Wholesale Distribution of Numbing Cream, Providing Outstanding Pain Relief at Low Overall Cost

Clinics, Pharmacies, Online Supply StoresTattoo parlors, and Day spas. What do all of these places have in common?  All over the nation, people are always asking for the strongest otc lidocaine pain relief. For everything from pre-tattoo numbing, waxing, piercings, hemorrhoids and other medical or chronic pain conditions.  People have always including today want the stronger numbing products, and so today they want Numbify.

We here at Numbify live by a few simple rules. Make the safest and most effective products possible. Use healthy natural ingredients wherever we can. Operate our business with the level of integrity that Americans deserve from the people who manufacture their medications!  http://numbify.com

So what does that mean for you? Whether you own a shop, spa, pharmacy, or parlor, or are just interested in wholesale distribution of low cost lidocaine creams. Point of sale purchases are a great way to bring in additional revenues. Pain is a squeamish subject matter for many of your customers, and potential customers. Knowing that you are prepared to help alleviate that pain and/or discomfort with the strongest numbing creams around will make your company a place that people tell their friends about, and return to again and again.

One of the things that many shop owners love about Numbify is that we offer a 20% discount right from our wholesale website when buying our counter display packs. Prepackaged black and gold display boxes will bring added class to your fine establishment, and draw attention, increasing sales all on its own. You don’t need a coupon code, or to sign up to start carrying Numbify at your shop in less than a week at 20% profit margins.

One of the great things about Numbify is that you don’t have to take their word for it. If you want to try it out yourself before you start selling it you are welcome to do so. All companies that sign up on our wholesaler form and qualify for wholesaler status get a free 2 oz sample of our award winning Numbify spray, delivered free of charge!

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Who has the courage to challenge Numbify in Side by Side Testing???

We have a strongest numbing challenge that we have applied to all wholesale and retail otc numbing companies.  We have had many blind side by side tests with all major numbing brands and by far outperform them all in numbing pain relief, so we are not surprised to have no takers.

Numbify specializes in hybrid pharmaceuticals. Combining the tried and tested science of over the counter lidocaine with healthy natural ingredients wherever possible. Numbify goes into effect sooner, numbs better, and lasts longer than anything we have tested against it.

Looking to build a wholesale distribution of 5% and 4% lidocaine based Creams, Gels, Liquid Gels, or Sprays alongside other high quality items. People are actively looking for companies who carry Numbify, and when they can’t find one they order directly. Why not cut yourself in on the profits and boost your revenues with Numbify?

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So whether you are looking to stock up on numbing supplies for your shop, pharmacy, or spa, or looking to step up your wholesale game, check out Numbify.com.

Stronger Numbing. Low Cost Pricing. Natural Ingredients. Numbify!

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