian. When Judaism was established in its glory its opponents complained “Where is Freedom.” Moses took the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt to become a free nation. Freedom is emphasized in Judaism and Exodus but their nation was a theocracy without freedom.  The opponents to the establishment of an Orthodox Jewish State in the name of freedom campaigned to build a new nation under the leadership of Jesus the Messiah and succeeded.

Christianity became the religion of Rome the most powerful nation in the world. Christianity was called the religion of freedom but the church became a theocracy without freedom and with a law even more strict in many ways than Judaism. Islam saw later its opportunity to introduce a new slant of Judaism opposing Jesus as the Messiah a man who became a deity. Mohammed wrote his own scripture the Koran with the law Sharia. Islam made its attempt to unite the whole world building an empire, the Ottoman Empire.  The Byzantine Empire controlled by the church and the Ottoman Empire conquered each half the world.  There was no peace between them.  Each one failed in its campaign to unite the world with God through religion.

The fourth Crusade to unite the world called freedom under the leadership of America and the Western nations has been humbled by a microorganism called Corona. There is still hope for freedom.  Freedom is loved by man but was suppressed by religion. Religions, theocracies fell by the desire of its people for freedom only to create another theocracy.  The new way of the 20th century was the desire for pure freedom without religion secular humanitarian and democracy. The American dream has been destroyed but it is not in vain.

Theocracies of religion evolved into dictatorships without religion, Marxism called Communism and Fascism. Democracy replaced them with the fall of the USSR.  Democracy was one step closer than Communism to live by the ideals of religion because in Democracy there is freedom of religion. In Communism, socialism, and fascism the people worship the state without God. President Trump answered those that rebuked him in defense of Democracy with an answer Americans worship God and not the State. His opponents from the Democratic Party argued with him that, “Americans worship freedom.” To the Democratic Party, freedom is a replacement for God.

The message of Madonna is for all of America to believe in God and the Universal faith. America was founded as one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.

Corona is the answer to the Democrats who opposed President Trump who worship freedom and not God. Corona has taken away from America and the Western World its freedom when each person is ordered to quarantine. China a communist nation without freedom is able to kill those that rebel against quarantine like those that rebel against Communism.

America a democratic nation with freedom is limited in its power to hold the nation in quarantine.  As a result Corona virus spreads. People who rebel against quarantine orders are criminals. Crime in America is one of its biggest problems even before Corona. Drugs are another one of its big problems. One criminal who should be in quarantine carries the disease to hundreds of innocent citizens. Freedom the fourth crusade as a faith has failed in the Corona crisis.  The answer to the secular humanitarian who believes in freedom and democracy as a faith is to return to religion and not socialism.

President Trump answered his critics, America worship God and not the state. Communism and other dictatorships worship the king and his state. Religions fell because the people opposed worship of their state with God together. In Judaism God the Torah and Israel are one. The same unity of God, and the state is found in each theocracy. America is a rebellion against theocracy.  Worship of freedom is worse than theocracy, it is anarchy and does not work in a crisis like Corona. The democracy of President Trump works in action, “America worships God and not the state.”  The words of President Trump work when America will accept the Universal Faith and the seven commandments of God given to the children of man. Worship of freedom does not make America great but the opposite. America was established in the Declaration of Independence One Nation under God. On the dollar bill is written in God we trust. America fights against Corona today and fights for freedom of religion, the Universal faith. The atheist does not believe in America, a nation under God, in liberty and justice forever..

Madonna, the entertainer is an example to America of the Universal Faith. It is time that America should start to listen to Madonna.  President Trump is a good leader.  Despite his failures Trump was going in the right direction for America, Corona opposes the American dream of freedom without religion which Trump is against. Trump the republican demands a strong leadership which can enforce the laws of the nation without being opposed by the restrictions on justice which are demanded in the name of a free faithless America which cannot control criminals. Trump was on the way to succeed to Make America Great. With strong leadership he built the fence in the South. He has a plan to stop drug traffic. If the nation will allow him he will stop criminals who spread Corona. The job is difficult and he needs another four years to continue to MAGA.

Unite with Trump and the Universal Faith. Sing with Madonna to bring to the world the American hope and the healing of Corona virus.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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