Wannatek, a Camera Module Manufacturer for 10 years, Shares How Their OEM Camera Modules are Made

Located in Shenzhen China – Among the best-selling products. They offer 3 different types: USB 2.0 camera module, USB 3.0 camera module, MIPI CMOS camera module.

Like many companies, Wanntek values product quality. The company shares that they work directly with the suppliers of camera module raw materials. Because of this, they’re able to come up with custom-made USB camera modules for personalized solutions, such as PCB board size, lens, sensor, etc.

Wannatek keeps a significant amount of electronic components, lens or sensors in their stores so that they can offer their clients excellent service and minimal lead-times. With their technical skills and more than a decade of camera module manufacturing experience, they provide high-quality customized cable solutions for both small and big businesses.

  • USB 2.0 camera module is commonly used in devices with embedded vision systems.
  • USB 3.0 camera module is mostly found on high en devices request high definition image input.

MIPI CMOS camera module is used for portable devices, such as cell phones, Wearable electronic products, and tablets.

MIPI CMOS camera module is smaller and request more second developing ability compared to the USB 2.0 camera module and is popularly used in small devices, including tablets, smartphones, and iPads. It is one of Wannatek’s most in-demand products.

Wannatek offers OEM/Customized service for its customer’s unique application. However, the company urges its clients to study their projects first and think about the camera features they need, as well as the sensor definition and lens FOV.

The materials used for Wannatek’s products are cautiously selected to ensure durability, stable, and low-energy consumption. Also, Wannatek is particular in how their operations affect nature. The product features of their camera module don’t negatively impact the environment.

The primary materials used in their camera is sensor and lens. The sensor is the “Heart” of a camera module, the perfect match sensor selection is vital for customer’ device. The lens is the “eyes” of a camera module. Wannatek Sale engineer helps its customers to give professional advice to different projects.

About Wannatek

Wannatek Co., Ltd. company based in Shenzhen China that makes and delivers USB camera module and MIPI camera module among others. They’ve been operating for more than ten years now. Their vast experience in the industry has allowed the company to mature and be better in their field. Product quality is essential to them, that is why they perform careful quality control to all of their products by partnering with another China-based corporation comprised of experts in product testing.

Website: www.wannatek.com

Contact: YU Angela

Email: sales@wannatek.com

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