What NOT To Do If Pulled Over By The Police – Don’t Turn A Routine Traffic Stop Into Something Worse

  • There is no such thing as a routine traffic stop.
  • Losing your cool will probably not go in your favor.
  • Cops are just as wary of you as you may be of them.

At some point, most drivers get pulled over by the cops. How they react can be the difference between getting home in time for the evening news and being the lead story. Most of the time, the encounters end with the driver going away with just a ticket, Or, better yet, a warning. But, sometimes, things can go much worse. Here is a list of things you should do if you’re ever pulled over by police. Unless you’re like, a serial killer or something…

Why do cops approach all drivers like escaped convicts on the lam in a stolen car? The simple answer is, it might be true. It took decades after the explosion of the private ownership of motor vehicles before cops started realizing that some of those drivers were the bad guy and would do ANYTHING to get away. Stories of unwary police officers performing a routine traffic stop getting blown away by a desperate criminal unwilling to go to jail necessitated the tactic that essentially boils down to: You’re guilty until proven innocent. Any traffic cop will admit it’s better to be safe than sorry.

STOP! It’s Probably A Real Cop: Fake cops are not the norm. And, if the real cops have to chase you, they get super pissed.

Turn Your Hazards On:  If it’s too dangerous to pull over right away, turn on your flashing hazard lights to let the cop know you’re not running away on them. That should save at least ONE ticket.

Pull To The Right As Far As Possible: You might be completely innocent. But there could be other drivers behind you more deserving of being pulled over. For your own safety (and, oh yeah, the cop’s) don’t find out until it’s too late.

Stay In The Car: You’re not used to being pulled over. A cop does it 10 times a day. Don’t get out just to show the cop why you’re innocent. Let your words do the talking.

Keep Your Hands On The Wheel: Don’t start reaching for the license and registration. As far as a cop knows, you could be reaching for an Uzi.

Lock Your Doors And Roll Down The Window Just Enough To Hear And Be Heard: Hey, You never know. As long as the cop can see and hear you, that’s good enough to get the ball rolling.

Don’t Let The Passenger Talk First: What have they got to lose? And, if they piss a cop off, YOU could end up going to jail.

Don’t Be A Smartass: Think of how many times you’ve had a bad day. For cops, it’s just about EVERY day. Don’t catch one in a bad mood and make it worse.

Be Polite: Sure, you’re ticked off and in a hurry. But, if you piss a cop off, they can keep you there as LOOOOONG as they want.

Why do cops touch your taillight before approaching the driver? In today’s world the police are equipped with sophisticated electronic tools which can record every moment of a cop’s shift, including routine traffic stops. But, it wasn’t always that way. In the old days, traffic cops would touch a taillight before approaching a driver so as to leave a fingerprint behind, proving (if necessary) that the police officer had in fact come in contact with the vehicle. Hey, you never know…

Don’t Admit To Speeding: It’s up to the police to prove you’ve broken the law. Don’t make it easier by admitting to speeding. Let the cop tell you how fast you were going. And prove it.

Don’t Admit To Drinking: You don’t have an internal Breathalyzer. Usually, it takes a few drinks in a short time to get over the limit. If a cop suspects drinking and driving, let them go through their procedures. Assuming you’re sober enough to walk a straight line.

Don’t Consent To A Search: Police must have a warrant to search your car. Don’t let them fool you into thinking otherwise, even if you have nothing to hide. Make them do their job. Which is SUPPOSED to be protecting your rights.

Sign The Ticket: Signing a ticket is not an admission of guilt. It just completes the “transaction” between you and the local government. Argue your case in front of the judge. They don’t usually wrestle you to the ground and Tase you if you don’t comply. Or worse.

Remember. It’s the COPS who get to do that…

Do you have any more tips about what NOT to do if you’re pulled over by the police?

Let us know with a comment below!

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