What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in America?

  • The list of dangerous jobs in America continues to grow and logging continues to be at the top of this list.
  • Healthcare workers are on this list right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Some of the injuries people might sustain include bone fractures, crush injuries, head injuries, and even infections.

There are countless ways to make a living in this country and some jobs are more dangerous than others. No matter what job someone takes, it is important to know about the risks. With this in mind, what are the most dangerous jobs in America?

LoggingLogging continues to be listed as one of the most dangerous jobs. In some cases, it is considered to be the most dangerous job in the country. There are countless reasons why this job is so dangerous. First, this job involves a lot of driving, which presents plenty of opportunities for accidents to happen. Then, workers are supposed to cut down trees. This involves heavy, sharp equipment that could lead to serious injuries. Finally, as the trees fall down, this could cause someone to get crushed, leading to bone fractures, chest injuries, crush syndrome, and other serious complications.

Healthcare: It should come as no surprise that healthcare is ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs given the current pandemic. There are a lot of risks that healthcare workers face every day from heavy lifting to long hours and dangerous exposures; however, nothing is more dangerous right now than COVID-19. The list of healthcare workers who have lost their lives to this virus continues to grow.

Fishing: Some people might be surprised to hear that fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs. The biggest risk when it comes to fishing involves boating accidents and adverse weather. While the growth of radar and GPS technology provides fishermen with an advanced warning regarding severe weather, boating accidents can still happen. If disaster strikes on the high seas, there might not be a lot of options for rescue.

Loggers are supposed to cut down trees. This involves heavy, sharp equipment that could lead to serious injuries.

Roofers: Finally, roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs as well. The biggest risk of injury from roofing has to do with fall injuries. If someone falls from the roof of a house, this could lead to serious bone fractures or even death. It is a good idea for roofers to ensure that their equipment works properly. Then, they need to always keep their wits about them and keep their balance.

Airplane Pilot: While airplane pilots might have one of the most exciting jobs in the world, this does not come without its risks. Flying airplanes is a dangerous job. They often work long hours and are under constant stress while they are in the air. They are continuously taking directions from the control tower to avoid other planes and weather. Furthermore, mechanical difficulties could down a craft, taking everyone with it. For this reason, airplane pilots have one of the most dangerous jobs.

Miners: Some people might be surprised to hear that mining is among the most dangerous jobs as well. While regulations have made mining safer over the years, there is still the risk of a tunnel collapsing or the risk of an explosion going off. This comes in addition to the healthcare problems that could arise from inhaling dust and fumes.

These are only a few of the most jobs in America that can be considered dangerous. It is critical for everyone to know what the risks of their jobs might be. That way, they can take the right precautions to stays as safe as possible when they show up to work every day.

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