What is a Freelance Global Gig Platform and What Makes the Gig Platform So Important?

A freelance gig platform is a listing of gigs (jobs) for business services.  The number of gigs on a platform can be unlimited. The world is moving to micro specialists– someone who is an expert in a small specialized or micro field. A gig is a specialized service, such as writing superior press releases, or a product launch specialist. If you’re a specialist in say hydroponics, WordPress, or cryptocurrency, it can be difficult for potential employers to find your services. Maybe you want to get onto a platform that supports business, that will help you access an industry with explosive growth? Being on a diversified gig platform, people can drill down and find more specific services that they need.

Communal Marketplace
At Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace we believe we charge the lowest fee of any gig platform that provides a high level of complete services– at only 14%.  Most competitive services charge 20%. Our very open low-cost service allows you to split a savings of possibly over 40%– that’s money that a small business person (like you) might really enjoy.

The main reason to list on several platforms is to find employers. Some are significantly better then others and bigger is not always better. If a platform has a limited number of buyers, and many experts looking for gigs, the odds of receiving steady work from just one platform is low.

A new model platform has entered the field. This organization, Communal News (CN), is integrating its gig postings with a massive database of news, market research and blog postings, allowing its nearly 1.4 million readers to view your individualized postings. While that solves the number one reason why people uses gig platforms (to make money), only time will tell if the new platform can contribute (with built-in push marketing) significantly higher returns or clients for the freelance gig providers.

New Freelance Global Gigs Low Cost Platform will be linked to over 200,000 related news posts throughout the globe on Communal News in 97% percent of the world’s languages and on Google News.

Choosing the best platform (or multiple platforms) to advertise your services depends on many factors, for example:

Price: Some charge over 20%, several are under 17%. The lower the overall cost, the better. (CN is 14%)

Buyers vs Sellers:  Look for a platform that provides tens of thousands of views for your services. Avoid platforms with endcaps, where one or two gig workers are successful but nearly everyone else is underperforming.

Honesty in paying:  This is very important and many established platforms already have clouded backgrounds.

Ability to promote you: This is our favorite. Only a few platforms really work at promoting the products. In time, we think this will be a game changer.

Is two better then one?  Should you list with more than one gig platform? Of course! In today’s short-lived freelance gig platform market, not only is two better then one, but three is better than two.

Try our Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace Library

We hope you find a platform that works for you and drives the type of business your hard work and honest effort deserves.

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Freelance Global Gigs

Freelance Global Gigs We are building an open internet freelance marketplace service to help you, our readers, gain faster and more unfiltered services with the goal of providing the most intellectually diversified services we can.  Communal Freelance Marketplace has partnered with Communal News to provide a unique and special marketplace surrounded by a news provider with fresh, rich daily content to encourage more activity within our marketplace. This will significantly increase the number of buyers and sellers on our open platform and our growth rate– an enriching experience for all!

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