What is the Best Hair Transplant Method in 2021 to Be Adopted?

  • A hair transplant method is the most popular treatment as a result of baldness and hair thinning.
  • Early age baldness cause depression and people look for reliable treatment.
  • In this article, we will be discussing various remedies for hair loss and hair treatment and then you can decide which the best hair transplant method is in 2021.

What is DHI hair transplant?

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation this method is the advanced form of FUE transplant. In the DHI technique, a pen-shaped tool with a fine tip is used to extract and insert the hair follicles.

The cost of DHI hair transplant is $2000-$15000. The cost of the procedure alters greatly based on the place where the transplant is taken, the city, the clinic, the total count of hair follicles to be implanted. Insurance companies don’t cover these costs as DHI is considered cosmetic procedure.

A DHI method is not considered specifically more effective than other methods it is a modified version of FUE and has the potential like FUE to treat baldness in men and women.  This method is even practiced by clinics of hair transplant in Faisalabad.

What is a SUT hair transplant?

SUT hair transplant is a new hair restoration technique that is performed by skilled people with the help of automatic tools. The hair follicles are removed by a laser device from the donor site, and then these hair follicles are frozen and after that transferred to the bald areas. Due to the freezing process, the hair follicles are not destroyed.

The treatment is carried out by using local anesthesia. The best point of this treatment is that a great number of hair follicles as compared to other techniques can be transferred from donor to recipient location.

SUT hair transplant is a new hair restoration technique that is performed by skilled people with the help of automatic tools.

What is a Stem cell Hair Transplant?

A stem cell transplant is not very common. In this method, a large number of hair follicles are not extracted instead a small sample of skin is removed from which the hair follicles are removed. These are then replicated in the laboratories and eventually inserted into the scalp. In this way, both, the donor area and the recipient area are able to grow hair.

A punch biopsy is used to extract stem cells to carry out the procedure.

Potential side effects of Stem cell hair transplant apart from bleeding and infection include nerve or artery damage underneath the procedure site.

What is the FUE hair transplant method?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In the FUT hair transplant method, the patient’s hair follicles are removed and transferred to the scalp with less hair or bald area. This method is becoming more prominent and is adopted by more patients. It is a completely safe method with a rare risk of infection. It is not painful due to local anesthesia and post-treatment pain relief pills.

Moreover, the recovery is also swift and not more than 10 days will it take you to resume your daily chores.

Latest Hair Transplant Techniques

The latest hair transplant techniques 2021 include NeoGraft hair transplant apart from the above-mentioned techniques.

A NeoGraft technique is the most advanced technique, it can be called a semi-automated edition of FUE. The NeoGraft process works by removing hair follicles with a suction wand. Inserting the follicles is easier in this method because separate incisions are not made instead with the help of a unique tool incision and harvesting is done together.

The best hair transplant in the world is considered as the FUE treatment, as it is risk-free and it doesn’t produce large scars. The result it yields is satisfactory and completely natural. Moreover, it is the earliest successful treatment.  You can have affordable hair transplant in Rawalpindi, Pakistan with best facilities.

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