What Will Happen When the United States Withdraws from Syria?

  • Will the Syrian Democratic Forces turn to terrorism when the US withdraws?
  • Will the Islamic State increase its recruitment efforts?
  • Will Iran increase its nuclear program and use the Qods Force for terrorist acts?

Up until now, I supported almost everything President Trump has on his agenda upto 2020 when we elect the President of the United States again. He reduced unemployment to a rate we have never seen in the last 50 years. Yes, underemployment is down, as well. However, I never realized that a part of his agenda, we would have the potential to create additional terrorist acts either in the United States or against US interests abroad.

Kurdish nationalism holds that the Kurdish people are deserving of a sovereign nation that would be partitioned out of areas in Turkey, northern Iraq, and Syria based on the promised nation of Kurdistan under the Treaty of Sèvres. Early Kurdish nationalism had its roots in the days of the Ottoman Empire, within which Kurds were a significant ethnic group. With the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the Kurdish-majority territories were divided between the newly formed states of Iraq, Syria and Turkey, making Kurds a significant ethnic minority in each state. Kurdish nationalist movements have long been suppressed by Turkey and the Arab-majority states of Iraq and Syria, all of whom fear loss of territory to a potential independent Kurdistan.

So, what did he do? According to press reports, we are pulling out of Syria because in order for the US to fight abroad, it has to benefit the US. Well, creating more terrorists is a direct impact on not only our national security but also our general welfare. According to the press, President Trump is also pulling us out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

In a deal between Presidents’ Trump and Erdogan, the US will pull out of Syria for Turkey to initiate a direct assault on the Kurdish-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. Most Kurds are also Sunni’s making this a possible catastrophe given that some experts say that Sunnis are more violent and less patient and strategic when it comes to Sunni radicals. So, are we going to experience what I predicted much less sooner than 20 years from now by having another one of our previous friends now become one of our enemies? This is a very good possibility given that President Trump is abandoning the Kurdish fighters who fought next to us to defeat the Islamic State. President Erdogan sees the Kurds as a threat to Turkey, given that the two have fought each other for over three decades.

Many Republicans who have supported President Trump most of the time are now showing their disapproval for this careless action. Some of the more well known individuals include House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and former SecDef Gen. Mattis, who have both expressed concern over the decision to turn our backs on the Kurds.

If President Erdogan orders the Turks into an all-out-war against the Kurds, Mustafa Bali tweeted that the Kurds will take the fight across the entire border to protect themselves from potential assailants. This will cause President Trump to order all of our troops home in the immediate war-torn area. It will also seem like the US is tucking its tail between its legs and running home. I mean, after all, we backed the SDF in the beginning. So, it is almost like we had a hand in starting the war.

Oh, and let us not forget about the thousands of Islamic State prisoners held captive that the United States will relinquish allowing Turkey to have control over the prisoners. The Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called upon those sleeper cells throughout the world to do all they can do to free the detainees and women held in jails and camps. It is rumored that Turkey still conduct torture even though it signed the UN Convention against Torture. This almost sounds like a spy novel. Is the US in cahoots with Turkey to gain intel from an HVT that Ms. Haspel will not let the US take part in?

All of this has to make Iran happy. With the United States out of the way and no JCPOA to abide by, President Rouhani and the Iranians are happy that they are able to delve further into their nuclear program and have the Qods attack Iran’s enemies. Will this include the US and/or Iran? Only time will tell.

Did President Trump make the right decision?

You decide…

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Jeremy Angelo

  Jeremy Angelo is the president of Public Policy Squared, LLC, which is a government relations and business strategy company. Jeremy Angelo has over 15 years of experience working with the Legislative and Executive Branches in a variety of analytical and strategic positions. He is a devoted husband and loving father. He is also the oldest of eight children. He has worked with children from various backgrounds and cultures. He is a native of Ohio and currently resides in northern Virginia. 

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