What’s the World’s Fastest Growing Smartphone Company and Do They Have Illicit Plans?

Did you think Apple or Samsung? No it’s Huawei.

Is Huawei using its incredibly fast China growth and government backing to help launch and control the 5G standard? Many are concerned. Huawei smartphone units shipped increased from 39.3 million in Q1 of 2018 to 59.1 million in Q1 2019 according to IDC 2019.

Huawei has been outspokenly against claims by the United States government that company products are a potential backdoor for Chinese intelligence. The Trump Administration has signed a ban on U.S. government use of Huawei Phones. Vodafone has confirmed hidden backdoors in Huawei equipment and Australia last year banned Huawei from supplying 5G equipment.

On Dec 1, 2018 Canadian police arrested Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou on bank fraud charges for allegedly concealing links between Huawei and two of its shell companies that conduct business in Iran, in violation of U.S. secondary sanctions.

What has Huawei done during all this feuding? Sales exploded in the Chinese market and the company plans to launch the world’s first “5G television” to join their wide array of 5G products such as 5G Base Station, 5G Smartphone, and 5G Routers.

Why is 5G so important? The companies that control the standard not only become very wealthy and powerful, they could control information flow. The Snowden documents confirmed that the N.S.A. had a mischievous goal of using Huawei backdoors as a way for them to target Americans–or essentially doing exactly the thing they are accusing Huawei of try to do to the United States.

As the U.S. and China battle the world for the 5G phone standard, Europe will have the key vote and the U.S. is pressuring many countries to ban Huawei next generation technologies.

The real problem for us as consumers is that we don’t want any government or company to spy on us, but knowing how large the stakes are, we will likely never be told the whole truth.

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Jay Black

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