What Are Freelance Business Services? – How Can They Help Your Business? 

Freelance business services are specialized services you can acquire through the internet. If you hire an attorney to create a will, use Uber, or hire a coder to fix your website, these are specialized business services. However, we are mainly referring to the unique specialized business services you can acquire over a freelance gig platform.

Here are a couple of true stories about how freelance online services have helped our many small businesses:

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Owning a many small business and being an entrepreneur, we found freelance business services to be a fantastic solution to many issues. We were instructed once by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to install new safety and testing products into one of our facilities.  The general manager and I felt we could not afford to hire such a person full time, but when the government strongly requests something, of course you comply.

We had no idea how to begin, with no guidance how to build this system, and we had zero skills ourselves in FDA required testing. So we went to the Freelance Global Gigs to find an FDA testing expert and found one we liked at a surprisingly competitive cost. We were able to complete an integration of higher testing and safety levels, using very complex testing equipment, with FDA approved procedures written specifically for our small operation, allowing us to stay in federal compliance. We could not have done this without outside help, and when you add in the fact that we knew of no one with such skills in our small community, this possibly saved our entire operation that requires FDA approval.

We also run a large number of websites, mostly on WordPress.  Because of the sheer number of business and the complexity of a few sites, the computer skills required to run, update and improve the websites are constantly changing.  So we have taken the approach of having several specialists providing freelance services.  We have graphics specialists, who provide logos and specialty images.

Sharing economy is a term for a way of distributing goods and services, a way that differs from the traditional model of corporations hiring employees and selling products to consumers. In the sharing economy, individuals are said to rent or “share” things like their cars, homes and personal time to other individuals in a peer-to-peer fashion

We have several writers who do the majority of our content, and many seem to have very specialized content knowledge. So we are able to select writers based on their background before offering them a gig.  We have web programmers that we use as our firemen; they solve our problems that, based on Murphy’s Law, always occurs when you least expect something to go wrong. We often use our firemen for general upgrades, acquiring a couple of bids on any sizable build-out or improvements under consideration. In this way, we have an idea of their skill set and cost as we plan our next stages of growth.

So we have migrated to using a web services model more and more, as we’ve recognized this arrangement provides us with more flexibility, skills sets and timely execution– all at a lower cost.  We now run a good portion of our companies virtually. This allows the managers to focus more energy on developing new and better products as well as newer market opportunities– all again at a lower overall cost.

Even if we wanted to go back (we don’t), we could not afford the much higher cost structure of the traditional business model. The gig economy platforms have not only transformed our small business, this new phenomenon will forever change the world’s view about how to run a successful company.

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