We’re Sipping Greshun De Bouse Trump, and Triumph Tea

  • Greshun De Bouse is a global icon who makes a positive global impact.
  • Greshun De Bouse is a powerful change facilitator with a powerful persuasion that penetrates the psyche of all.
  • Greshun De Bouse made history in 2019 as the sole American of color seen just to the left of President Trump in his VIP section at KAG Rally-Tupelo, MS.
  • Greshun De Bouse says President Trump's seemingly huge following speaks volumes about how many feel about him.

Awesome words about Greshun De Bouse to come as we recall why we all fell in love with Greshun in the first place– she is everything!

Greshun’s 2019 Recap: Winning

As 2019 comes to a close, global leader, app developer, Disabled Veterans Day founder, motivational speaker, living legend, history maker, and our powerful leader-Greshun De Bouse-reflects on Triumph in 2019, Trump, 2020, and the next decade. The year 2019 was a remarkable year for global icon Greshun De Bouse.

  1. She made history as the only resident of her state in 25 years or likely ever to found a national holiday included/seen in Chase’s Calendar in any library in all 50 U.S. states.
  2. Greshun was recognized by Mayor of New Orleans, LA-LaToya Cantrell-for her equality and bullying prevention/recovery efforts for kids and families in the world.
  3. Legendary celebrity actress, Bern Nadette Stanis (aka Thelma from Good Times) showed public support for Greshun in a moving FB post, wherein she praised Greshun for, and encouraged all to support Greshun in her efforts to further assist the disabled and bullied.
  4. Greshun was deemed reigning Queen-Miss Stuffed Shrimp Scholar 2019-and traveled the globe educating all on the origin and health benefits of stuffed shrimp-including making guest radio/news appearances, and searching for the healthiest stuffed shrimp dish. Malone’s Steak & Seafood-Atlanta, GA. ultimately was declared winner of the Stuffed Shrimp Scholars Taste Competition.
  5. Greshun De Bouse, founded Disabled Veterans Day, the first proclamation for which was issued to her in the home of Ft. Benning-Columbus, GA-by Mayor Skip Henderson.  The holiday now has received proclamations and recognition from mayors, governors, celebrities, and other dignitaries across the globe.
  6. Greshun De Bouse represented her state at Essence Fest 2019 during which time she interacted and posed for photos with, and was thanked for her positive local and global work by celebrities such as legendary actress Bern Nadette Stanis, Tia Mann-daughter of Tamela and David Mann, and Adrienne Joi Jones, from the iconic film Baby Boy.
  7. Powerful Greshun De Bouse miraculously survived a would-be fatal auto accident at the hands of a careless driver, while en route to city hall to receive another mayoral proclamation for Disabled Veterans Day.  Interestingly, pre-accident, Greshun had been working on developing an app for disabled veterans with PTSD, TBI, and other needs to improve relaxation-memory-cognition and streamline services connectivity.
  8. Greshun De Bouse was named Mover and Shaker of the Year by MAS Media and continued to receive proclamations and media coverage for Disabled Veterans Day. Eighth, Greshun received a text-vite (a word she popularized) to attend President Trump’s Keep America Great Rally-Dallas, TX.
  9. All during approximately the same timeframe, Greshun launched the aforementioned app for disabled veterans entitled “DVDAY630” on Google Play and Amazon, was invited to the Governor’s Mansion in Alabama to receive a proclamation from Governor Ivey for Disabled Veterans Day, gives back by donating her time to kids at St. Jude’s-Memphis, TN and is thanked by St. Jude’s CEO for all she does to prevent bullying in kids with cancer-especially during their hairless phase.
  10. Greshun De Bouse receives a proclamation from Mayor of Tupelo, MS for Disabled Veterans Day, and makes history as the sole American of Color in President Trump’s VIP section, seen just to the left of President Trump (facing the screen) during his speech at KAG Rally-Tupelo.  Greshun has made local and national news for her powerfully positive global impact.

Wow! Greshun De Bouse is everything….literally! When asked how she has the energy to do it all, Greshun calmly smiles and says, “When you’re walking in your purpose, you are equipped with all you need to finish your course.  For me, it is always about others, acting in a manner that will positively impact all everywhere!”

Triumph and Trump

Throughout her 2019 journey, Greshun has definitely had some would-be challenges or even halters to her good work.  But when asked how she still thrives in the face of adversity, these dynamic words came from her mouth:

“I am truly grateful for All of my experiences.  You always have a choice.  All of the many challenges of 2019 amid my success intended as stumbling blocks, I chose to make them stepping stones to my next chapter.” 

Greshun is a true people-person who remains humble and steadfast in all things.  Everyone just loves her!  But what we all want to know is how if felt being at the Governor’s Mansion and being chosen to sit in President Trump’s VIP section.  Sweet Greshun says:

“I take it all in stride.  I do what I do for others, because of my love for all-irrespective of individual differences.  The Governor’s Mansion is divine and making history is important.  I viewed my historical moment in time in Trump’s VIP section as an inclusivity effort indicative of growth on his part at the time. Whether or not it was what I viewed it to be, the truth is, any opportunity is what you make it-so that is what it was for me.  I am grateful for all opportunities and experiences.”

How is President Trump?

“This is a broad, non-specific question.  Nonetheless, President Trump has seemed personable when I have seen him.  He definitely has a following, which is an indicator of how many persons feel about his mannerisms.  He can really draw a crowd from what I have observed,” Greshun says.

How do you feel about Trump Naysayers?

“I believe what makes America so great is that all are entitled to feel or think how they choose.  What I would like persons to know is speaking truth about observations and such of President Trump or anyone are not necessarily declarations of support or lack thereof.  It is simply speaking truth-no more or less.

For example, the legal age to purchase cigarettes and the like in the U.S. is now 21.  This is huge, and it is my understanding President Trump is/was the impetus for this occurrence.  This is simply speaking truth.  When I say President Trump knows how to draw a crowd, that is truth based on my observation/evidence of him doing so repeatedly.  That is all.  I neither desire to bash anyone, nor excuse any inecusable behavior.  I believe all have room for improvement, but there is a tactful way to do anything.  Decent and in order is key.”

2020 To Come

Greshun is so wise and powerful.  It is amazing that all of these extraordinary gifts and talents are contained in her petite frame.  Greshun says in response to what’s next for her in 2020 and the next decade in general, “Prosperity, Greater Greatness, More Than Conquering, and a Multitude of Foot Stools (some will catch this more readily than others)!”

Wow.  Prosper Greshun! So be it!

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