When You Have the Best / Strongest Numbing Cream, You Have the Conviction to Stand Alone – So Be It!

Hi everyone, Drew Steig here, CEO of Pain Relief Naturally, the company that produces Numbify brand numbing products. I have spent a good portion of time over the last few months researching a phenomenon that is insanely difficult for me to wrap my head around. I attended a meeting this week where our analyst went through an excruciatingly long report detailing exactly how many of our competitors in the market place were using fake reviews. Out of the entire category of numbing products there were only 3 (including us) that we could find who were not using any fake reviews. This is a stark contrast to 4-5 years ago when we first entered the Amazon selling space, when only a few companies had fake reviews, and they were pretty skeevy so we deemed them not a huge risk.

“The fact that this fraud has been going on for many years means we should honor Jeff Bezos: he has achieve the mantle of world’s richest man, and we believe he will also be known for leading, and than profiting more than any single person from, the biggest consumer fraud in the history of the universe”. Communal News

As we discussed the issue with our analyst, we asked him why he thought that fake reviews were so prevalent in our industry, and his answer pointed us towards one defining incident. It started with Ebanel laboratories. Ebanel is listed as the number one selling numbing product on Amazon. He described their business practices as so abhorrent that even Walmart of all places refuses to work with them. When they entered the space a few years ago, they began by slowly but surely adding a few fake reviews a day until their reviews numbered in the thousands.

In the numbing space it is incredibly difficult to get reviews of any kind, positive or negative. It is a slow and excruciating process that happens maybe at a pace of 2-5 reviews a month. There is no possible way to get that level of reviews, even with a game changing product. Blind side-by-side testing of Ebanel’s numbing products shows them to be inferior to almost every other product on the market. They NEEDED those fake reviews just to keep up with products like Numbify. This isn’t all that surprising, Ebanel has long been a purveyor of review fraud on Amazon – they saw an opportunity in the numbing market to replicate their success, pushed out a poor product, and boosted the unethical advertising revenue – right into the pockets of the review farms.

Once Ebanel started pushing out these fake reviews, we believe, they also started attacking their competitors. Putting negative fake reviews on their products was the final straw for many in our field. A war began, fake negative reviews flying all over the place, and fake positive reviews piling up on themselves. It quickly became a mess with advertisers in even some of the most historically trustworthy brands like Aspercreme, Blue Emu and Preparation H showing up in the study providing fake reviews.  I will admit that even I wavered a small amount when I heard that. If established brands like those felt they couldn’t keep up without fake reviews, what chance do we– a relative newcomer– have of sticking this out?

Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market

It was suggested in our meeting that since all of our competitors are going down this road, that perhaps we should too. Maybe there just isn’t a way to compete without the fake reviews, at least not on Amazon. I was asked if we wanted to change direction and follow the pack. Statistics were discussed, if everyone is doing it then the risk of getting caught is minimal. How can we keep up when almost ALL of our competitors are sinking to this level? My response to them was the same response I have given before. NO!

No we will not sacrifice our integrity for an easy win! No we will not sink to the level of companies that plaster their competitors with lies and deceit! No we will not engage with and financially support the illegal activities of review farms that make a living defrauding American consumers!

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Numbify has been shown time and time again in blind side-by-side testing to be the most effective numbing agent on the market. It’s so good that despite the fake negative reviews (put on us because we call out this fraud, which only enrages and angers these cheaters more), we still manage to keep products on the 1st and 2nd pages of search results on Amazon. We gain more and more very loyal buyers every day, because of our stand, and because we provide a superior product. Time and time again our clients come back, no matter how many fake negative reviews are put on us.

Numbify.com challenges any 5% numbing cream to a side-by- side blind test to see what cream, spray or gel is the strongest. It must be conducted by a neutral third party. winner gets to write an article about the outcome and Numbify will publish it here on Communal News

Someone has to stand up and say “It stops with me!” And if no-one else will, I will. It stops with me. It stops with Numbify.  It stops with our company! The way to become an industry leader is through integrity and commitment to quality! As long as I hold the reins you can trust that every positive review that our products receive was earned legitimately. We will not cast aside our principles because things got hard. I truly believe that Numbify is the best that there is. We have spent an extraordinary amount of time and money perfecting our products, and anytime we find a way to make it better we do so, despite the expense. This is the way to become an industry leader, this is the way to stand side-by-side with the fraudulent companies and outsell them despite their massive amounts of fake reviews. People who have tried us know that if they want a great numbing product (regardless of the reviews), they can get it from us. I give a special thank you to all of our loyal customers who keep us at the top despite all the fraudulent sellers in the industry.

These frauds will not stop until the people rise up and say “Enough! We will only buy from honest companies.” So if you want an honest product, check out Numbify.com – The numbing product so good that our competitors have to use fake reviews just to keep up with us!!!

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