Wewgo Ball Bearings 608-2RS: Over 70% Fake Reviews on Amazon – by a Fake Company

We went through the reviews of Wewgo Ball Bearing 608-2RS and they had an incredible rating of 4.4 stars by Amazon. For this very high rating they were awarded an Amazon Choice Badge.

Having 4.4 stars made everything about this product look great, but there’s one major issue: The reviews were bought. Worst yet, over 70% of the total reviews for the Wewgo Ball Bearing 608-2RS were fake. Wewgo is another cheater!  It appears everything about Wewgo was set up from day one to be a consumer scam, more on that later.  Wewgo never deserved the Amazon Choice Badge.  We’ve asked Amazon publicly to remove fake advertisers /reviews from their platform but after many complaints about Ebanel (so far the most successful at being a serial perpetrator of consumer fraud), they haven’t even removed the Amazon verified fake reviews or Amazon’s Choice Badge!

With over 70% of reviews were fake, Wewgo still won an Amazon Choice Badge With a very high score of 4.4 Stars.

Link WEWGO 608-2R5

According to Pew Research Center, 82% of the adults read the reviews before making their online purchases, and two-thirds who read reviews regularly regard them as “generally accurate,” according to The New York Times.  This means that 82% of the buyers for this Wewgo product are being purposely mislead and that’s before Amazon gave them their Choice Badge.

Thirteen out of 18 (or 72%) of the reviews listed below are verified fake reviews. Nine of the companies providing fake reviews for Wewgo received Amazon’s Choice Badge, basically rewarding them for fake reviews.

We reached out to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Congressman Frank Pallone both on the Committee of Energy and Commerce. They are demanding that Amazon explain what it does about “deceptive product ratings and reviews.”

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is the chair of the House Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce — who also sent a letter to Amazon’s CEO asking for a better understanding of how the tech giant identifies, removes, and prevents deceptive reviews and ratings of the products on its marketplace.

Janice Danoff Schakowsky Born May 26, 1944) is the U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 9th congressional district, serving since 1999. She is a member of the Democratic Party.

This is What Some Consumer Fraud Reviews Looks Like

Below are the 13 reviewers who, amazingly, all reviewed similar products. For example ZasLuke VGA to HDMI Output 1080P Adapter was reviewed by four out of the 13 accounts.  Casmonal Womens Leather Card (a purse) had the attention of an amazing seven out of the 13 reviewers (or over 50%), and these same reviewers were interested in ball bearings too, which you would assume is mostly purchased by men. When you see the same non-related items in 50% of the reviewer accounts, again and again, you know these are from a fake review farm.

ReviewerProducts Reviewed

Elliott ClevelandZasLuke VGA to HDMI Output 1080P Adapter

Avery Bonnie – Aqualantis Aquarium

Ford Chandler (with 12 reviews) Rtreek Jar Opener, Jar Opener for Weak Hands – 2nd WEWGO 608-2RS Ball Bearings,Skateboard Bearings,Double Rubber – NapaWalli Genuine Leather Cash Coin Purse – EMISH Mobile Game Controller – Doboli Compatible with Apple Watch Band – LED Strip Lights, Usieka 300

Waters EmersonEMISH Mobile Game Controller – Casmonal Womens Leather Card Case – B-Mardi Locking Carabiner Clips – Chelmon Genuine Leather Coin Purse – 2nd Casmonal Womens Leather Card  – ZasLuke VGA to HDMI Output 1080P Adapter – Travelambo Credit Card Case Cover – IBENZER MacBook Air 13 Inch Case 2018 – 2nd IBENZER MacBook Air 13 Inch Case 2017 – Cevapro Upgraded Dustproof Masks

Agatha Carpenter Travelambo Credit Card Case Cover –  Casmonal Womens Leather Card Case — Travelambo Credit Card Case Cover – Women’s Nursing Tops Breastfeeding Shirt –  – ZasLuke VGA to HDMI Output 1080P Adapter – IBENZER MacBook Air 13 Inch Case 2016 –  Cevapro Upgraded Dustproof Masks –  EMISH Mobile Game Controller

Wooten Annabelle – LED Strip Lights, Usieka 300  – NapaWalli Genuine Leather Cash Coin Purse – 200PCS Nail Art Tips Extension Forms Guide French – Chelmon Genuine Leather Coin Purse – Foscomax HDMI to RCA, HDMI to AV 3RCA CVBs Composite Video Audio 1080P –  Casmonal Womens Leather Card – USB Endoscope, Teslong New Upgrade 720P

Mccullough Harley – Cevapro Cycle Gloves Mountain Road Bike Gloves — Travelambo Credit Card Case Cover – NapaWalli Genuine Leather Cash Coin Purse – Cevapro Upgraded Dustproof Masks

Mcconnell ChristianFonhcoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses Anti Blue Ray Computer Game Glasses- Short Snout Dog Muzzles – BestSounds Rosewood Color Guitar Capo – Water Bottle Pump, Water Dispenser – 200PCS Nail Art Tips Extension Forms Guide French  – B-Mardi Locking Carabiner Clips – Casmonal Womens Leather Card – EMISH Mobile Game Controller – Aqualantis Siphon Aquarium –  IBENZER MacBook Air 13 Inch Case 2016

Sampson Frederica AukeyStar Round Clear Plastic Coin Holders – Aqualantis Aquarium- –  Cevapro Upgraded Dustproof Masks —  Casmonal Womens Leather Card

Carney NicoleNapaWalli Genuine Leather Cash Coin Purse – ZasLuke VGA to HDMI Output 1080P Adapter – EMISH Mobile Game Controller  – Casmonal Womens Leather Card

Clemons UrsaCevapro Summer Face Mask – Vention USB C to HDMI Cable — LED Strip Lights, Usieka

Steele JoeTravelambo Credit Card Case Cover – Aqualantis Aquarium  – B-Mardi Locking Carabiner Clips – XL Dog Rope Toy for Aggerssive Chewers –  Casmonal Womens Leather Card

Jarvis Esmond –  Casmonal Womens Leather Card

Burris Rita  – B-Mardi Locking Carabiner Clips

It appears that they on purpose want to hide all aspects of their company.  Including their return mailing address.  This is not the sign of a good review, or even a honest company, yet the have earned the Amazon’s Choice Badge. It ‘s what we call a fake company.

According to the FTC, third parties “such as advertising agencies or website designers…may be liable for making or disseminating deceptive representations if they…know about the deceptive claims.

An Amazon spokesman has claimed  “even one inauthentic review is one too many.” So when we show them these verified claims rapidly, why haven’t they taken any action?

 Wewego is Operating as a Fake Company

We tried to reach out to Wewgo, but could not find any Website, Facebook, or Ebay company information (many of their products are listed on Ebay by individual resellers) or any company that claimed to represent them.  It appears several of the fake reviewed companies were designed from day one to be completely staged, untraceable consumer scam firms.We are finding many of the fake review companies are non US companies that are presented on Amazon to be very legitimate established US operations. We believe (based on proving that they have almost no traceable records) that many of these company were established with the clear intention of utilizing Amazon fake review farms. They have no intention of making even a minimal investment to provide a simple online store front for communications, such as in this case with Wewgo.  In our experience, if we can not locate a company, then the company does do not want to be found.

If you know about any Amazon fake review issues, please send it to: CommunalNews1@gmail.com

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