Where to Find Jobs in Argentina? Try the Freelance Gigs Profession selling your Services in the United States and Don’t Leave Your House

With the Argentina economy in a tailspin, we’ve seen the second largest one day stock drop combined with a 25% collapse of the Argentinian peso.  So where will the good jobs be for the future of Argentina? The unemployment rate was 9.48% in 2018, and that was before the big currency and stock market crash.  To make matter worse, the GDP per capita is only $14,401.97.

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“Wages in real terms have been falling nationally for eight months,” said Martin Montane, a labor market researcher at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires. He has forecast a 12-percent fall in real wages during the 12 months leading up to August, and he estimates a further growth of the unemployment rate to more than 11 percent in 2019.

So how can a creative person in Argentina today achieve a higher standard of living?  Start proving freelance online gig services on a  platform based in the United States— the opportunity is right inside your computer.   The average person in the United States providing freelance gig services is making over $70,000 per year. That is over 5 times more in pay than the average GDP is Argentina before the crash.   Not only is it a higher pay rate, the pay increases are growing much faster and the carriers are often longer.  With US unemployment at a record low of 3.7%, it hard for US companies to find quality employees. This has them reaching out at higher rates every year to the very fast growing Human Cloud for additional support.

The International Monetary Fund estimates that Argentina, wracked by a political crisis and having fallen into economic ruin years ago, is forecast to lose some 25 percent of its already anemic output this year.

This opportunity is not just for Argentina but even for all beginners with skills in all of South America including Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador and more.  You can now provide services directly into the US without any border wall. It’s available on your computer where you sit.

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For Argentina, if you can provide WordPress or website building and development, coding, digital marketing, social media, article writing, or digital advertising, cloud services, blockchain, security and more, there are opportunities for you.  There is almost as much opportunity for an Argentinian using US online freelance gig services (in this fast growing world with platforms such as Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace than there is for traditional workers finding employment in the US. This opportunity allows you to provide high quality services and out earn your next door neighbor without ever moving.

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What a beautiful opportunity to work at home and enjoy the American lifestyle while making possibly 5 times more then your neighbors. All while living in a country where the cost of basic services is lower, giving you significantly more personal freedoms than your fellow countrymen.  Many even start their future gig carriers in the slow times when raising a family or after a full time job, its very easy if you have the skills.  [bsa_pro_ad_space id=4]

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