Uzbekistan — 46 New Coronavirus Cases, Floods in Syr Darya

  • Uzbekistan plans to gradually resume air and rail travel throughout the country.
  • About 6,000 houses were damaged by flooding of the Syr Darya.
  • The Kyrgyz government has sent humanitarian aid to Uzbeks affected by the flooding of the Sardoba Reservoir.

Another 46 people were diagnosed with the coronavirus in Uzbekistan Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases to 2,568. On Monday, 68 new cases were reported. In the first week of May, the incidence of coronavirus was relatively low, but in recent days the number of cases has increased significantly. So far, 2,076 patients have been cured, and 511 patients are still receiving treatment.

Air and Railway Communication to Partially Resume

Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev is an Uzbek politician who has served as President of Uzbekistan and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan since 2016. Previously he was the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan from 2003 to 2016.

In Uzbekistan, it is planned to resume flights between Tashkent and Nukus, Urgench, and Termez, as well as train traffic to some regions of the country. This resumption of services should occur gradually. The issue of removing restrictions on the movement of personal cars in cities is being studied.

The President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, held a video conference on May 13, which discussed the epidemiological situation in the country and further mitigation of quarantine requirements. The presidential press service said this was based on proposals from regional leaders.

In particular, it was noted that in the “green” and “yellow” quarantine zones, it is advisable to gradually allow the provision of services in strict accordance with sanitary and hygienic requirements. The Republican Special Commission was instructed to approve the procedure for action, according to which ministries and departments will take priority measures in the event of the epidemiological situation worsening.

Syr Darya River Floods

About 6,000 houses were damaged by flooding of the Syr Darya. As a result, a total of 5,969 houses and 277 unsightly places were damaged in 20 settlements. “Of the 5,969 dwellings, 4,587 are detached houses, 1,337 are multi-story houses and 45 are unfinished houses,” a report said. Earlier, it was reported that 50 multi-story houses will be built for the homeless.

The President instructed the regions to specialize in the production of agricultural products. The new decree, signed by the head of state, recognizes the need for specialization of regions in the production of competitive agricultural products, but emphasizes that this issue is growing across the country.

The resolution calls on the Council to coordinate the implementation of the strategy of agricultural development for 2020-2030, specializing in the production of certain types of agricultural products in the regions of the country. As an experiment, it was decided to specialize in a total of 116,300 hectares of additional land in the Jizzakh region for the cultivation of agricultural products in 2020-2022.

Assistance from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan

The Syr Darya is a river in Central Asia. It originates in the Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan and eastern Uzbekistan and flows for 2,212 kilometres (1,374 mi) west and north-west through Uzbekistan and southern Kazakhstan to the northern remnants of the Aral Sea.

The Kyrgyz government has sent humanitarian aid to Uzbeks affected by the flooding of the Sardoba Reservoir. According to Shohrukh Saipov, an independent journalist from Osh, Kyrgyzstan has sent 1,000 tons of cement, 100 tons of rice, and ten tons of vegetable oil to neighboring Uzbekistan’s Syrdarya region.

“This humanitarian aid will serve to support Uzbekistan in its difficult times, and we hope that the city, which was devastated by the natural disaster, will recover as soon as possible,” said Kyrgyz Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Ibragim Zhunusov. The Governor of the Syrdarya region, Gafurjon Mirzayev thanked the brotherly Kyrgyz people for the humanitarian assistance provided during the emergency situation at the Sardoba reservoir.

On April 29, Kyrgyzstan’s Batken region sent humanitarian aid of rice, apples, and potatoes to the neighboring Fergana region of Uzbekistan. It is said that this assistance strengthens the mutual support of fraternal peoples in times of coronavirus threat. Earlier, coronavirus protection coats, disinfectants, and flour were sent from Fergana to Batken.

Also, at the initiative of President Mirziyoyev, humanitarian aid was sent to Kyrgyzstan last April to help eradicate the coronavirus, COVID-19. The Uzbek side provided Kyrgyzstan with 1,000 tons of flour, various food products, as well as disposable protective clothing, respirators, gloves, test goggles, goggles, and protective goggles, which are used to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

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