When to Hire a Legal Assistant for Your Business

  • Legal Assistants can help you manage your office, the day to day and time management, as well as legal help.
  • By hiring a legal assistant, you can avoid over working your team by having the assistant do the leg work and help with research.
  • Legal assistants can help you deal with difficult and frustrated clients. Legal assistants are trained and versed in the system of laws which can help your customers get a new perspective on their situation.

Irrespective of the size of your legal practice or the type of law you practice, improving efficiency while minimizing costs is a priority. This is the only way that you can maintain a competitive edge. However, it is counterproductive to focus so much on reducing costs that you do not hire legal assistants when one could be beneficial to improving the efficiency of your practice.

Delegating is an important part of running a successful law office.

Legal Assistants Can Help Improve Time Management Issues

You are only making money if you are doing things you can bill for. However, running a law firm means that administrative work needs to be done. Unfortunately, administrative work doesn’t grow revenue for your firm. This is where a legal assistant can help.

If you are constantly doing tasks that stop you from focusing on work you can get paid for, you might hire an assistant. A common misconception lawyers often have, especially those who run a small firm, is that it is easier and faster for them to do the administrative tasks themselves.

However, it is important to remember that every hour or every fraction of an hour spent on administrative duties, like updating files, sending emails, or corresponding with clients, is eroding your company’s bottom line.

Avoid Overloading Your Team

Delegating is an important part of running a successful law office. You have a team of lawyers that you are paying for, so you need to use them. However, overloading your team can be detrimental.

Experienced lawyers may get frustrated if you ask them to routinely take on responsibilities that could be accomplished by an assistant with legal experience and training. You are hurting your lawyer’s productivity and impacting your firm’s ability to generate revenue.

Lawyers who cannot focus on billable tasks earn less money for the firm. They cannot help you build the firm by attracting new business or better serving current clients.

Your lawyers want to practice law. They did not go to law school to become part-time legal help.

Lawyers want to do meaningful work. If you force the lawyers on your team to accept responsibilities they do not find fulfilling or that they do not find to be the best use of their abilities, you may start losing valued staff members.

Frustrated Clients

Your clients are paying you to help them with complicated and sensitive legal issues. They expect that in exchange for their money, you are going to give them top-quality service.

If your lawyers are focus on handling administrative tasks, they cannot give your clients the service they deserve. Unhappy clients know that they have a plethora of law offices to choose from. If they are not getting what they need from you, they can quickly go down the street and find the next lawyer.

Lawyers want to do meaningful work.

Hiring an assistant with legal experience is preferable to providing your clients with subpar service. If your lawyers are overworked, it will not take long for your clients to notice. Your bottom line will suffer.

Determining When Help Is Needed

Are you still on the fence as to whether or not you should hire assistants? Look at your successful competitors. Are other successful law firms of your size and with your workload hiring assistants?

One of the best ways for your firm to improve costs and quality of the services offered to clients is by developing a team of skilled assistants with legal training to work with your lawyers. If you are worried that you are going to hire assistants who are not a good fit for your firm, why not hire them on a temporary basis? This helps you see if the assistants are right for your firm. It also helps you see whether or not they will actually improve the quality of the work done by your firm.


Understandably, you want your assistants to meet your firm’s specific needs and work well with your corporate culture. Good assistants should be knowledgeable and help your business maintain its competitive edge.

Your law firm will flourish if the lawyers you have working for you feel like they are using their time to accomplish something that is valuable. You will see an increase in revenue if you can focus your attention on billable tasks as opposed to administrative tasks.

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