Who is Ankuraakarshit?

  • Ankur aakarshit Yadav did his first video with his friends in 2016.
  • Then in 2019 he started working on Youtube.

Ankur aakarshit Yadav, known professionally as ankuraakarshit, is a Indian YouTube Personality. Ankuraakarshit(ankur aakarshit Yadav) is also a musical artist and entertainment content creator. He was born on September 12, 2002, at Ballia uttar pardesh. At present, he is living in Ballia with his family of four members.


He completed his primary and high school from  CBSE board high school and completed his Higher Secondary from manasthali education Center Ballia.

Ankur aakarshit Yadav did his first video with his friends in 2016. Then in 2019 he started working on Youtube. But he was not successful on Youtube then. Then he created a Facebook page on 12 September 2019. He created some funny videos, but unfortunately none of his videos got too much view. So, he stopped creating videos. But in 2020 after lockdown for Covid-19 virus he was too bored sitting home and decided to create videos again. And finally one of his videos got viral on Youtube which got 2M+ views on Facebook. Then the golden period came for him. He was getting more and more followers on his Facebook page and now has a huge amount of audience/followers on social media platforms.

In 2020, he released his first soundtrack name ‘ love you, I just love you’ and started working on the music industry as a musical artist. He has already uploaded a lot of music and soundtrack on the international music platforms. Some of his musics are feel me, play with my emotion, etc. His musics are already available in different music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, I tunes, deezer, Soundcloud, tidal, jiosaavn and other international platforms.

Reason behind his name (Ankuraakarshit):

Many people think that what is the main reason behind his name(ankuraakarshit). As you all know that ankuraakarshit always singing Bhojpuri sing. All the time they stay busy on music. Such like that Ankuraakarshit always keep himself busy by researching about fun and entertainment. He always thinks about how to entertain people. What kinds pf content people would love. So as a result, you can compare him as a ankuraakarshit. As he music about fun, so he is decided to use the Name ankuraakarshit as his social media name.

He always loves to make people entertained. In his Facebook page and Youtube channel he uploads his funny activities to entertain people. Though he started working as a content creator, now he is also working hard to be a musical artist. He said that, it’s time to work as a musician side by side as a coyoutuberntent creator.

His suggestion for new content creator and musical artists is to work hard. If you have the desire to achieve something then you will definitely get success.  Ankur aakarshit Yadav a.k.a ankuraakarshit was once a normal boy. But now he is known by too many people just for his hard work and passion

Ankuraakarshit Yadav

Ankur aakarshit Yadav, known professionally as Ankur aakarshit official, is an Indian YouTube Personality based in Uttar Pradesh India. Ankur aakarshit Yadav(Ankuraakarshit) providing latest tech news, YouTube tutorial, blogging & more on there YouTube channel . Ankur aakarshit Yadav is also knows as Indian famous musical artist.Ankur aakarshit Yadav, also known as Indian singer and musical artist. He releases his soundtrack on different music platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavan and many others. 

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