Vaccinations for Corona – Pro and Con

  • There is a controversy in Israel to take the vaccination or not.
  • The famous attorney Allen Dershkowitz and Robert Kennedy Jr. discuss vaccination issues in video.
  • Both are against compulsory vaccination at this stage.

In Israel has begun the vaccination campaign. Today I received vaccination with Pfizer vaccine in the city of Sfat. The campaign began with vaccinations of Health Workers. The second phase now is vaccination of senior citizens. Being at the age of 71 I was immediately able to receive an appointment for vaccination.

Attorney Allen Dershkowitz 82 years old is for taking the Corona vaccine.

In Israel and throughout the world, there are two sides in the controversy of vaccination for Corona Pandemic. One side is against vaccinations in general even flu vaccine. The flu is not always dangerous. People get over the flu. Older people and people with respiratory problems may be more vulnerable to serious illness, hospitalization or death from the flu.  The doctor recommends me to take the flu vaccine; I listen to my doctor. He also recommends to take the Corona vaccine.

The inner secrets which are hidden from the world about vaccines are known by some people who are against taking these vaccines.  In Israel, most rabbinical authorities recommend to take the vaccine. Their opinion is based upon statistics which show that generally vaccine and modern medicine extends the life expectancy of people even if they sometimes may cause damage to a minority of those that take them.

I have heard both sides about taking the vaccine. Both sides have strength in their opinions to take or not to take. Being at the age of 71, I appreciate the energies of our government in Israel to attempt to save the lives of their senior citizens through quarantine. Israel has now begun a third lockdown. Some say that Lockdown causes more harm that the disease itself. However, when the degree of infection builds, as a result there are more hospitalizations and deaths. There is less hospital space.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is against taking the Corona vaccine. He gives his reasons on this video.

The young people get Corona with little suffering. Three of my married children already have contacted Corona. They were tested positive and in ten days began to feel better. An old grandmother 84 years old the wife of the previous Grand Rabbi of Krechnif in the city Kiryat Gat returned from America with the disease. She healed without needing hospitalization. Her children and their families were infected. Not all cases even for senior citizens need hospitalization.

Many senior citizens do need hospitalization, respirators, survive or die from Corona. The quarantine lockdown is to save these lives. Therefore, the first to have the right to receive the vaccination are senior citizens. Since I feel guilty that my children should have to suffer another lockdown for three weeks to protect me, I volunteered to take the vaccination. I heard both sides and decided to support the campaign of our Prime Minister Netanyahu who was the first to vaccinate. Netanyahu has a plan that through vaccination Israel will be the first to go out of the Corona Pandemic.

In three weeks, I am scheduled to take the second dose of the vaccine. So far, I feel no discomfort from the vaccination. My belief is that senior citizens should cooperate with Netanyahu and vaccinate with hope that it will end the Pandemic. There needs to be unity. I am against mandatory vaccination and the need for younger people to vaccinate is less important than older people from the age 60 and up. The new mutation of the Corona may spoil the plans of Netanyahu.

Both sides of the controversy to vaccinate or not to vaccinate have substance to their opinions. In this video debate between Robert Kennedy Jr. and Attorney Allen Deshkowitz is discussed whether to make vaccinations mandatory for Corona. Robert Kennedy Jr. has been involved in investigation into drug companies who produce vaccines, even sometimes to expose collusion between these companies with the FDA, or CDC.  Dershkowitz is for vaccination. Kennedy is against but both are against mandatory vaccination. The sponsor of this video on You tube requests that it be publicized:

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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