Venezuela to Manufacture Own Defense Weapons

  • Venezuela armed forces have their own national industry.
  • Russia and China supports the initiative.
  • US does not recognize the legitimacy of the Maduro presidency.

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on September 25,  his new order to create a Military Science Council to work on the country’s own weapons system.  The announcement was commemorated to the 15th anniversary of the operational strategic command of the armed forces of the Republic.

Nicolás Maduro Moros, known internationally as Nicolás Maduro, is a Venezuelan politician and president of Venezuela since 2013, with his presidency under dispute since 2019. Beginning his working life as a bus driver.

Maduro stressed that the country is ready to arm itself, despite the sanctions, and it needs its own national military industry.

“Now I insist… that the armed forces have their own national industry, the most technologically advanced in the world. Therefore, I am ordering the immediate establishment of… military science and technology councils to ensure military independence, independence in weapons systems, to make their own weapons systems.”

As expected Russia and China immediately issued statements in the support for Maduro and his initiative.

Furthermore, this week, Maduro accused the US Central intelligence Agency (CIA) of preparing terrorist attacks on the territory of the Republic with the approval of the US authorities.

The Venezuelan leader said that initially the US government under President Donald Trump used the us drug enforcement administration for such attacks. Then the CIA and its direct agents were allowed to conduct an underground terrorist operation.

The planned attacks were allegedly aimed at targets in a number of areas, including oil facilities, military installations, electricity, and the electoral process. At the same time, the President recalled that earlier the authorities detained one of the representatives of the us special services, who revealed Washington’s plans.

However, this information is not substantiated. US is backing Venezuelan opposition and want Maduro gone from the office. However, Russia is the largest supporter of the Maduro government. Also, Russia has very sizable control stake in the Venezuelan crude development.

On September 12, Nicolas Maduro said that an American spy was detained near two oil refineries in the Northwestern State of Falcon. The detainee, according to the President, is a former marine on CIA bases in Iraq. He was found to have weapons and a large amount of cash.

Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez[a] (born 28 July 1983) is a Venezuelan politician, a former member of the social-democratic Popular Will party,[2] federal deputy to the National Assembly representing the state of Vargas.
Maduro did not provide other details at the time. That story almost sounds similar to the Lukashenko story for the Wagner Group mercenaries arrest in Belarus prior the August election. Both do not have much merit to them.

Overall, the diplomatic relations between Venezuela and the United States remain strained. This is due to the fact that in January 2019, amid protests, opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself head of state.

The United States recognized it as legitimate, and imposed unilateral sanctions against the Republic and a number of politicians.

In conclusion, it is highly likely that Maduro will engage Russia to help with the defense technologies development. It might be plausible, the manufacturing side can be assisted by China.

Clearly, US will not take this initiative lightly. It might even force US to change its trajectory pertaining Venezuela. At present, US has upcoming presidential election. The outcome of it will determine the course of the international relations for the next 4 years.

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