Wholesale Central Directory Listing vs Shop The Globe and Searches – Which Website Provides You With a Better Service?

When Google came out with a new search engine, it became a far better solution for searching based on the criteria you put in, and this new company transformed the entire search industry. Before Google most products on the internet were listed and then purchased indirectly from yes directories. So called search engines in the early days like Yahoo (which had a dominant position early) were simple listing directories.

Google was launched 22 years ago. During that time period, do you think the wholesales & B2B industries would migrate over to an easy-to-use one stop search?

The world and most industries have gone through a tremendous transformation over the last 20 plus years. Most of them provided a whole new and superior approach built on more modern, and easy-to-use, technologies that make the entire process much more efficient, and increase global reach, all in a single website.

We believe this type of migration is the natural evolution of business and that the wholesale and the b2b industry needs this very badly.

Below are some very simple comparisons:

Wholesalecentral   VS Shop The Globe
Costly up Front. Listing Cost Free.
Many Levels of Service, barriers, making it
hard to put a number on it.
Total Cost  Charging a portion of each sale
is the only cost. No barriers.
Hard to get on. Setting up They work with you.
Many levels of access, hard to understand. Ease of Use Fast, Accurate & Simple Searches.

With Wholesale Central, we tried to list our product but the system at that time did not work and rejected us every time.  Shop The Globe had someone reach out to us and walk us through their process.

Buyer Search for Products:

Wholesalecentral   VS Shop The Globe
Primitive. Search  Fast, Open & Honest Searches.
Use mainly a dated index system
or directory in English.
Directory Graphical in every language.


We found using Wholesale Central for searching is almost like using the Dewey Decimal System in a library. Later libraries tried to add simple search, which was a highly requested option, but since the libraries were still built on the Dewey Decimal System, their searches were very slow and clumsy providing a search on top of an established directory.

You can change the look of Wholesale Central, but it still feels like an old fashioned listing directory. Shop The Globe has easy to access full search capabilities that make it far easier for buyers to shop. To find products on Wholesale Central, you must go to many separate websites, screens, barriers and costs, making the whole process very time consuming, and to us very confusing. For B2B & Wholesale buyers, Shop The Globe– in a two second search– provides ranked listing of what you’re looking for.

In all the major issue Shop The Globe outperformed:

Wholesale Central  VS Shop The Globe
It appears they list nothing but their
decades old directory.
Marketing  Posted articles, listings and news about products daily.

Helping to aggressively promote products.

Focuses on an very slow and outdated index system. Buyers Looking for Ideas Fast Search & Graphical index in every major language.
Only English – Translations are not provided Languages  Instant Search in over 100 languages for every product listed.
Dollars & Pounds conversion are not provided. Currency  Quoted in the dominant currency of the country you’re located in.

Lists easy to use options for major currencies.

Wholesale Central, it appears, was set up when England and the US were the only major exporters selling very elite products.  Shop The Globe is new, and was designed to be global, simple, with easy to navigate searches from any country. They created a more efficient one-stop wholesale experience utilizing many phenomenal global enhancements.


The biggest positive about Wholesale Central is it has a much larger listing and more established database. Being the established leader for years has many advantages.

The advantages for Shop The Globe is that it’s growing fast, and provides a far better overall solution that buyers and wholesale shoppers just love it, as they can do much more and efficient work– finding better buys while saving time and money.

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