War Against Viral Disease on Two Fronts – HIV and Corona

  • It is injustice to put people with Corona in quarantine when anti-viral drugs are available.
  • Corona has killed three times as many blacks in America than whites because of AIDS immunity disorders in their community.
  • AIDS tests should be made compulsory and ART monitored.

It seems that the left liberals or maybe China is controlling the world. They closed the book even from the beginning to wait for a vaccine for Corona. They have left the innocent Black Community suffering from HIV without protection of ART. The damages which Corona has done in the short period of six months is nothing compared to HIV.

HIV originating in 1981 has killed 35 million people. Corona has killed 867,000 people in the short period of six months. In Corona there is more hope than in HIV. People who get Corona produce anti-bodies which prevent them from receiving Corona a second time in most cases. Corona disease can eventually reach Herd Immunity.  A vaccine is being developed for Corona which should be available in the next few months. A vaccine has still not been developed for HIV-AIDS.

Out of the lack of having a vaccine, medical science has produced ART anti-viral treatment for people infected by Aids. ART provides many benefits including improved health, increased lifespan, increased immunity viremia, and prevention of transmission to babies and partners.

HIV is spread through blood, semen, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, and breast milk. Corona is much more contagious than HIV which is transmitted through certain ways of physical contact between people or through blood while Corona may be more treatable spreads rapidly through droplets produced by coughing and sneezing, talking called aerosols which can reach anyone within six feet.

Black Lives Matter. The previous administrations did not protect the black community from AIDS-HIV before they were devastated by Corona.

Approximately 38 million people throughout the globe have AIDS according to statistics in 2019 almost all adults. There are 1.7 million new cases each year statistics 2019. Only 81% of people with AIDS have been tested.  Only 67% of these people are taking medicine ART.  HIV unlike Corona does not produce antibodies which heal them. There is no recovery for AIDS like Corona. People who take ART must continue to take the medicine their whole lives.

Medicines which have been tested and used to heal Corona strengthen the immunity system enough to allow the natural immunity of people infected their own antibodies to complete their healing.  The FDA has not given approval for the use of Hydrochloroquine to be prescribed by GPs for home use. The medicine in not dangerous but the use of Hydrochloroquine unlike ART is for only five days in the beginning when testing positive.

Corona has caused difficulties for those that have HIV.  People who have HIV and are not under treatment their immunity systems are weakened by the AIDS virus and they are more vulnerable to Corona. There are not yet statistics regarding existing medical conditions of people under the age of 60 that have died from Corona. Black Americans die from Corona at three times the rate of white people.

Black Americans have been disproportionately affected by HIV. Although they represent only 12% of the U.S. population, they account for 43% of people in America estimated to be living with HIV and 44% of those that have died from HIV.  The relationship between deaths of Black Americans from Corona seems to be connected to HIV amongst the Black Community.

Corona virus which hit America and the world did not give the world the time to finish healing the HIV-AIDS pandemic. The damage done by Corona has been compounded on the damage done by HIV.  There is a question whether those that are using ART can also benefit by Hydrochloroquine.  Sometimes medicines do not mix.

This means the HIV community that has AIDS will not benefit from Hydrochloroquine.  The use of Hydrochloroquine if successful to reduce deaths and hospitalizations would leave out the HIV community waiting for the vaccine which is being developed. The rest of the population would be able to exist on anti-viral medicines including Remdesvir without the need for the vaccine. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx on the staff of President Trump were leading the campaign to help AIDs victims.

Corona has complicated the situation which has separated the HIV community and its needs from the rest of the American population. The vaccine will be good for every American. The FDA and WHO feel that by authorizing the treatment with Hydrochloroquine might even leave the AIDS community without a vaccine, when the population will depend on anti-virals and Herd Immunity. Mixing anti-virals ART, other medications and Hydrochloroquine or Remdesvir does not work.  People are on many medications today which may complicate the use of anti-virals for Corona. The vaccine will be also for them.

Interfaith prayer in Jerusalem during Corona Pandemic.

Corona is here to stay.  Without a vaccine or using anti-viral treatment for Corona the population will have to sit in quarantine.  Children will lose important school studies. HIV Pandemic needs quarantining just like Corona; those which have HIV must be identified through compulsory testing and ART must also be made compulsory.

Gays are afraid to begin using ART because it is long term and may damage their sex desires. The life of Gays have become more important to WHO and the FDA than the needs of school children. The Gay Community is only a small part of the American and World Society. Sacrificing for their needs is interfering with normal civilian life. Gays have to learn to sacrifice their sexual pleasures for the rest of mankind test for HIV and take ART when prescribed. Corona is forcing gays to make this decision.

The concept of Universal faith as taught by Baha”i includes the ideal that all men are created equal but at the same time it gives the opportunity for people, a nation, a religion to excel and improve.  On the level of the macrocosm all men are created equal; but at the same time each person is a separate entity. Communism and socialism makes a nation and a world where each person is bound socially to their nation without freedom and creativity. Free Enterprise means an economic unit which allows people to make their own private enterprise rather than like Communist China everything belongs to the state.

Dr. Simone Gold in her video complained that people and doctors that have been denied freedom to treat and be treated with Hydrochloroquine are being ruled over like in a dictatorship. It seems that the FDA and WHO wants one treatment a vaccine for everyone rather than to allow the freedom for people to heal in other ways. Individual rights even the rights of medical doctors are being trampled upon.

In the treatment of AIDS-HIV pandemic there was also the opportunity to quarantine and separate gay couples infected with HIV from the rest of the society because they were carrying the virus with the potential to spread it to others. The government could have made compulsory testing and compulsory treatment. Dr Fauci and Dr Birx were the leaders of the medical staff against HIV.  They decided to give the gay community freedom even if they were infected with HIV.

Now in the Corona Pandemic the FDA WHO and Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci have taken the freedom away from Americans when Corona virus is less of a threat especially when can be employed anti-virals in the early stages.  By not eliminating the spread of AIDS/HIV coronavirus has killed three times as many blacks as whites. The Gay Community was not protected by FDA WHO Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Brix from Corona virus before it appeared.  Gays have human rights in a democracy which has backfired on them and their supporters. AIDS Pandemic is worldwide which has contributed to the large amount of deaths from Corona throughout the world.

FDA and WHO do not believe in the hand of God in life. It seems that Corona virus accidently was sent from China to the whole world by God with the purpose of awakening the world to the needs of the HIV AIDS community. They can no longer be given free choice to use ART or to avoid examination check-ups.  The gay community are a health hazard when they refuse to take ART.  They cannot be allowed freedom to avoid testing for AIDS and taking ART. Their lives are in danger and the Health Department is at blame. AIDS HIV education is necessary in Public Schools. Children should know the consequences and dangers of AIDS-HIV infection.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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