Violence Against Women a Problem in Israel, Around the World

  • Police protection is needed for women
  • In Nigeria, woman demonstrated against sexual violence.
  • Coronavirus has increased attacks against women.

Abuse of women is in the daily news, which means the news is not very pleasant. Woman are being murdered and sexually abused in Israel, Africa, the United States, and throughout the world. In Israel on June 1, thousands gathered at a rally in Tel Aviv calling for the government to take action to end violence against women.

Israelis protest against violence towards women at in Tel Aviv, on June 1, 2020.

At the rally was read the names of 11 women who were killed since the start of the year, including an increase in cases in the last two months. The protesters are calling for the Israel government to appropriate more funds for national programs to prevent domestic violence. 

The number of cases in the news in the last few months has brought to the surface the need to help women in danger. The Welfare and Social Services Ministry has a hotline for receiving calls about domestic violence. Just in the month of May, the amount of calls has increased by 112% over April. Israel has money set aside for these purposes, but it is limited and not enough to stop domestic violence.

The Coronavirus lockdown measures have added tension in the homes of Israelis, and since March, eight women have been murdered. Police and social service workers have reported a major rise in domestic violence since the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

In May, in Bat Yam, a man was arrested after calling police to tell them that he had murdered his wife. This was not the first time that he had abused his wife. He had previously served time for the same offense.

There was a similar event in May, in Holon, of a man murdering his wife in their apartment in front of his children. According to the indictment, he stabbed his wife after she refused to make him a cup of coffee.

In April, a man stabbed his girlfriend at an Afula Israel supermarket. She was hospitalized with moderate wounds. His reason for the assault was because she had planned to leave him.

Thirteen woman were murdered in 2019 by someone known to them. In 2018, 25 women were murdered in such incidents, the highest in years. This caused the series of women’s protests, culminating in the recent protest of June 1.  The government allotted funds after these protests, but it is still going on, and even increasing amidst the Coronavirus lockdown.

Violence against women is an American problem also. In 2008, an estimated 500 women were raped each day. In 2007, 64% of female homicides were committed by a family member or an intimate partner, according to Amnesty International. In Nigeria, women are taking to the streets against rape and sexual violence.

Worldwide, one in three women experience physical, sexual or emotional violence in their lifetime. One in five experience rape or attempted rape. Human rights violations make certain women more at risk than others. When each person will respect the human rights of the other, for sure domestic violence against women and children will be limited.

Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary of Donald Trump.

In a recent briefing, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany emphasized the need for strong law enforcement in the country. President Donald Trump is against reducing funding to police and law enforcement. Prevention of domestic violence against women in America needs public attention and police enforcement.

Crime and drug abuse are also reasons to increase funding to police and law enforcement. President Trump believes that law enforcement in America should not be judged by the recent killing of George Floyd by policeman Derek Chauvin.

For sure, the policeman, Chauvin, is guilty of manslaughter of Floyd, but it has still not been proved that he was motivated by racism. Officer Chauvin knew Floyd from before the attack, when they both worked together at a disco as bouncers.

What transpired between at the disco may have been the cause of him destroying his life and future in the police force. It may not have been racism but connected to domestic abuse, drugs, or another private quarrel.

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