Wang Makes Concessions, Demands Respect

  • In a video speech at a China-US think tank on Thursday, Wang addressed his country's problems with the United States. 
  • Wang suggested three lists of problems— International, bilateral, and unresolvable.
  • The challenges of the United States and China have been multifaceted and, in some cases, fundamental.

Stating that his country’s problems with the United States are unprecedented, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized that China had never intended to take over the United States’ global position. He instead made clear proposals to identify and resolve differences between the two countries.

Wang Yi is a Chinese diplomat and politician. He has served as the Foreign Minister since March 2013 and the State Councilor since March 2018.

In a video speech at a China-US think tank on Thursday, Wang addressed his country’s problems with the United States. “China’s US policy remains unchanged. We are still willing to grow China-US relations with goodwill and sincerity,” Wang, who is also a State Councilor, said

Noting the issues that have strained relations between the two countries, Wang said the challenges now posed to both sides are unprecedented in the history of US-Chinese relations. It is worrying that China-US relations are one of the most important bilateral relations in the world, he said, but they are currently facing the most serious challenges.

He emphasized that China’s policy toward the United States had not changed, and that Beijing wanted to expand relations with Washington. He stressed that experts on both sides of the list would provide three lists to address some of the issues, and how the two countries would approach each other.

“Some friends in the US might have become suspicious or even wary of a growing China,” Wang said. “I’d like to stress here again that China never intends to challenge or replace the US or have a full confrontation with the US. What we care most about is to improve the livelihood of our people.”

He added that the first list should address issues that are relevant to the international community, and that the two countries can work on it. The second list should include issues that are of the dispute between the two countries, and can be resolved through negotiations. The third suggested list should be considered for cases that cannot be resolved.

Wang stressed the importance of properly managing disputes and minimizing the harm of conflicts between the two countries.

China–United States relations refers to relations between China and the United States since the 18th century. The relationship between the two countries has been complex, and vary from positive to highly negative.

Proximity to Each Other Through an Exchange

According to the Chinese Foreign Minister, only through negotiation and exchange of views can the fake news and rumors be eliminated, and dangerous mistakes be prevented.  He also mentioned cooperation in the field of COVID-19 disease.

In recent weeks, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that the Chinese government has done a lot of damage to the United States and the world by preventing the release of important information about the new coronavirus.

The US president has called COVID-19 a “Chinese virus,” and accused the World Health Organization of supporting Beijing’s “secrecy.” He first cut off his country’s financial aid to the World Health Organization, then announced his formal withdrawal this week.

Wang has announced his country’s readiness to work with the United States to fight the virus, including the production of vaccines and drugs to treat COVID-19.

The challenges of the United States and China have been multifaceted and, in some cases, fundamental. This is especially true in relation to Hong Kong and Taiwan, and geopolitical and geoeconomic competition.

The Chinese government recently passed a new security law for Hong Kong and faced strong opposition from Washington. Political experts see the law as a move to restrict political freedoms in Hong Kong.

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