What Makes a Wedding Special? How Does a Bride Plan for Such an Event? Making Your Wedding an Affordable Dream Wedding.

What makes a wedding special? Is it money?  No.

Is it doing what your friends did ?  No.

It’s about making it your special day. We have won “Wedding Venue of the Year” three times in a row and what we believe brides really want is their own special day. A day that bring their family and friends in from the present and past to meet and enjoy the time with their spouses family and old friends.  A wedding should feel very warm inside and be a joyous occasion.

From the venue to the bride’s dress, everything should be welcoming, open and fun. Even though it is not as important as the ceremony itself, this might just be the most important day of your life. Our best advice is to simply try to enjoy the entire journey, the time with family, because this great event will pass rather fast and the memories will be significant and long lasting.

Every loves the ring of the pioneer belfry to celebrate a new wedding. The ringing is one of the oldest wedding traditions,used to provide good luck and chase away bad spirits in your newly blessed wedding.

We welcome you in Oregon to visit our award winning – best wedding venue.  We are rated 5 stars for our service and affordable prices. Affordable Dream Wedding has won Best Wedding Venue (Gold) in Salem, Oregon – awarded by the Statesman Journal – 3 years in a row. We are proud to help everyone to be able to afford a dream wedding.

Affordable Dream Wedding – Hubbard Chapel is a venue that makes you feel so comfortable that right up to the day of the event, you will be convinced that you made the right choice. We have heard this repeated many times from both the bride and groom. The owner Carrie, who is also the venue coordinator, has heard the following words, repeated many times at the end of the couple’s wedding day.

“We and our family and guest were so happy with everything.”

Everything Carrie does to help coordinate the event is designed to hear those words when the wedding is complete. She tells the couple at the start that this is not a 5-star hotel and many couples laugh and say “that is why we love this place!” Couples tell her that “it feels right to be here” and “we can feel the structure of this venue.”

It’s important that your time is well spent and that we meet your goals for funding, family, and friends. We want you to relish the time leading, into and enjoy all aspects of, one of the most wonderful times in your life.

Affordably Dream Wedding has won the gold metal 3 years in a row for “Best Wedding Venue” by the Statesman Journal, the largest Newspaper in Salem, Oregon. This is an annual public vote for the best services and products.

Affordable Dream Weddings – Hubbard Chapel provides a very wholesome and warm feeling from the moment you enter. We find that couples of all ages, from young first-time marriages to second weddings at an older age, are attracted to our venue.  And the feeling is matched by their guests. As the couples stroll through Hubbard Chapel what seems to seal their decision is when they hear the ringing of the 125-year old bells that are still where they were placed when the building was constructed.

We invite you to come for a tour and see if this is the right venue for your special day.  Please give us a call to schedule a tour at 503-730-8986 or email hubbardchapel@gmail.com.

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